Heart Sync - by Karen Schulz

Karen Schulz Designs

Hi Ladies!

I have a new Kit, "Heart Sync" available to help you with the layouts you create about your love relationships - whether with spouse, partner, kids, friends.. whatever. Any special bond!

Capture the love, laughter, and special moments you share with your loved ones with "Heart Sync." This thoughtfully designed kit is packed with everything you need to create heartfelt and personalized layouts that celebrate your unique bond. It is perfect to use for anniversaries, date nights, romantic getaways, and everyday moments of love.

It's just $5.99 through Feb 19th!

Karen Schulz

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Jenn :)
This is BEAUTIFUL, Karen!!! I love the name, too :lovey3: I hope you don't mind, but I edited your post because the preview images weren't showing up...I *think* I chose the correct images from what the image links you had posted were showing...I just went ahead and linked both previews directly to your kit product page :beatingheart: