Daily Ooos: Wednesday, July 21


The Loopy-O
Good morning to all O-zies! It has been pretty quiet in here the last few days, I hope that means everyone is having a good time doing whatever they are doing.

As for me, I am so glad that I am flexible in my brain and with my organizational skills. Bwuahahahah!!! I know, I am so darn funny. I am so glad that I talked to Gary at dinner last night about "plans" for I was supposed to go food shopping this morning and clean for our neighbor tomorrow. Turned out that the time that the neighbor was going to be at PT was dinner time which would be a terrible time for me to clean his house. Gray checked in with him after dinner and he has a different Drs appt this afternoon so I am switching days. *pats self on back* I handled the changes quite well.
this time. *G*

The visit with my cousin was fun. I am in love with one of her dogs, Gus. He is a pittie and is the sweetest thing. So darn cute. We talked about everything and anything. On top of that, she has a beautiful inground pool with a heater so it was even nicer chatting while floating. Gus would stand on the steps in the pool to cool off and then would lie down on the concrete part. Then, he would walk into the pool, drink some of the water, lie back down in the sun and dry off. So cute!
I started to scrap a photo of Cait andTom- his b-day is Friday so I decided as a combo gift/card to use a photo of them, I have a bunch of skulls and skeletons blended into the page. When it is done, I will make sure I share it here. I hope to do that this morning and then I am cleaning at noon.
Then -- what to cook for dinner...

Have a fab day!


The Loopy-O
Kay- *gentle healing vibes to you* How are the muscle spasms today? Hope you are much much better today!

@Cherylndesigns and how about you, doing OK, maybe a little less sluggish? I hate it when my days are chopped up. I would rather be busy all of one day and then have the next to be totally free. Then the catch is making sure that I schedule my free time so I waste it doing nothing that needs to get done. I think I just suck at time mgt!


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Hello all,

Chris @faerywings floating in the pool sounds lovely. What a great way to spend time with your cousin. I really miss my pool :( I can't wait to see your layout - be sure to post it here! I LOVE skulls, too - especially sugar skulls. Way to be flexible - YAY - even if you weren't "feeling it" - you pulled it off! Great example of "fake it til you make it". Hahahahaha I crack myself up, too.

We have Lila today - Adrienne has back-to-back meetings (she works from home) and Lila was yapping at all the guys there working. I guess I'm a little better - my brain doesn't feel quite so scattered. I'm faking it til I make it, too. I just have NO incentive to do anything - I've been scrapping - that's about all I do, it seems. At least, I have that escape.

I'd better go and do something - anything. Hahaha

Hugs and waving to all.


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The forest fires are back. Well they never really left but my whole province is under a state of emergency. There are currently 295 wildfires burning around the province. We have more than 3000 firefighters working to control the fires, some from as far away as Mexico coming to help.
Over 3000 properties are under evacuation order and another 16 000 on alert. Vacationers are being asked to go home to make room for evacuees. There is a big fire very close to the BC Canada - Washington USA border.
Where we are is safe so far, but the winds are changing direction which means we could get some smoke. No sign of rain and worries that dry lightning storms may arise.


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Hello girls!
I'm not much talkative these days as I'm feeling down. Because I have this awful habit to over dramatise things that happens to other people.
We learned sad news about one neighbor and although I'm not speak with him more than maybe twice after they came to live here, I often speak with his daughters and the thoughts that this family will have to going through difficult times makes me sad of course.
But also makes me feel ashamed and uncomfortable with my own happiness. Compassion make us feels like a good people, but if if it's not backed by action, and you used it as an excuse to procrastinate and also allows it to lower down your vibrations, it's just a pure hypocrisy. I'm improving my emotional intelligence a lot at the past year, but still have so long path to walk in that direction .
At the moment I'm trying to find that book ''Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess'' by Caroline Leaf.
And also hope that the weekend will make the trick and will restart my mood! It was too much from too many directions, after the floods and everything... But as my friend who live in Germany wrote in his post: ''foreigners will have many places to donate, the locals many chances to help in cleaning and rebuilding'', everything else are empty words.

Chris, I'm sorry that Gator wasn't on time for the party! And hope you'll be able to incorporate him in something else! How long they stay in shape? The visit with your cousin sounds awesome and I'm so happy for you! How smart from Gary's side to detect the problem on time and saves you lots of headaches dealing with uncomfortable time for your cleaning task.

Kay, so sorry to hear about your back, get well soon!

Eva, those lazy hazy crazy days of Summer ;) are typical condition for everybody, hope you are able to enjoy them!

Cheryl, nice to hear that you are start feeling more concentrate! And I'm sure the plays of the pets will cheers you up.

Kythe, so sorry to hear about wildfires! It's like the previous year was the same - fires in one part of the word and floods in other. The mother Nature is really pissed off from us and shows it clear. My hopes are with the people and animals from the affected areas!
I remember in my childhood they was employed local people as volunteers at forest firefighters here. Even my mom was at one of the subgroups for few months, they work after the real firefighters, but for us still was so scary!


hOney, i'm hOme
Thursday morning here now and I'm off to work soon. Will go with Urban when he starts at 9.30 even though I don't start until noon. But I eat breakfast at work, and then I lay down on the sofa in the staff room and read until it's time to start. Right now I'm reading a book written by a former minister in a church (read crazy cult), that had a sh*tstorm of craziness that ended up in one of the minister's wifes getting murdered by her husbands mistress (on "the orders of God", i.e. anonymous texts from the husband). The man who co-wrote this book was also one of the ministers in this cult, and he ended up going to the police and report himself and 2 others for lots of abuse that had happened within the church. It's really interesting to read his story from within this cult. (Yep I have a morbid mind - true crime & cults are my favorite subjects.)

My lazy Wednesday consisted of true crime & news on TV, reading my book, ironing clothes for the rest of the week, playing Knittens (my latest "addiction game" - what can be wrong with a match-3 game, where you collect yarn & knit clothes to cats?!!??) and lots of yarn (finished a knitted sweater & a crocheted top - need to weave in ends though - and started knitting on a skirt)

Anyway, I'm working 12-6pm today, 9.45-6pm tomorrow & 10.30-3pm on Saturday. I'll see you Saturday evening - if I survive LOL