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How to Add to a Clipping Mask

Karen SchulzBlog, Tips & Techniques

Learn how to use the Brush Tool to add to a Clipping Mask, making it a perfect fit for your photo. Download a PDF of this tutorial. So, you’ve clipped a photo to a mask but the result isn’t exactly what you envisioned. Perhaps the photo is too large for the mask, or the mask…

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Our Customers Say...

Hello!!! I have loved your site for a long time. I have recently had several strokes over the last couple of years and had a few setbacks but I am overcoming them. I have always gained inspiration from the challenges, plus new skills. Now as I have to relearn a lot of my scrapbooking, I just wanted you to know how much your site and challenges mean to me!!! The challenges are always so varied and fully explained. I am always learning something new every month. It is important to me!!! So thank you all for all that you do!!!

Mary S.