I have the Virus

Hi everyone this is not an April fool joke seriously on Valentines day I was rushed into Hospital with a Gall Bladder infection after being on 2 very strong different Antibiotics and a saline drip I was allowed home the next day after about 10 days I developed what I call an irritating cough that only happens when I talk it is not continuous I phoned the Doctors this morning and as your not allowed to go to the surgery I was told the Doctor would ring me after about half an hour lucky for me it was my own Doctor that phoned he asked me to do a test of holding my breath for as long as I could and count the seconds I got up to 27 he said that was good as I do have Asthma people with no underlying problems should be able to count over 30 seconds I also had last week an Xray result of my chest and that was clear he said it was not my Asthma and that I had a good peak flow of my lungs he does think I have one of the strains of the Corona Virus which is the mild one so now I am on antibiotics and steroids for a week to see how I progress in isolation and I am hoping my hubby Trevor does not get it bad as he suffers with COPD and Asbestosis.I asked if I could have a test he said no only if your admitted to Hospital those are the ones that get tested he also said not even the Doctors or Nurses have had a test which is dreadful as they are the ones on the front line we live in North Wales...
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Mary, I hope you don't have too much trouble and that you can come out healthy and well!


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Take care of yourself. Prayers for a mild illness and quick recovery and that your husband does not get it!


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O no, do take good care of yourself. I hope it wont get worse and you will recover soon!!


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Take care and don't force yourself. Get some rest!
Come and tell us about yourself anyway.

Here in France it's like in Wales, there aren't enough tests and many sick people aren't tested.


Oh, Mary... so sorry about you and your hubby. Praying the doctor is right that is a mild form of the Virus...


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Please take good care of yourself Mary!! Sending healing thoughts your way and hopes that your DH doesn't catch this virus!! :hug:


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I hope you start to feel better soon! Take care of yourself!
Thank you everyone

Hi I am feeling much better the steroids kicked in straight away the coughing has stopped I believe it is the mild strain I have caught as usually if my Asthma is out of control the steroids take a lot longer to kick in the test of holding my breath and counting up to 30 seconds shows that my lungs are clear the Xray on my chest is clear and my peak flow is normal so it is all coming good now.x


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Hi Mary,

I came late to this news, and it was a good thing because I see you are improving. Get wll soon. :}


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Mary, I wasn't read this thread before, so scary that this happens to you! And it's nice to hear that now you're feeling better!