Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, September 6


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Morning! Just a quick stop by this morning -- gotta get my workout in, have breakfast, shower, and then wait for the plumbing contractor. After saying they'd be here yesterday between 12 and 4 ... then oh, sorry, it's a holiday (duh) and we're double-booked, so 3 to 7 pm and you're the last appointment ... to a call saying the contractor was on to a call before us, and might not get to us until 9 pm. :rant: (and we figure there's at least an hour or two's work). I don't know what pissed me off more - the constant moving of the timeline, the chance that he might not make it out (and we notified the warranty folks on Friday night), or the fact that'd we'd spent a holiday at home, all day, making sure someone was here and we couldn't have been out, enjoying the day. Told the guy that I needed an HONEST answer on whether he really was going to be at our house or not. I think that got through to him ... well, that and the fact that upon arriving at the appointment before us, he found sewage all over the floor :puke: Not only do we have the company owner coming out this morning, but his wife emailed us and said they were doing their best and making an exception for us since it was the holiday (huh?!).

Will be nice to be able to use the vanity in the main bathroom ... then again, as soon as the plumbing contractor leaves, I need to call USAA and place our homeowners insurance claim. *sigh*

Anyway, enough of my ranting ... I get the spend the day with haddie, just to the two of us, so that's fiiine with me :)

Workout time!


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As soon as i saw that you were here first, Kat, I thought, Uh-oh, someone didn't sleep. I hope that you were able to sleep ok last night after a day filled with ajita. I am like you, I would rather a contractor tell me that they are not coming, rather than try to appease me and then make me wait all day. But if you and Haddie get to spend a nice day together, that will make it good. :pupkiss:

Yesterday, I painted and painted... bathrooms have to be the hardest- no room to maneuver., especially that I am so short. I know, you are all thinking, Gary is tall, why doesn't he paint? Gary is absolutely phenomenal building things, but put a paintbrush in his hand, and it is ugly ;) I had gotten paint from my friend when he ex moved out, it isn't a color I would typically pick out on my own, Antique White, but it was free. Today when it is all dry I have to check it out and see if it needs another coat. The edges looked pretty bad when I was wrapping it up yesterday. Maybe they will be better now that they are all dry. The trim is going to have to wait, I think.

Jaida's knee was a bit better too, and hopefully better still today. I need to get her out for a walk at some point, plus pay bills, plus get ready for food shopping tomorrow. Blergh!

Christopher's 1st day of Kdg is today and I hope that he does ok. I hope my *brother* does ok!!! BFFATS seems to be adjusting to having her DD away but BFF is having a rough time, She is close to her DD like I am with Caitlyn. More like friends in some ways, especially as they are "adults." Yeah, legally adults but do you ever truly wrap your head around them being adults? Or do they stay your babies on some level forever? I know how my mom feels about me, I'll give you one guess on what it is :pound:

xoxoxo!!! HAGD!!!!


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Nancy, you should be proud of Luther, , he seems like such a good boy! That is great that he and Rosie had fun too.
Is this LEGO game on old-school wii? That is the only console I can (sort of) play on. BTW- Scott had the same issues when he was learning how to drive the forklift at work, up means down, steering is all backward from driving a car. Bet you will get the hang of a joystick in no time.

Kat- My parents are the best. I posted/tagged my roomies in a bit of the convo we had on FB and they all chimed in with more stories. OMG- we had a blast.

Rae- Ugh to all of that furniture shopping, I hate it. Good thing that we have no money for anything new which makes it very easily avoided. LOL Poor Taz, though, to lose "his" sectional. Can you keep a pillow from it that he can snuggle on?
Hope that you have a good today, esp with the dentist.


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I need some TV advice- what new fall shows are you looking fwd to? We don't see many commercials since we DVR everything. The ones we have seen some commercials for don't look all that appealing.

Anything we should set up to record?


