Daily Ooos: Tuesday, June 1


The Loopy-O
Can someone please tell Mother Nature that it is June here? :p It isn't as bad as it was the last few days but still not where the temps should be. I am still 100% layered and bundled.
The good news for the day is that I am appropriately caffeinated. I don't know what he did, but Gary was able to fix the coffee pot! [high five emoji]. He unscrewed something, did something, lost two screws, found the two screws, screwed it back together, and Voila!

Yesterday (other than the fabulous news about the coffee pot) just continued to be a crummy day. Nothing "bad" happened, I simply couldn't get out of the funk. Then I got very mad at myself for not doing anything. I have property tax freeze info to submit (b/c Gary is disabled, we are sometimes eligible to have our property taxes frozen at the prior year's amount. It might only be a few hundred dollars but NJs taxes are super high so it helps). The application has been on my desk for months. I had to wait until the Income taxes were filed but I did that in April. It is on my to-do list for today. I should have looked over some recipe sites to figure out WTH I am cooking for dinners. I am going shopping tomorrow -- in person! How long do you think it will take me to start complaining about how much I hate shopping at the store again? *taps watch*

Tom is officially welcomed into the family and not because he got along with everyone at dinner. He and Cait went to went store to pick up some food to have a picnic and Caitlyn calls us soon after that his car died. Gary tried to jump-start it with no luck so they had to call AAA and get it towed. SMH. While jumping it with Cait's car, the power steering went out so Cait has to drive my car to get her allergy shots today and Gary needs to buy a fuse and hope that is all that went wrong with it. Never dull, eh? ;)
On a good note- he did get along with everyone at dinner. Not that we were surprised at that but it was a nice way to end the day.

If it dries out a bit I am going to work outside this afternoon. I think the marigold seedlings are ready to be transplanted. It looks like I have one milkweed sprouting up too. Wish I had more but maybe that one will get me more seeds for next year.

Do any of you have some fun plans today? Hope so!


The Loopy-O
Ok, I am running a bit later, I will do some quick personals and then be on my way.

@tanteva How is your head today? I loved the LO you did of how you felt. Very relatable even in my non-ADHD brain. Hope that the long meditation did the trick.
I have to go and see the cow LO too.
Did you find any kits for that awesome boat photo?
I have Fancy Rust Mini Kit and Layer Styles: Fancy Rust that might work. Although I think something more natural and weathered would be better? I will think about that, see if I can come up with a suggestion.

@bcgal00 what a fun time with the dogs! You are an incredible trainer for them. In my very non-profession opinion and this is based only on my experience with J, I think that Remi's medical problems might have caused her to be anxious. J was a 100% different dog before she had her knee surgery. She always needed a little extra coaxing but wasn't scared of everything. Hopefully, with Remi still being so young, you will be able to get that "fixed" with only a bit of work and maturity on her part. I know you are going to do whatever you can. #1 dog Mama!
I am glad that you are back scrapping and CT-ing again and going slowly. Sending good thoughts for you to be able to retire comfortably and soon.

Kay- yikes- that sounds like it was crazy weather by you, so happy that you didn't have to deal with any tornados, especially after all of the care you have done for your trees. Your burritos sound very good, I think I have refried beans in the house too... Hmm.

@nancyr sending hugs to you snd your DS. He lost a few to suicide, IIRC? It has to be so hard to be so young and deal with that much loss. :( I am sure that cooking for people and seeing them enjoy that makes him happy.
I hope the sun comes out today, I need to see it, It was a little sunny at dinner time last night but now it is all overcast.
I am LMBO at you and Eva and the bones by the boat. That would make a great title for a book. :p

WOW, that must have been one heck of an intense storm Kay- hope that it didn't cause any more flooding or power outages after you signed off. Be safe!


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Good morning ladies. I've got errands, work and the dog park later. Last night I took the dogs for a 2 hr walk along a trail. It was warm, peaceful and so quiet. We only ran into 2 groups of people out walking. Remi loved running around, trailing her 15 foot leash. The sloped grass on the side of the trail was so interesting to Remi, she's not been in tall grass before and she was burrowing thru it, rolling and spinning around, it was so fun to watch. Got a few bird pics off in the distance so was glad to have brought my camera.

