Daily Ooos: Tuesday, February 23


The Loopy-O
Hmph. Well, seems like we got more than a couple of inches of snow yesterday, think it was between 4-5". I really cannot take much more of it. Even some of the people I know who *like* snow (how??? How do you like this god-awful stuff? Same way I love the heat and people who dislike that wonder about me :D ) are done with it.

I feel like I got a bunch of things done yesterday so that made me get through it. Nothing big but sufficient to make me feel like I crossed enough things off of my to-do list. I think I am all finished with my shopping order and I hope that I have everything that I need. Gary is on a liquid diet Thursday and Friday for a colonoscopy. Poor man. It is going to be a bit of a challenge for him to regulate his insulin but I made sure he has tea for no sugar and apple juice if he needs carbs. Plus sugar-free jello if he needs the sensation of chewing. I think I am going to pass on having one of those done for a while. Give me a mammogram any day over that! Even one post-surgery has to be better.
I was pleasantly surprised that everyone (not counting Cait) enjoyed the dinner I made, chicken pot pie from scratch. The best part is that the recipe makes two and the filling is freezable so that will be set for another night when Cait is on her own for dinners. The bad news of the day was that my niece tested positive for COVID. I am trying to not worry about her or my BFF and her husband. However, I think I am more worried about her state of mind than her physical risk. My niece is always on the move/social butterfly type and for her to be isolated in her room for two weeks is going to be draining for her and for my BFF.

Today, I have to finish cleaning the kitchen and this afternoon, Cait and I are taking all of the rats for a check-up. Cordelia has lost a lot of weight in the last few weeks, Immi's mammary tumor is growing and Evvie now has a growth on the back of her neck. Livvie is just going for the ride, she is doing fine, thank goodness. Gary has to get a COVID test today too before he has the procedure on Friday. Scott has his Environmental class tonight so we are all going to be a bit busy for a change.

I posted pictures of the crochet projects I had been working on here: Knitting, crocheting, sewing and everything with fabric



The Loopy-O
@taxed4ever Oh wow, what a weekend you had. I am surprised the dentist didn't tell your MIL/FIL that Advil was bad before a procedure like that since it is a blood thinner. Good thing you switched him to Tylenol. Too funny that she didn't talk to you too much after that ;) Of course, your Gary would have to hug her... I don't think I could have held back either if I was in his shoes. Have your ILs gotten vax'd yet? How nice to make some cards for your MIL- have you been able to use that new stamp you got a couple of months ago?
Seriously- the no masks dreams are new naked in the classroom ones. SMH! Looks like we might have some snow showers coming up a few times next week. How awful that I think that is "good news?" hehe.

Kay- Such a happy day to see the baby!! he must be getting so big! Must have been nice to have two of your DDs together even if it will be the last time for a while.
Glad you liked the recipe- I am not super crazy about the dipping sauce either, I mix a bit of it with sour cream and use that instead. We were teasing Scott the other night since he doesn't like them but loves guac. I told them they are basically fried guac and he might give them another try next time we make them since I put it like that.
ITA the not hugging is really difficult. I was talking to Cait about that (texting actually LOL) and when I get to hug my mom I am going to bawl my eyes out. Thanks for the authors' names. I read Shelter in Place recently. I think it was recently. Nope, must have been about a year ago since I read it as a physical book and I haven't been to the library since the beginning of March. It must have been in the batch that I loaded up right before we quarantined.
The last year has been like a black hole of time.

@Cherylndesigns I hope that the crazy is all good crazy!

@bcgal00 I hope that by this time next year you are fully retired! You deserve it. How is it going with J moving out this week? Sending you BIG hugs as I am sure it has to be hard.
Glad to hear that the back pain is mostly manageable. Is there anything that can "fix" it like surgery or is all PT and pain mgt? Looks like getting out and taking photos with the new camera is a good way to keep you moving!

@felis The family dinner sounds like it was nice, even if a bit different than usual. That is too bad that your country makes it so hard to donate items. That seems like a lot of items will get thrown out instead of donated.
My town's animal shelter is one on the Snuggles list but I also am friendly with a woman at my vet's office that runs a hospice for cats with feline leukemia so I will offer them to her first. She is the woman we gave Floyd's things to after he died. She is amazing, she rescues all of these babies from kill lists and cares for them until they pass. Amazing lady.
I didn't bother switching over clothes for the seasons this year either. I don't have a lot of clothes to begin with and if I need something that I don't have (a huge sweatshirt or dressier sweater), I can grab it out of Gary's or Cait's closets. Scott was wearing a shirt I didn't recognize yesterday and I asked him if it was new. Nope- it was just shoved in the back and he found it when he was cleaning :p

Better get my day started. Hugs!!


Administrator Crazy about the "O"
Morning O friends! Another quick in and out of here again this morning. As I have a repair guy coming to fix the garage door. It is never ending! At least someone can come right away and I had to quickly get dressed as he will be here in a minute or two. Looks like one of the large springs has busted, so there goes another couple hundred dollars :(. Oh well we need it fixed, but its just another one of those things that have gone wrong this past year! So just a quick update, MIL and FIL are both doing well, still not sure if or when FIL will get new dentures, but I am not going to pester them about it. Today I have swimming as long as the repair guy is gone before noon. I got two more birthday cards made, I will have to take a photo of them all when I am done. Putting off the Face time with Heather and Hunter today as she has someone looking at a leak in their shower and I have someone coming to repair the garage door.

