Daily Ooos: Wednesday, April 7


The Loopy-O
YAY!!!!! I feel like "me" again! I was in pretty rough shape most of yesterday too. I was able to do stuff but was completely exhausted by it all, that it's tiring to breathe exhaustion, YKWIM? I have to say, it has been fun seeing my family's reaction when I tell them that I was throwing up. Scott's jaw dropped, Cait's eyebrows went sky high, and my mom was shocked. It is truly *that* unusual. Of course, now I have jinxed myself so I am knocking wood, throwing salt, and so on! hehehe!!! :)
Gary picked up the groceries so I didn't even have to leave the house. I caught up on some laundry and spent some time with the rats. Caitlyn has been so busy with schoolwork that I haven't had much time to play with them but she had her allergist appt and I was in talking to them while she was there. They are so cute and they love me. Well- they love that they associate me with treats. That's the real love *G*

Today I have a dentist appt at 9.15. WTH was I thinking making it so early? It is only a half-hour away but still. After lunch, I am meeting my cousin for coffee at her house. I am a bit nervous- we grew up together and were very close. Our kids are the same ages- her's are sightly younger than mine- but they always a great time playing together. Then something happened and we stopped talking. I don't even remember exactly what it was... But it has been probably a good 15 years since then. She contacted me because her DD has Lyme and she needed advice so we had been emailing. She invited me for coffee so I said sure. Now I am not so sure. LOL I have a hard enough talking to family this past year that I have kept in touch with on a regular basis. There simply isn't much to say. It isn't like I can bring along vacation slides, yannow?
Anyway- it is just coffee. I tend to overthink things in case you hadn't noticed.

Hope you have a wonderful day!! xo


The Loopy-O
@LSlycord I saw your post at the bottom of yesterday's thread-- I really hope that you continue to feel good!!!! That would be amazing!!!! Whew!!!!

@taxed4ever The sun must have felt wonderful during your visit with the ILs. I am sad that you won't be able to celebrate FILs or your birthday with a family gathering just yet. It really better not be like this next year too. Why is CA having difficultly getting vaccines? I am guessing that you don't have the same level of manufacturing as we do here? I hope that once the US is able to vax everyone who wants one here that we will start shipping doses around the world.
I am like you, I like getting things done early in the morning so I don't feel like I am just waiting all day [foot tapping smilie] (I am still not sure why I thought a dentist appt at 915 was a good idea though). Glad that the new swimming times will be better!
Yikes, that sounds hectic for your Gary at work. My MIl was and still is unsure about how she felt when *her* Gary retired bwuahahah!!
Love the lake photos! Looks very relaxing!

@felis- Drat, your computer issues are still going on.... hope it gets fixed soon!

@Cherylndesigns yes, that is it what I kept telling myself, I knew that I would be over the reaction soon and that better a reaction than the virus itself. Polio was before me but I remember smallpox vaccinations and how we lined up outside the church to get them. I can't even think of an Iron Lung and how trapped you would feel. Glad to hear that your hubs is better too.

There's Kay!! What a relief that your heart and BP are doing better! it will feel great once you get back to scrapping again, you have been missed! I wanted to be outside yesterday bit IO knew I couldn't, kept telling myself not to rush it, I might have been hearing your voice in my head a bit! :D You and your sister have a date set?? How exciting!

Better get going so I am ready for the *@#$#@ Dentist appt! hahahah!! love and hugs!!


Administrator Crazy about the "O"
Morning ladies! It is a grey and cloudy day rain on and off all day long, oh well a good day to stay inside and get caught up on a few things! I had a great swim yesterday and had the lane mostly to myself for the hour. Shared a lane with a nice woman that has been going to swimming for quite awhile and whenever someone would leave a lane to go into the hot tub or the steam room she would move over so that she could have a lane to herself for a bit too. It obviously is not a busy time to go at 11am as there were a few lanes that only had one person in them. Had a nice face time with Heather and the boys yesterday, Mason is going back to online learning and it sounds like the province will be announcing a big shut down as the numbers are just horrible out east! Poor Heather, just when she finally lands a job, now she will have to try to deal with the boys being at home every day too. My poor daughter just never seems to be able to catch a break :(.

