December Daily Prompt?


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Do you use photo, journal or page design prompts in December? I often do. I have never created a Xmas album but I have created pages based on some of the photo or journal prompts that I find on pinterest. I find it helps to stretch my creativity for page ideas.

I'd be happy to post one here for us to use in December. You don't have to create a page for all the prompts but just do the ones that appeal to you, when you have time to do them. I know its a busy month for everyone.

If you are interested, post here and if there are a few people, then I'll share the list I come up with and we can all post our pages here throughout the month. I hope you want to join in, it would be fun.


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I take a lot of photos in December, and could probably fill an album with just one month's worth of photos but seeing it's the busiest time of the year and as I try to focus my time around family activities, I have found myself doing less scrapping that usual. That said, I often use Pinterest for ideas... expecially when trying to make my Christmas pages not look the same... :)


I love doing a december daily project but need inspiration, still deciding on doing it this year !
I dont use photos, just pages for fun, mostly based on lyrics, so yes, all prompts and ideas are welcome!


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I don't.
I wish I could. I love the idea of it.
Just don't seem to have the mental capacity to start and complete *anything*this time of year.


I love the O!
really excited to do another DYD project... I'll check pinterest tomorrow for ideas...

certainly without photos ... due to the high number of infections in our region, all activities have been canceled ... my grandchildren are not coming (for now) either. The virus is circulating massively in schools. My granddaughter her best friend, her sister and mom tested positive late last week... My granddaughter tested negative thankfully... but the virus is circulating...


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I did Diane's documenting December in 2014. I did a daily photo for the daily page (except maybe one or two non-photo pages). I really enjoyed it, but it was quite an effort and I haven't wanted to repeat it.