Daily Ooos: Wednesday, November 24


The Loopy-O
It's a Wednesday that might feel like Friday if you live in the States and are lucky enough to have the long weekend off.
It doesn't feel like a Friday *or* Wednesday however. For some reason, it feels much more like a Monday. A Monday and a need for lots more coffee. LOTS.
(and lots...)

I don't know how many times I woke up last night but the end for me when at 4.15 when W had to go outside. I let her out, then had to go rescue her after she wrapped herself around the tree. She usually knows to "go around" but she went the wrong way. 23*F and I am trying to get to her without stepping in dog poop on the lawn in my PJs and no glasses. That part was successful. Getting back to sleep- mmph. Not so much. hence the need for lots of coffee.

I do have some non-complaints to share. I started the other two gnomes and Cait loves them. I am critical of them but that is how I tend to be as it is. But she thinks they are super cute and wants me to make one for Tom's mom who collects gnomes. I did that, bottled and labeled the muscle rub oil, and made some shower gel.
My house is an absolute disaster but it smells good. Really good.

I am almost done painting the coffin box-- it needs two more coats of clear coat on the inside and then that part is done.

My mom called to ask me what ingredients I need to bake cookies and I think I laughed a bit hysterically. Just a bit. *winks*

I am cleaning for my friend this afternoon, not sure what I am going to work on this morning. I should tidy the house. Scott is doing the leaves but I don't know if I have it in me to help. He brought my dad's leaf blower home yesterday and then my dad texted that he was going to come up and help. After I texted back "Are you nuts??," he said he was "joking." He might have been but I wouldn't put it past him if he wasn't.

Wishing all of you a wonderful day xoxoxo


The Loopy-O
@felis hahaha!! Compared to a lot of websites, this place is pretty calm LOL
I saw the news yesterday about the Bulgarian bus accident, I am sad to hear about that, your country must be mourning that :(
Oh my goodness!! What happened in the Standing O thread with Luisa!!?? I am going to check that out next-- it wasn't Scott, I swear! :eek:
(It is kinda funny with the timing LOL!!!)

@bcgal00 You are the best dog mama- but I bet that it will make you happier to be busier with the dogs when it isn't raining than having to go out with Remi in downpours. Good numbers vibes to Jen for the car.

@taxed4ever Woo hoo, the calendar is almost done! Good for you (knew ya could do it :cool:) have a great time today with your sister. How long do you think the gas restrictions will be?

@Cherylndesigns *cheering you on for the closet organizing!*

@tanteva You must be finally feeling better - can't wait to see your page when you upload!

@Nancy- I am loving the wedding photos on FB, everyone looks so happy!
Do you have a time frame for your oven to come in? That is something I am still worried about with our dishwasher that still stops working on occasion *knocks wood* Hope it comes in soon

@tjscraps For some reason, I thought you were closer to the great lakes part of Canada. I am geographically challenged heh
That is fab news about DH. Not that he has something wrong but that hopefully, he will start to feel better



Just realized that I didn't post here yesterday...:oops: I had good intentions but got side-tracked and forgot it.
Monday (Birthday) evening, we had a wonderful family chat... all but 1 of my kids plus a Daughter-in-law were there for it. DS#2 was chatting via his phone camera while he was stuck in traffic due to an accident ahead as he didn't want to miss being there for the Birthday chat. He had us in stitches talking about buying a small 10 lb bird vs the 24 lb turkey as the large one wouldn't have time to thaw before Thanksgiving. Then really cracked us up saying he would go back and get the large one later on.... the store gives points for purchases and he can get a free turkey for 400 points... he has over 3000 points!!! None of us asked him how long it took to get all those points.... :D And I finished the evening off with pumpkin pie for dessert. And had fun remembering that DH gave me the biggest gift on my birthday 2010... we signed papers to buy this house. We moved in the first week in 2011.

Not sure what all I did yesterday but the day seem to fly by. I did do a bit of scrapping and also spent time looking for a box of photos from DH's family. Couldn't find it or the listing of his father's family. Need it for some paperwork. Finally pulled out "Our Wedding Book" and found the list of family on post-it notes in the family tree pages. Woke up to see we had some rain early this morning. 1st measurable rain in almost 2 months!! Too bad it wasn't much... maybe .20" is all.

