Daily Ooos: Wednesday, October 13


The Loopy-O
yay! My house is mostly decorated and the yard is too. Neither is 100% done- not by a long shot- but getting there. ATM, there are only two moving props outside. The motor that made Vic's legs (Vic Tim is Lawnmower Man's --aka Moe- victim) move is busted and Gary doesn't think he has a way to fix it. Gary set up Harper, our skeleton ghost who used to play keyboards. He is staying and swaying a bit. And then we have the ladder skeletons that move. However, Halloween is still 2.5 weeks away so ya never know what he will end up doing.

I finally got all of the tomato and eggplant plants in the compost and I have plenty of marigold seeds to share with the neighbors. The sun felt so nice but my back still hurts so I couldn't be outside for very long. The next chores that I will have to do are raking the leaves and scooping up the acorns. W has been bringing them in the house and crunching on them. Silliest dog ever.

My plans today changed and now I am food shopping today. Cait's car needed an emergency trip to the shop, all of her tires have dry rot. She has remote office hours today but is on campus tomorrow. If her car isn't ready she will need to use my car tomorrow and Scott is also working tomorrow so I won't have one. All of this makes my head spin a bit but I am handling it well. Pro Tip: This is why I always write my to-do lists in *pencil* hahah!

Guess that is it. Have a fantastic day my dears


The Loopy-O
@tanteva Sorry that your trip had to end. (I had another dream last night that I was on vacation again. this time with my parents. I went for a walk to get b-fast and I had a MOOSE walking behind me on the path. A moose. While I was eating a bagel) But it sounds like you enjoyed some really nice downtime and got some great photos. That will keep you busy with scrapping :)
Did Urban get everything that he needed from the archives? Have a safe trip home, and enjoy that fudge, sounds ridiculously yummy! Good luck at work.

@BrightEyes What a fun visit you had with the girls and then video-chat with your family. Your voice must have been raspy by the end of it all. As long as there was lots of laughter, it is worth it. Snow on the mountains- ugh. I know, it has to look pretty but I am not even close to accepting that it will be snowy here in a few months. The last couple of years we have had snow in Nov I think. *sticks fingers in ears* Lalalala

@taxed4ever I didn't see the family photo on FB, I am going to have to look for it
Was your MIL feeling more energetic by the time they left? I wouldn't be able to move the next day if I stayed up until midnight, good for her even if she was tried. I know I shouldn't be callous about her gardens but to see an elk in her yard! Oh wow, I would love that! I have seen the deer in my yard walk through the plants and mow down everything in sight, can't imagine how much more damage an elk will do. But still, I would be in awe!
I hope that the weather is good enough for the hike today.
do the g-kids have the Halloween costumes ready, what will they be?

@mywisecrafts the card is beautiful! I love how you signed it :)

@Cherylndesigns that is a gorgeous photo, made a perfect card!
Such cool photos, I will have to find some of the cool headstones from the Manor.
Enjoy your clean house today too

@scrap-genie Hi again, how is everything with you? Don't tell me boring, just look at what I am sharing, haha!

@felis That is the kind of day that would make everyone grumpy. I am sorry that all of that got so chaotic with one thing after the other happening. At least you perked up so you could watch the TV show and have fun.
Remind me on Tuesday when I have to actually go to the mammo how good and mature I am being. I will bet that at some point I am going to stomp my feet and say that I don't want to go.


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Good evening all.

I'm really late getting on here today - had an eye appt today and everything is fine. I don't even need new glasses. I was afraid my prescription had changed, but she said not enough to worry about. I might try bifocals one of these days. I have close up and distance now and it gets tiresome switching all the time. Maybe..........if I can save the money so much the better.

You will all love this picture of Daisy wearing her sugar skull headband. We "torture" her every holiday with a special headband.


She sees us get them out and she takes off. Chuck is standing behind me with a treat in his hand.

Chris @faerywings sounds like you're moving right along outside. The weather is finally starting to cool down here, but it has rained - hard - all day. UGH. I hope it doesn't make the leaves all fall off the trees. Our fall last year wasn't very colorful, so we're hoping for a better one this year.

Hope everybody is doing well - I got a LO done for Anna's Color Challenge last night. I used an old picture of Chuck and me. I scanned the original and converted it to black and white. Gosh, we're older than dirt. BWAHAHA