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Welcome Maya!

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Welcome to Maya (madigirl), also known as Maya de Groot designs! Look who’s moved into the O’s, it’s Maya! Check out her Store: http://bit.ly/Maya_store; Welcome her to the team: http://bit.ly/Maya_welcome; Learn More About Here: http://bit.ly/Maya_Oblog; and See Some of Her Designs In Action: Coming Soon! You can also find her here on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/Maya_facebook; Twitter:…

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Sketchy Photos – How To


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This is such a fun technique! Now, keep in mind that I am a self-taught Photoshop user. Therefore, there may be an easier way to achieve this look. It’s certianly not difficult by any means, but there may be some double-secret button somewhere that does this automatically that I don’t know about. hahaha. But never-the-less,…

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April 2010 – OStash presented by Kat


This month’s challenge is inspired by a box!!! We always hear the phrase “Scrapping outside the box”, but what if we scrapped “INSIDE”???? So we will be scrapping in a box shape. I didn’t realize just how many different ways this could be interpreted until I started this challenge. You can use a box outline,…

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April Copycat Challenge presented by Wendy


Can you copy me? Each month we will take a LO artist from the gallery and turn their page into a template to enable you to become a copycat! Now we mean this in the most flattering, endearing way…after all copying is the best form of flattery, is it not? You don’t have to copy…

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