PSA: Moods and Mental Health in the time of COVID 19


The Loopy-O
In case you don't know already, I have struggled with depression and anxiety for decades. I had postpartum depression after my second baby and I have dealt with anorexia since I was 13. I am too lazy and tried to starve myself at this point in my life LOL but the thoughts are always there but are controllable.

Mental health has always been an important topic and both I and my DD have degrees in Psychology and she is off to start grad school in the fall for her MSW. When I read this article, I felt that it was important to share.
Is Everyone Depressed?

Last week I was struggling with depression and badly. It should have been a happy and exciting week. Both of my kids were graduating from college and instead of me cheering for them in an arena, there was a 7-minute video of the school's president and administration wishing them good luck. (My kids went to the same college so they would have been walking together- even more exciting for me). The job my son had lined up is up in the air, my DD's internship fell through. Everything seemed bleak.

I was able to recognize that my depression was more situational than long-term brain chemistry issues. I also know that everyone is also struggling on different levels. This article does a good job of going through the different ways that people are experiencing a truly life-changing, world-changing event.

So my PSA is to occasionally check in with yourself. And with your loved ones. If you or they say that they are ok-- don't automatically take it at face value but watch with care and love. The article is long and detailed. But hopefully it might help you (generic you) know that you are not alone. The pandemic has brought some intense changes to everything that we know. It isn't weakness to reach out if you need help. I am always a PM away if ya need!