Daily Ooos: Tuesday, October 12


The Loopy-O
Aw man, now I am bummed. I almost typed that it was September, not October. I wish it was still Sept. I have been checking the weather down the shore in case there are some days warm enough for my mom and me to go back for a night. It doesn't look like it will happen. The best weather is going to be this weekend and the hotel rates are much higher than they would be mid-week.

It was really nice up here yesterday. I am mad at myself for not making it out in the yard at all. Scott went for a long hike with friends and Gary mowed the lawn. I was scrolling on the computer looking for Christmas gift ideas and recipes. I am getting a lot done and hopefully will be able to get orders ready by the weekend. I spent a lot of time trying to find vegan/cruelty-free raw materials. Not the easiest info to find.

I also sucked it up and made an appt for my mammo. Blergh. I was able to do it all online which was good, If I had to call, I would have had more opportunities to procrastinate. Not that I would *ever* do that. Mhmm hmmmm.
I'm all set for next Tuesday.

Today the family is decorating the house and then we will be watching a spooky movie. Not sure what we are going to pick. Hocus Pocus used to be the default choice but the kids are bored with that one. Last year we watched Scooby Do Live Action. We have very sophisticated tastes. :D

HAGD!! xo


The Loopy-O
@tanteva How are you today, able to relax a bit more? That happens to me too. When I am faced with nothing to do, I put pressure on myself to relax and when I can't do that on command, it winds me some up more. I am so happy that the weather has been nice and that you took a lot of pictures. Can't wait to see your pages when you scrap them.
I hope that when you get home you will be able to recreate that dinner. Must have been good if you dreamed about it.

@felis You have done such a great job with unraveling sweaters. Have fun ordering new yarn! Caitlyn wants a pair of fingerless gloves since her office at college is cold. I found a cute pattern and started it yesterday. I am 4 rounds in and no mistakes so far (that I know of)

@mywisecrafts do you have pictures of some of the cards you have made, would love to see them!

@Cherylndesigns Good thing the bull only gave you a stink eye, the fence didn't look strong enough to keep him in if he was mad. Did you get any pics of the headstones? There is a manor near us that has the family cemetery plot for the Revolutionary War period. W have taken photos of them, Cait has said for a long time she would like to do rubbings of them.
That is fab news that your shoulder is doing so much better. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine

@felis hahaha! At first, I thought you wrote that it was a good day to "organize cats." Like cats will ever allow themselves to be organized by a human. :D
I am happy that you are looking at your supplies and yarns and getting ideas for your projects.

@nancyr sure, rub it in that I missed the nice day yesterday heh, I am going to be outside a bit this morning, if I want to get the yard ready for the graveyard we will set up this afternoon. I don't think it is supposed to be as warm today as it was yesterday. Luther must be so happy on those walks.
That is my biggest fear- that we will have the furnace cleaned and then need a new one. If that happens we will have to convert from oil to gas. We have gas on the street but it doesn't run to the house. Just too much expense for my brain to consider. Hope that yours won't be too bad.
Woo hoo to the start of the new hockey season! Good luck to the Devils!

love to all of you!


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Sun is shining like crazy & the sky is blue. Took another photo walk, and now I have 258 photos in my camera. I do hope they are good! We forgot the cable at home, so I cannot download the photos to the puter & check them.

Urban has "The good camera" at the archive. He needs that since he's taking photos of old documents & they need to be readable. I've got the old Canon PowerShot G7. It's an alright camera, but not as good as the other one. On the other hand, this is smaller & easier to carry along.

It's our last night in Vadstena tonight. The archive is open til 7pm tonight, so I'm kinda alone all day. Just got back to the hotel after my walk and I think I just gonna lay down and finish my book.

Done a little bit shopping, but not much. A t-shirt, a tea cup, a tea tin & two kinds of tea. (The entire room smells of pear now. Lol)

Tomorrow we check out at 11am. The archive is open til 4pm tomorrow & I guess we won't leave Vadstena until then. No matter how much I love travelling & Vadstena, it will be nice to get back home.


Morning all. Didn't make it in here yesterday as I had friends over for a brown bag lunch. Oh, what fun we had. Went on from 11 AM until 4:30 PM... with lots of laughter and fun. Just had time to catch my breath before I got on-line for the family chat at 5 PM. DD#2 and I talked for almost 2 hours!!! As you can tell, my day was full. I woke up with a smile on my face this morning.