@faerywings Glad the dinner was enjoyable and Tom fits in well. Hope today is more enjoyable for you.

I'm getting coffee and getting to work. Have a great day everyone.


Morning, all... slept in this AM until 7. Guess my body needed the rest after the storms of yesterday. Ended up with well over 2" of rain. It is a bright cool morning with a light breeze blowing. Suppose to be calm and temps climbing back into the 80's. Have the house opened up to get it cool - it is only 65* right now. Will close it up in about an hour. Have managed to not turn the A/C on yet by doing this. BTW, I posted a link about the flooding near the mall on my FB page. Never realized how much lower that area is and have never seen it flood like that! And the ground around there was covered with large hail that looked like a snow storm had hit. The whole area was under a flood alert until after midnight. So glad I didn't need to be out and about over the weekend/holiday.

Welcome to June... and all the new delightful challenges!!! Got the Mixed Media Challenge done and posted - now I am itching to work on more of the challenges.

Chris... so sorry to hear about all the car problems for Cait and her BF. Hope they can be fixed easily. Yea for Gary getting the coffee pot fixed! I am with you - not a big fan of Keurig - much prefer my big coffee pot. Good luck on your venture out to the grocery store for the first time since last year.

Rae, glad to hear that Rami is doing so much better now. Glad she is enjoying the walks and socialization with other dogs at the dog park. Hope your work load is light.

Need to get dressed and get busy with a few chores around the house. Will be off and running early tomorrow. Going to the base to pick up Rx and grocery shop. CYL


hOney, i'm hOme
I don't know where this day went! And I have done nothing ... just browsing around internet, chatting a little bit here and there. Been cooking too. Dinner for me and hubby, and another one for John + prepared dinner for John for tomorrow. I'm working tomorrow, and it's nice to have his dinner done. Now all I have to do tomorrow is to heat up some leftovers for me and hubby tomorrow when we get home from work.

(Yes, I make 2 seperate dinners every day, cuz we are vegetarians and John is not. And he's a spoiled kid LOL)

Won a kit today at another site. Not just a kit, but like a complete collection, you know, with all the extras. Happy about that, and I haven't even unzipped the files yet.

Need to go upstairs and do some ironing. Don't even know what to wear tomorrow. It's been really hot today, but I'm sure if I take a dress tomorrow, it will be too cold. I just want the weather to decide if it's summer or not.

Well, I'll be gone all day tomorrow, but if I'm not checking in again later tonight - see you tomorrow evening.


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Hello my lovelies! And happy International Children's Day!

Yes it's a thing here, as I'm said before we love holidays! And I still get gifts from my parents, :p lol! Actually I wake up at the middle of the night and have to check on my phone what date exactly it is, because I decided that maybe I'm slept so long that I'm skip the summer. :eek: lol . Nope it was June 1st, and I was freezing, desperately needed by additional blanket! Like some of you already mentioned, here is unusual cold too! I'm afraid that weather is the only thing that undergoes change at my life. There is nothing new. I hope you missed my stories about boredom and lonely heart, because I'll try to get back to regular posts! And have few pages to scrap about May.

This is why I needed so much from AmiguruMay!!! It was exciting, challenging and tempted at the whole time!!! I met so many new people, and their passion was so inspiring. And I learned lots of new and interesting things from them. But have so much that I wasn't able to read on the moment, as the time just wasn't enough! I was able to make about 15 new amigurumi projects (will see them on my next layout). Saved so many patterns, so I'll have ideas till the next year and maybe even more!
BUT the most important thing was that I was able to adjust my watch! At my country the society just think that on 35 one woman have option to build career or to rise kids. All these reading, knitting, crocheting are for elders ages, and counted as wasting of time at earlier stage. Even the owner of the yarn store was like that: ''-Do you know exactly what your granny needs? Me:No it's for me. She:What do you mean? Me: I'm the one that knit. She, very contemptuously: Oh, OK then, when you have the time to waste it.'' Just tell me then how to wats to support the business of these local morons? (But now I'm buying yarn made in my country and from small online stores, so I hope it's still count for ''shop local'' and ''support small businesses''!)
That was left a bad taste from the whole experience, but surprisingly at AmiguruMay, most of the people was younger than me or around my age! It's so nice to meet passionate people who understand you and support the idea that crocheting is making of art and not wasting on time!