@faerywings - so glad that you are back to feeling yourself again! What on earth were you thinking?? Making a dentist appointment that early in the day LOL. Oh well you will be able to say its done and over with and not have to worry about going again for a while! I hope that you have a lovely coffee visit with your friend! Sad that her daughter has Lyme!! I am sure you will be able to give her some great advice! Hope you get to spend some time with the rats today, so cute that they love you even if it is just because you are the treats lady ;). Yes the sunshine that we soaked up at the Lake the other day was very therapeutic for all of us I think! It was nice to see MIL getting around with her walker outside, it looked like she was walking much better than she was the last time we saw them.

@BrightEyes - Hi Kay! How nice to see you back here in the chatter thread! Happy to hear that you are doing much better and I know you will be busy scrapping lots of pages soon!

@LSlycord - I sure hope that you are feeling well today!! I think that maybe you were one of the lucky ones!! That is awesome!

@felis - Sorry that you are still having some computer issues, sure hope you get it all cleared up real soon! We miss you!

Ok I need to get busy and get some cleaning done that never got accomplished over the weekend and then I am sitting down and opening up my photoshop to get a page done today! Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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Hello all!

It was rainy and dark when we got up but it's beautiful now. VERY windy, but beautiful. The wind here is amazing!! I have my wagon wheel sitting against my front porch, but I'm afraid I'm going to find it out in the field. Yikes. We (I) finally made a decision as to what to do with it. I want to get one more and we're going to attach both of them (staggered) on the peak of the house in the front. It's going to look SO cool. I dropped my gears in my garden where I think stepping stones should be and they look awesome!!! Pics later.

I'm SO glad you're feeling better, Chris. And I'm also glad to see you, Kay!! We're almost all back.

I had to make two different trips down to the wifi "station" today - UGH. I'm going to have so much extra time when I don't have to do that. Ava (my fairy - not faery) has just about finished all of our shutters. I call her the shutter fairy. We went out today and there sat a whole bunch of them - ready to be stained. Enter MY job!! We're going to try to finish them up this week.

I've been very scattered today what with running back and forth to download my files. Adrienne and Ava are coming up about 7 to make exotic cocktails. Yummmmmmm - I have NO idea what, but I'm down for it. ROTFLMBO

Love and hugs to all.


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Hello girls,
thank you for the nice words! I miss you too. Although there isn't much to share. I'm beyond happy that I'm back to work! As this live in poverty frustrate me so much. But the insecure is still big, as Trudy said here also cases rise, so they can stop us again in every moment.
The weather is unusual cold. We have snowing at 2 days, and even the l ground is warm and melt it immediately, this is more snowing days than in February. ;) I'm using this to postpone gardening, and feel little bit ashamed, seeing how others around already have their production from greenhouses and polytunnel. But I didn't do any of these, even we have polytunnel. It's really shame now when our Easter is so late to not produce your own Easter salad! But I'm feels so tired! Mostly emotional, but.. Spring is not my best season!

Chris, you was so sure about vaccination and your need to get back faster at the real life, so I hope now to not allows your fears to send that on waste! Wish you nice meeting with your cousin, even for so delicate and painful topic as living with Lyme!

Trudy, so now you going to swim before lunch? This sounds as a great reason for extra dessert! Heather is so strong, I'm sure she will figure out how to handle at the new situation! Is she happy with the new job?

Cheryl, your house is so pretty! I'm in love with this pic with the table on a sunny day, which I saw at Insta! And the wagon wheel idea also sounds awesome, can't wait to see it!

@nancyr where are you?

Wave to the others!