Chris - Sounds like Scott found a newish shirt to wear at least he got his closet cleaned out! Sorry to hear that you are getting even more snow!! I can imagine that you are done with winter!! Your chicken pot pie sounded yummy! Too bad your Gary will have to have the procedure. My Gary got one done also a while back and he said the worst part was the drink that he had to have to clean his colon out beforehand. Ugh!! Yup I would sooner have a mammo too! That is worrisome that your BFF's daughter has tested positive, hope she does not have bad symptoms and can isolate without too much stress! Another trip to the vet today? Seems you spend a lot of time there, but hope that the rats are going to be ok!

Kay - So nice that you got to see the baby again! It is sad that you will not get to see them again for quite some time though! I hope you got to enjoy a nice long hug with them all!

Rae - I too hope that you get to retire soon! It must be sad to see your daughter moving out, but a good thing that she will be with her daughter much more now! Your photos taken with your new camera are amazing! I am really loving seeing them each time you post on facebook! Hope you and DH are taking good care of yourselves and that the back is not giving you too much pain!

Felis - your family dinner sounded lovely! I hope that you are enjoying your time with the all the fur babies! Ok I gotta run again, hope you all have a great day!


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Good day - well another day. Yesterday we got so much snow it was crazy but then it turned to sleet and by the time my DH walked home from the train it was really slick. But now it is mostly gone. But I am expecting rain this afternoon. But they promise tomorrow it will be sunny and tomorrow my windshield will be fixed (knocking on wood). I need to see sunshine. My Devils play tonight and I am hoping they figure out how to play the whole 60 min. I did not have to cook and my eldest brought over pulled pork. Yummy. Making pulled pork tortillas. Not much else going on.

@faerywings Chris I am so sorry your about another person you know having Covid. Last night Anna Aspnes told those in her class how her whole family had it and how it hit the adults much harder than her kids. I guess quarantine is in their future. I saw the photos of the mittens and hats and you did an awesome job so cute. I really like red! Chicken pot pie sounds yummy and a cold night.

@taxed4ever Trudy that was so nice what you did for your ILs. Makes me sad to think that your MIL would quit talking just because she was not correct about a pain med. Your MG was very nice to his mom. Have a good swim and I hope the repairman comes in time!

@BrightEyes Kay that must have been so fun to see the new baby. They grow so fast!

@felis felis glad you had a great dinner.

Have a great day all!


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Good morning ladies (almost afternoon...the day is flying by). I spent the morning working and watching Bella while Jen ran errands. She had lots of energy so tons of playtime inside and out in the yard. I'll be heading out for errands in a bit during lunchtime and then back to work for the afternoon. I was looking at the challenges and may play along with a couple this week. It's been a long time since I did.

@faerywings Sorry to hear of your niece, hope she has a mild case and recovers quickly and that one one else gets it in the household. I agree with you, colonoscopy sounds awful, I've not had one yet but I know I should. D has had them a few times. As for my arthritis, surgery may be in my future some day but the plan is to keep me stable so that won't be needed b/c there are 4 different things going on with the back so surgery won't fix it all anyway. It is frustrating dealing with chronic pain but I am doing all I can to deal with it and am managing. Retirement will help b/c then I can rest more if needed sometimes without having to worry about a work deadline. D retires 3 mths before me so I'm curious to see how he does, if he gets bored. I am looking forward to lots of 1-2 day trips, bringing Taz with us and going on the cruise and train trip we have been wanting to take.

@taxed4ever Yes, I agree, it is always something with the house. We are at the point where if it is not completely necessary, we are going to let things be someone else's headache when we sell after next yr. They will probably gut our place and do a complete reno or bulldoze it to build new. Our place is over 40 years old and needs a lot of updates.

@felis Yes, I have a special chair I use in my office, a kneeling chair, that takes the stress off my lower back and is better for my posture. That is the only way I can do desk work or scrap. I can only sit in a regular chair for about an hour and then the pain ramps up so I'm not supposed to do that too much. I also have a few wrap around heating pads (for office and living room) and a velcro back brace to wear when out walking for longer distances to help keep my back straight. I think I am doing absolutely everything I can to take care of myself :)

Hope everyone has a good day. I'd better go run my errands now.


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Hello all! I hope everybody is well. Chris @faerywings yes my "crazy is good". Just lots of family but I love it. Also, our weather is warm again so I've been outside a lot. Our oldest DD has been spending quite a lot of time over here and bless her heart she's been using her culinary skills. Making good eats! She fixed chicken breasts stuffed with Feta and cranberries (and I don't know what else) yesterday. SO good!

Guess what? It was 75 here today!! It's going to cool down a bit, but we're drinking it all in right now. Daisy and I have been taking our long walks again. I still can't download any files without making a trip to "normal" wifi which continues to be a PITA for me! I DID get my Birthday Challenge done and posted in the Private Cheery-o Gallery! SO easy! Everything is so easy now. The last time (pre new board) I tried to get into the Private Gallery, I had to give up and Ona put my LO in there for me. Oh, how I used to struggle because I couldn't use Firefox. That old board didn't play well with other search engines and I use a private one.

I need to go somewhere, tomorrow, and download my "Foodie Files" so I can do the Food Challenge. UGH I'm so over this and can't wait until we have normal wifi again.

Waving and hugs to all.


@bcgal00 I loved hearing about your retirement plans. I have 3 more years to full full retirement age. I have always said I would work until then. But now I ‘m not sure. On the other hand, I will still have two kids in college so I may need to keep working. What I’ve learned in the last two years is that I really don’t know what the next two years will look like. That’s hard for this type A lady to admit.


@taxed4ever it is always something when you are a homeowner. This was new construction so under 18 months. But then that means you have all of the new things that you need. Last year we added the pool. For Christmas, Brian bought A backsplash for the kitchen. This summer will mainly be about landscaping I think. I want a citrus tree in the backyard. And since the winter killed most of my potted plants, I need to do some work there. Always something.