@faerywings - I was sure that Scott had NOT hacked into your account here - that he was kidding about doing that. I also had left a message to Lucia about the problem she was having. So sorry that W had such a hard time and you had to rescue him at that hour of the morning. And you have us curious about what you are going to do with the coffin once the clear coats are dry... Did you get any snow out of that storm?? Saw that NJ and up-state NY were going to get some.

@tjscraps So glad that your DH got in to see the doc and now has meds. Hope that he gets better soon. Understand why you are choosing to fly back home so you can be there for your birthday. And an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. My DD#3's birthday is Nov 26th... she was born on Thanksgiving morning.

Nancy - WELCOME BACK!!! So happy to see you again! And that the wedding was so nice. Didn't see the FB photos but am sure it was beautiful.

@Cherylndesigns Way to go, gal... on getting the closets organized.

Need another cup of coffee... and get dressed before this turns into another PJ day. ROFLOL


Administrator Crazy about the "O"
Morning ladies... clouds are moving in and it will be the start to another very long rainy end of November. Today no hiking for me, but maybe I can get out for a bit of walk before the rain starts? Yesterday I had a lovely walk in the sunshine, there was actually some warmth in the sun!! I started a painting to put in the Teeny Tiny ArtShow and I need to have it done before the end of the month, so I really need to get busy with that! I started another calendar page, but got side tracked and so I hope to complete that today. October is always the hard month to do as I need to combine photos of all four of my grands in their Halloween costumes and that is time consuming. Hope to have a good visit with my sister this afternoon, it will be great to catch up with her! Other than that I will putter around here this morning and get some things caught up.

@faerywings - I hope you get to post some photos of the gnomes soon! I bet they are adorable! Had to laugh at your Dad saying he was going to come up to help with the leaves :D. I wouldn't put it past him either!! I hope the coffee helps you out today, my goodness you do get up early!! I wish you could get to sleep in a bit longer! How nice of your Mom to see what you needed in the way of ingredients for cookies, she is a sweetie! Hope your cleaning goes well this afternoon! Hope you don't fall asleep in the middle of cleaning LOL.

@BrightEyes - Kay your birthday evening with your family sounded perfect! Isn't it wonderful that you can all connect through technology, not quite as good as being there in person, but sure is the next best thing! Oh your DH gave you the best gift back in 2010! Glad you found the information that you were looking for! I wish I could send you some of our rain!! We are in for two or three more Atmospheric Rivers over the next week UGH!! There will be so much more flooding! Hope that you spend today doing something relaxing and enjoyable!

@nancyr - I too am happy to see you back here at the O! The wedding photos were so beautiful! BTW I love your shoes!!

@tjscraps - Glad to hear that your hubby got his meds and sure hope that they start to work their magic for him quickly! Enjoy your short stay in Vancouver, wish we could give you better weather while you are here!

@Cherylndesigns - could you come and clean out my closets too!! I hate that job, it just makes me realize that I need new clothes LOL I hate clothes shopping!

Off to get another coffee before Heather face times me, enjoy your Wednesday everyone!


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Good afternoon all!!! I FINALLY got my closet done! What a job! I had forgotten about some clothes I had - they get shoved WAY back to the back and the only way I can see is to take everything out. That was what I did. Alyssa came down while I was working on it and said "UGH"! Good luck! I texted her a picture last night to show her I made it.

Guess what??? I'm the LUCKIEST (NOT) person in the world!! I just received a summons to serve on a jury - HERE! It makes me SO angry when I get those! I don't know why, but it just does. WHY can't I win a money lottery like I "win" the jury lottery? This is probably my 7th time for Heaven's sake! I got them when we lived in Michigan - one of them was a Federal Case in Downtown Detroit - which I got out of, but I still had to go and be dismissed by the judge. I got several in Florida (which I also got out of) now - we live here for a little over a year and I get one! I JUST got my OK driver's license a few month ago and that's where they pool from. OK I'm done venting! GRRRRRRRRR

I'll take orders now to come clean closets - just sign up here.

