2000 Memories

2000 Memories

Done for the Year Flashback Challenge #6 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/february-challenge-6-year-flashback.39167/

Journaling reads: The year 2000 brought many changes to our family. Our oldest had already moved out and away to Ohio a couple of month earlier after her wedding in October 1999. The second had begun his college career at WVU Tech. Our third was in serious love with someone in her class her junior year who she would eventually marry. And the fourth had begun his high school career. Our close-knit family was beginning to disperse, as it should. We train them to be able to make a way for themselves in the world the whole time they are growing up. And, yet, when that time comes, we are not quite ready for it to happen! At least, I was not. Jessica was 20, Michael was 18 1/2, Elisabeth was 16, and Nathanael was 14 1/2. Tim was 45 and I would turn 45 in October. We were ministering at the Buffalo Baptist Church in Buffalo, WV and we were busy. I was working full time at the John Amos Power Plant in the accounting department so Tim could work full time at the church. I loved my job, so I was happy to be able to do it. And Elisabeth and Nathanael did not need me to be at home after school....another indication of growing up! I miss those days sometimes. But, when I see how the kids have matured into well-rounded adults, thriving in a confused world, I thank the Lord for His watch and care over all of us as we’ve moved well past the year 2000. And, even though I have a new partner to share this life with, all is well! Thank You, Lord!
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Vicky such a fantastic LO - love the photos of the family and the marvelous journaling about the family in 2000. The clusters add a romantic touch to the page. Really like the background paper and wordart. Thanks for sharing this with us.
Beautifully journalled! Love the mix of photos and how the frames are arranged on the page! The roses are a lovely touch!
What a wonderful look-back! Your layout is fantastic! I love seeing your family and reading about your year, and you put it all together in a beautiful layout. Your word art "love" says it all.
Great journaling. It sounds like it all happened at once.Your choice of elements seems to match the nostalgia.
Great journaling. It sounds like it all happened at once.Your choice of elements seems to match the nostalgia.
I feel like it did all happen at once.....once the first one moved out it didn't take long before we had a completely empty nest! ;(
great journalling, wonderful photos and memories.
It's a special step for the parents when the children start to fly out and organise their own lives.

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