Merry Xmas Everyone!


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I'm sure I'll be around, here and there, over the next few days but just in case, I wanted to be sure to wish you all a happy holiday. Aside from visiting with family and friends over the next wk, I'm looking forward to some time to relax and scrap, read and get out got for some jogging during my time off work. Looking forward to maybe getting out for a photo walk along the lake too with Taz, maybe get some bird photos in a different location.


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It's a different Christmas for me this year, but somehow it is more precious to me the all the Christmasses I have celebrated.
My father in law is dying, we went to see him everyday, expect today, because my husband has been in bed all day. He is sick.
My FIL was a great music lover. He loved the accordion. Yesterday, when my husband and I were visited a friend from my FIL came by. He brought his accordion and he played and sang.
My FIL, who sleeps most of the time, opened his eyes. His lips turned into a smile and his arm was going up and moving along with the music.
It was beautiful to see.

Today I cooked tapas for the kids and me. We just spent a few hours eating and enjoying eachothers company even thought we missed my husband.
Now I feel okay. I'm relaxed, feeling good.

Eventhough this Christmas is different, it is special, and I'm sure I will never forget. I've spent it with the people I love, and we all thought of those who were not with us.


Jeannette, what a bitter-sweet Christmas for your family. I'm so glad you have the time to spend with your FIL and that the music brought a smile to his tired face. Hugs.
I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas week!
Chris, I did a sketch for today (#28 of 31 days of sketches in Dec) of hot cocoa and cookie and the title was "Christmas Calories Don't Count." haha Now Ill think ofyou when I see it.
Rae, glad you have some time off to relax and enjoy your holiday. Taz is just so cute I can't wait to see his photo again soon.