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good morning - I am finally alone! Whew it seemed to take forever to get the boys out the door this morning! I understand how my husband is not in a hurry as they are taking a strike/no strike vote this am. The University has locked them out but the faculty is not on strike so for students it must suck. And my son is always slow. Yesterday we finished the LEGO game but that is just the starter pack not the whole game. But OMgosh one of the sections takes you to an arcade section where they have old atari games and my favorite is Marble Madness and we got to play. It brought back such fun memories when we played and the boys were little. Got in two walks with Luther and my DH walked him also. Had Hamburgers on Labor Day and it was fun. It was a calm good weekend.

Chris the game is sort of hard to explain. There is this LEGO pad where characters and cars are placed. Each character has to be built before it can be used and that I think is so cool. There is a chip in the base of each character that some how activates in the game. Characters can be changed as needed to complete the tasks to finish each level. And they make you think and the dialog is funny - you have to listen. LEGO got permission many different franchises so there are Ghost Buster levels, Marvel levels, Atari levels, Ninja levels, Lord of the Rings levels, Star Wars levels anyway lots of levels. But it is a PS4 I think console game. I have lost track of the consoles as my sons buy them. I have not played in years but this was fun.

Kat I hate waiting for contractors to show up. They should have been up front about the time. Congrats on the continued work outs! Good luck with the plumbing fix!

Trudy and Rae have a great day

I do not have any TV suggestions. Sorry!


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Good morning ladies... I had a marvellous sleep last night and feel so much better for it today! Yesterday was spent doing lots of clean up outside and DH and I washed some windows he was outside I was inside. It felt good to be so productive! The weekend flew by and we had such a great time with DS and family! The sailing was a bonus as we had not really planned on going out on the boat. The weather was not supposed to be as nice as it turned out to be and we loved every moment on the boat! It was so beautiful to see the sails up and full of wind and the scenery was amazing with lots of other sailboats out there with us! I think I could get used to being on a sailboat, so peaceful no motor noise and loved the fact that the sun was warm and the company was great too!

Kat - Sorry to hear that you are having such trouble trying to get your plumbing issues fixed up! I agree it would just be better to be honest and say that you are not coming at all than to make promises that you can't keep just to make everyone have a false hope ! You are a rock star for doing your exercises and I hope that you make it to your goal sooner than you expect! It would be great for you to get that knee of yours taken care of! Enjoy your alone time with Haddie!!

Chris - Oh my how can it be that Christopher is in KDG?? How the heck did that happen? You have been very busy painting! Hope that the edges look better today after drying and you don't have to do too much touch up! I leave all the house painting to DH! I love to paint, but not that kind of painting!! :becky:

Nancy - Sounds like you will enjoy your time alone with Luther today! It is nice to get everyone out the door and back to routine again! You have been having lots of fun playing this lego game with your son, I am afraid I would get addicted to it and never stop playing!! LOL It does sound like its lots of fun!

Rae - Sounds like you have done some good shopping!! Poor Taz all stressed out because of it though! Hope that your day is not too darn busy and you get some time for just you! Enjoy your new furniture and so glad that you had such a great weekend! It was a profitable one for you for sure! Hooray!

Ok I better get some breakfast and then get caught up in the gallery! Not much else happening here today, looking forward to Skyping with Heather and Mason and then I really need to clean bathrooms! :mmph: not my favourite job for sure! Hope to get some pages done today too! Have a great Tuesday everyone!! :wave:


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Good morning, ladies. Slept like a log yesterday. I enjoyed sitting in my recliner last night and Taz loved stretching out on it with me and slept most of the evening there. So it didn't take him long to get used to the new furniture. Today is busy with work, Ava, dentist and food shopping. I'm glad it's going to only be a 4 day work week.

Chris - new shows.....Designated Survivor (Keifer Sutherland), This Is us, Frequency, Pitch, Bull, The Good Place (Kristen Bell), Blacklist Redemption, Exorcist, Lethal Weapon....these are ones I'm interested in checking out.

Kat - hope things are repaired and you'll have your home back to normal again. Having gone through it before, I know how frustrating it is but how good it will feel to have it all done. Fingers crossed it's a speedy process.

Nancy - hope the strike vote goes they way you hubs wants it to. Sounds like you had a great wkend with family.

Trudy - I saw some of your wonderful sailing pics! So nice to see pics of your family.

Off I go to work ladies. Have a wonderful day.