I can't wrap my head around anything today - I'm all over the place. So much to do and I don't feel like doing anything. Chris @faerywings sounds like you're having "fun" with your creations. Good luck with everything.

Hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving, for those of you who celebrate tomorrow. Alyssa is 16 today so we have her party tonight and Cam flies in tonight, so the party is about to start. Oh, and the housecleaner is coming so I have to get ready for her. (You know - clean before the cleaner) LOL. We have a bunch of food to make too - not sure when that's going to happen.

Waving to all and hoping to catch up here soon.


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Good evening - well I am supposed to be at the Devils game but I am feeling stuffy. Not sure if cold or allergies but not worth sitting in the cold. Well LOL turns out that the Minnesota Wild got stuck in holiday traffic coming out of Manhattan into Jersey and so the game was delayed 30 min so I would not have been able to see the end anyway as they train schedule is wacky. Did manage to get to the grocery store for a few staples. I called the store yesterday and they were to call back today and heard nothing so I am thinking I will just have to get my money back and find another store or rearrange my kitchen. Yuck! We are having Thanksgiving on Saturday as that is was fits everyone's schedule. My son will be making new delights on his new smoker. A turkey breast wrapped in bacon. Yummy! The new Outlander book is out and cant wait to start reading that. Also found out that the next season of Outlander starts March 6. Going to work on the wedding photos. It is fun!

@faerywings Chris OMgosh I know how you feel about your dad wanting to come and do the leaves. Glad you called him on it. Good for Scott to be doing the leaves. Wow it was cold by you that early in the morning. I am glad that Luther can get himself out. And how nice to have your house smell that good! Thanks for seeing the FB photos.

Kay congrats on the birthday night. How sweet it is to now have see while you talk when you cannot be together. 3000 points wow that is a lot of food. I would say the gift of a house is pretty big and pretty special! Glad you found the family info!

@taxed4ever Trudy I cant believe how much rain you are getting. Sorry about the hike and have fun with your sister. Thanks for the comment on the wedding photos. Those were just phone photos still waiting for the ones done by the "pro". And I love those shoes. I bought heels but then decided I liked these better.

@Cherylndesigns Cheryl I know how you feel about jury notices. I too hate it but darn I think it is so important to have people do this. If for some bizarre event I needed a jury I would want them to feel that what they are doing is important. I have served on juries and it is scary to have people's lives in your hands but it is important. Excuse rant. Congrats on getting the closet cleaned out.

@tjscraps So glad you DH got his meds. Speedy recovery!

Waving to all!


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Good morning, ladies. Chatted with Jen on the phone for quite awhile this morning about Bailey's care. Then I spent some time with the dogs, read some of my book and had a few cups of coffee. Now I feel ready to face the world LOL. Maybe its the weather but I was dragging my feet this morning. I usually sit with my ipad in the evening while I watch tv but last night I brought my laptop upstairs b/c it was sitting in my office pretty much unused for months. I don't know if it is powerful enough to run PS on and if I can get a second monitor hooked up to it. I'll have to look into that. I scrap on two large monitors in my office so the idea of scrapping on the laptop by itself is not appealing but maybe if I had a second monitor. We have a used computer place close by and I could check for something small and cheap. If that all works out then I could scrap a bit at night but b/c I wouldn't do a ton of scrapping up there its not necessary so either way, I'm ok with it. It either works out or it doesn't.

BTW...Jen did get her SUV, a Kia, pretty much fully loaded, it is a beauty! She was going to get a 2019 model but then they got the numbers to almost the same amount so she bought new. She's thrilled.

@faerywings Sounds like you've been busy, I bet the gnomes are cute!
@taxed4ever I agree, get out whenever you can in the dry weather b/c those moments are few and far between right now.
@Cherylndesigns I got called for jury duty recently but luckily I was able to get out of it b/c of my back. I really didn't want to sit there for hours, for days on end. So glad I was able to decline.
@nancyr Sounds like a good dinner on the wkend. Enjoy scrapping the wedding photos.

I'm getting more coffee and getting to work. I'm staying home today, no errands in this nasty weather. I'll save it all for tomorrow.