There is a definite nip in the air so will be wearing a sweater again today. Remembered to put the insulated covers over the outside faucets as they are predicting freezing temps at night this week. Snow is predicted for the higher elevations, too. Guess it is time to switch the A/C over to heat. Have several errands I have to run this morning so this is a quick in and out. Over to the library to pick up books on reserve, pay a couple of bills and fill the SUV with gas.

Chris, good luck on getting the supplies for the Christmas gifts/basket done early this year. LOL over your comment about getting the 'graveyard' ready in your front yard!!! What a hoot!

Cheryl, glad you are improving... just take it easy and don't over-do.

Eva, sounds like you had a wonderful vacation even with your brain not sure what to do when you didn't have a list of things to do. Sometimes it is hard for the brain to relax and kick-back.

Trudy, saw the beautiful photo you posted on FB about your fabulous view on your Thanksgiving Day. WOW... of peaceful and calm looking. Hope you had a wonderful holiday with family.



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Morning everyone! It is a cloudy grey morning and I slept in until 7:45am. I guess I was catching up on my sleep. We had a lovely Thanksgiving, everything turned out great and the Turkey was nice and juicy and delicious! We stayed up visiting until 12am and poor MIL was sure feeling it the next day LOL. She has such a terrible time doing our stairs, but she was sure enjoying not having to do the cooking or cleaning up! Everyone was happy to be together again and we remembered last Thanksgiving and how we all had to be apart and could not gather together. MIL brought us some muffins for breakfast and some beautiful Dahlias from her garden. The Elk have been in her garden and have pretty much destroyed most of it, she was not very happy about that! SIL Linda brought a lovely little fall centre piece and supplied us with the potatoes and dinner buns for our Thanksgiving meal, along with a couple of bottles of very nice wine. Linda is sure happy with her new boyfriend and we like him a lot too! Gary and I had a nice long nap in the afternoon when everyone left and then went for a great walk in the warm sunshine. I thought for sure I would not sleep well last night, but I was out like a light LOL.

@faerywings - Chris, I really wish it was still September also, I am not ready for the cold rainy days of winter! Tomorrow looks like it will be very cloudy for our hike, but then the rest of the week will be very wet and rainy UGH!! I too need to get busy with gifts for Christmas and get going on my Calendars. It is Tuesday and I will take advantage of the free shipping day to get some things out to Mason and Hunter for Halloween and next Tuesday will do the same for Isaac and Sadie. Sure wish I was more organized and had all of their Christmas gifts bought already!

@tanteva - I hope you are able to unwind a bit more! Where you are at sounds lovely and tranquil! I hope that you will enjoy the rest of your time there!

Kay - You did have a full day yesterday! Sounds like it was the perfect type of day too! Nice that you woke up with a smile on your face, how wonderful! I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day thank you! So very much to be Thankful for!!

Sorry everyone else I have a call coming in from Heather and I have to get off of here. Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


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@faerywings sadly I'm bad about taking pics of projects....so only have this one of cards.

IMG_3714.JPG IMG_3715.JPG

I used my silhouette and cricut to cut these and the silhouette did the writing for me on the inside. I used the gold foil pen attachment on the silhouette for the gold lettering on the front of the card. I really am a craft dork.:D

I have more photos of some of my other paper crafting projects.... but cards not so many.....probably because by the time I get to no 50 in card assembly I'm cursing. :D


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Happy Tuesday everybody.

Trudy @taxed4ever lovely photo view on FB. That's was the only one I saw. SO happy that your celebration went so well and everybody had a lovely time.

Esther @mywisecrafts what a lovely card. I forgot that I made a few digi cards last year. You reminded me. I had mine printed at Walgreen's and even had them mail them out. (The height of laziness). I only sent a few, so it was worth it. When you guys were talking about handmade cards, I guess I was thinking of the "old days" when I spent forever on each one and had so many layers that I had to pay extra postage for each one.

I know this picture will look familiar, because I just used it on a layout. I took it on one of my walks last fall.