My apologies, but I didn't have time to follow what happens in O, so I'll not get back in my notes!
I was stay in touch only with
Cheryl, who is active on Insta too, thank you so much for the support and your comments and compliments honey! So nice that you finally have wifi! What are you doing with the free time now?

Chris, it was so cute how yesterday you was ''warning'' that you are in bad mood when you are in that mood at least four days a week, it's makes me giggle :D, you're so cute! I'm beyond happiness for Cait and her bf, this girl deserves it so much! Nice that he match so fast at your family. How is the Scott's job?

Rae, oh Remi sounds so happy and calm kiddo. I'm so happy for you! How is B? Did she had the chance to see the new dogs or visiting's still aren't allowed?

Kay, ouch flood, that sounds bad! Good that you have this little stones design (I'm sorry I forgot the term) at your yard, to not become it in swamp!

Eva, your criteria are too high, all that cooking and chat around sounds to me as pretty satisfying busy day. Congrats for the kit, enjoy it!

Nancy, I was read about your trip and was so happy for you, darling! And the layouts are amazing!

Jean, @scrap-genie I miss you girl, where are you these days? I crochet one white poinsettia (because I don't have red yarn at the moment, eye roll emoji) and was thinking for yours!

pn1.jpgpn2.jpg Ups, I think I should give credits when post someone's pattern.

Did Trudy told something before to disappear?! @taxed4ever I hope you have fun with your cutting machine! But come show something, please!

And Linda @LSlycord I guess you have lots of outdoor funs now when life gets back to normal?

Hope I'm not missing someone!
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Talk about spacing out... just realized that I can't go to the base tomorrow... the Rx's won't be ready until late afternoon - 6/2. Good thing I looked at the calendar/appointment board! Will wait and go on Thursday 6/3. They should all be ready for pick-up that morning. I have several stops to make while I am over in that part of town, too.


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good day - can't believe it's June 1st. May went by so fast. It was much warmer today and Luther and I got in a good walk. Well the US hockey team won against Italy and ended up first in their division at the Men's championship. On Thursday is the start of the win or go home with the quarterfinals. Hockey north of the border is in shock as the Maple Leafs lost game 7 to the Canadiens after leading 3 games to 1. It was reported that 17 of the 18 highest paid players in the NHL are now out of the play-offs. Only the goalie for the Canadiens is left with a 10+/year salary. "why pay at goalie 10.5 million/year so he can stop 48 million/year worth of forwards". Made me laugh. I think that is why I like my team USA so much as they are not "super stars" but a group of team players and hockey is a team sport.

@faerywings Chris sorry you did not get the warm up in temps. I was cold still too but we really did get to the upper 70s. Lots of clouds though. OMgosh I hate that about the cars breaking down. I love the freedom cars give but when they breakdown what a pain! Hope they are easy and cheap fixes! Glad the dinner went so well!

@bcgal00 Rae saw the photo of the flicker and it was awesome. I love flickers. Sounds like Remi loves her walks. Hope you find a place for them to play in water.

@BrightEyes Kay OMgosh that storm sounds so frightening - we had a hail storm like this when my sister and I visited my Aunt in Kansas. The hail broke a couple of her kitchen windows. My sister had never been in a storm like that. Glad you checked to find out not to drive to the base. Hope those new leaves were not knocked off your trees.

@tanteva Eva you are amazing (as is Chris) when it comes to cooking for two different meals for your family. I hate to cook and if I had to cook two meals each day - well I am not sure I could. That is funny you too thought you might she a hand in your photo.

@felis Felis so good to see you here. Your crocheted creations were so cute! And yes my vacation was nice. Thanks!

Have a great day all!


hOney, i'm hOme
I'm off to work in a minute, but you know how you - just before you are going to sleep - remembers something you should have done or said? Well, today, for once, I still remembered it when I woke up LOL

@nancyr I've been meaning to ask you: What fonts are you using for the titles of your series of travel layouts? Or is it an alpha? Really love the bold letters in different sizes mixed with the cursive handwritten words.