Card for 2020.jpg

Chris @faerywings I know - we were worried about that fence, too. When we saw the bull, that's when we decided to leave. I did get a couple of pictures. One of them had these cool wagon wheels in front of the tombstones and I got a picture of the old stone. It has so much discoloration, that you can't even see what it said. We had problems seeing it and had to kind of feel the letters. I thought it gave the stone an old, lovely look, but Ava said she wanted to bring some acid out and scrub it.

wagon wheels at cemetery copy 2.jpgold grave marker.jpg

Kay @BrightEyes how wonderful to have your friends over for a brown bag lunch. I'm so happy that you're feeling better. My shoulder is basically doing better, but it just gets achy if I type too much. I'm not sure why typing bothers me so much - it must throw my shoulder into a strain.

The house cleaners are coming today instead of tomorrow, so I'd better get things ready for them. Have a good day all.


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Hello girls!
I had a really bad day and feel grumpy most of it. It started with a troubles at work, because they found me a mistake I wasn't noticed. My sister was text me whole day for some papers I had to copy and resend to her. Then I was preparing for meeting when the people calls me upset that I'm late and they waiting me on that rain. Upps, I was so sure that we said 16:30, but no, it's been 15:30 and I was still at home half dressed. They tells me where they are decided to go and to come directly at that house. In a hurry with fashionable boots I was feeling them so heavy and uncomfortable, although their heels are small. It almost start to hurts me and I was starting to feeling so old. The conversation was enjoyable and the host very nice girl, but caffeine in day when I'm so tired makes me feel more crapy! And Tiny somehow managed to quarrel with her dog, which was very embarrassing. So I find an excuse to leave quickly. the best way to restart is napping. But I couldn't do that even for a half hour as I had to be on line to copy and resent these things for my sister. So I tried really hard with yoga, wild dancing on favorite song and at some point even with hugging trees, which is heavy artillery, but no nothing wasn't able to charged me enough. So I drag until dinner and then just collapsed, my parents wakes me up for the night show I watch, and guess what, I was feeling like completely different person: happy, joyful and in creative mood. LOL! Sometimes I'm seriously worried about my mental state.

OMG, Chris I really want to see someone who organize cats! Probably is like Cesar Millan, but for cats. Definitely not me. I spend a lot of time to telling them in which room they have to go, as now when is rainy they are separated for the nights on small groups to not fight. But in most of the cases they gave a grimace in response to me. I mean literally they do that, like that :p I don't know the english term!
Bravo for acting adult and take appt for mammo. Pff I was checking my organizer and I'm procrastinate few tasks like that, so everything will take time in November (as at December I can only to celebrate) or will postponed it for the next year! Crap, I hate so much to being responsible, sometimes I wish to was someone's wife so other to have take care for adult tasks. How disappointing that weather wouldn't allows you to make a small escape with your mom!

Eva, I'm with you girl! In the moment I left my home I already miss it! But then as Chris said above, so many people want but don't have the chance to go somewhere on vacation. Act silly and pretend on tourist, even take some of these buss tours for foreigners and have fun for all of us locked in rainy days :D!

Kay, oh this sound as a really lovely day, I'm so happy for you!

Trudy, really awesome Thanksgiving! And I bet that you're received tons of compliments for your decoration! I'm so happy for you too!

Esther, what cute deer, lovely card!

Cheryl, what a lovely place for walks!

And wave to Jean!

Nancy, hope the furnace repair to not takes too much time! Is that the girl with the elephant's Sanctuary or other friend's daughter? I guess they wasn't able to make the exotic wedding that she wanted, so disappointing!
Oh, yes if I find sweater with small stain or hole I get it somewhere between $1-3, which is just crazy good deal! Unfortunately during unraveling have some parts that can't be used, so still have some part of wasting on materials. And that's not so eco as I would like to be, but still is very good opportunity. :cool:


all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Sitting in the hotel café, having a cuppa joe. 4 hrs til the archive closes and we will start our journey home.

Just got back from yet another walk around town. We've been so lucky with the weather. Sunshine & blue sky. Yesterday evening I was bragging about the fact that I hadn't shopped that much. That's fixed now. Lol. Bought 3 tins to store tea, a set of cards & envelopes, a tiny jar of fig & olive marmelade (will be great with goat cheese!) and a tiny box of homemade (ridiculously expensive) chocolate & sea salt fudge.

Been walking around town and small talked to store owners, telling them how lucky they are to live in paradise.

Working all day tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Lol