Daily Ooos: Thursday, September 22


The Loopy-O
hello and good morning! I am so happy and relieved I was able to get out of bed today LOL!
I managed to get through a somewhat disaster of a day yesterday and am in only moderate pain from being on my feet the entire time. (Moderate pain after downing Alleve).
I was running through my list of to-dos and felt pretty well on track. It was 10.30 and I had gone to the pharmacy and the grocery store pick-up. Emptied the dishwasher, and folded laundry. I was making the edible cookie dough and had finished adding the flour to the mixer when I realized that I forgot to heat treat it. I debated with myself-- how important is it to heat treat flour? Should I just use the choc frosting and not worry about any filling?
I knew I would be disappointed in myself if I didn't make the cake the way I wanted to, not to mention I didn't have enough frosting to fill the layers. Sooo-- what about "raw flour?" Is it that dangerous to eat and that much of it? Darn it, I couldn't; take the chance- if I lick the batter bowl, that's one thing but I can't knowingly let the family do it. next problem, it is almost 11 and I am supposed to be at work at my friend's at 12 pm. And I have a huge bowl of choc chip cookie batter (but not really, it had milk in it), do I dump it or try to make cookies?? I throw in some eggs and a little more brown sugar, beat that up again-- and ended up making good-tasting but VERY strange textured cookies. They are flat but chewy. (The family was eating them so they couldn't be *that* bad.)
At this point, it's noon and I am still taking trays out of the oven. I ask Gary to call our friend to see if I can clean on Thurs instead. He is such a sweetheart and said no problem. Whew. Back into the kitchen to start the cookie dough again. finally get that done, then on to the frosting and I can't find the right frosting tip and rings in Cait's box. There is chocolate frosting everywhere!
As soon as I finish the cake it's time to start the veggies, and the bechamel sauce, and then rolling out the pie crust -- thank goodness that I made the crust yesterday. But everyone loved the pot pie even if there was no chicken in it.
Here is the almost finished cake- I added some of the strange cookies on top. There are 2 layers of the cookie dough which is why I thought it was too much raw flour to eat.

It was worth it- all of the pain and sweat and struggle.
And I am only talking about baking yesterday-- not her actual birth bwuahahah!!! That was worth it too :D

Scott says his interview went well- the job is going to have more administrative responsibilities but would start soon after his Ranger duties end in Oct. Not sure when he will hear anything else, everything is being sent over to HR...

Today I am going to take it easy in the morning. I have to clean up the kitchen - I wash as I go so there are utensils and pots all over every horizontal surface in the kitchen. just one pot is soaking in the sink. Then I am cleaning for my friend. Tonight, Cait and I are going to my friend across the street to meet up for pizza and drinks with her and her DD. She is home from FL until tomorrow so it will be fab to see her.

Tomorrow: I collapse



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The Loopy-O
@LSlycord I hope you don't see 90* again until next summer. I am sad that we won't have (shouldn't be but you never know with climate change) anywhere near that, nor 80*
That was so smart of Syd to ask her friend to walk her home. It's so hard not to worry about them.

@bcgal00 :( I am so sorry that the node is giving you so much trouble again but at least this Dr seems on the ball. Is there anything he/you can do for the pain and swelling while you wait, other than naproxen and heat packs?
I hear ya, no coffee is a Level 10 emergency here too, What a pain trying to get the new coffee pot

@Cherylndesigns Yup, that was it-- I changed my mind as if I had a choice! ikes! Thank goodness you had malware blocking whatever was happening to your computer, hope it got fixed and shut out

@BrightEyes It is a relief when you know your family is safe and sound. I was in the opposite role with my parents yesterday. My dad goes to Lake Ontario for salmon fishing every year- been doing that since I was a little kid. But he can't make the drive on his own so my mom went with him this year. My dad texted me from on the road and when they got here and I texted my brother to keep him posted. They head home on Sat so they will do the same again. too funny !
Thanks for the good thoughts and b-day wishes for the kids ♥

@Lynn Grieveson Oh wow, you sure have been busy! Enjoy your traveling! Some hot chocolate with a splash of something slipped in (Bailey's? Kahlua? LOL) might do the trick to warm you up

@tanteva are you and Urban doing ok? Healthy again?
and has anyone talked/seen @felis-- I keep meaning to PM her and then I lose track of it

Hope all of you are well and know that I am thinking of you all


Good morning! @ faerywings I am so impressed with what you did. I don't think that there is any chance that I would have re-done that! You are such a good mama. The cake looks quite good! It was bad enough when we couldn't eat things with raw eggs and now we have to be aware of raw flour. The world is just falling apart.

We had a fun day yesterday. We made it to the Fountain of Youth and it was really quite fun. Think there will be a layout soon. Then we had lunch and made a quick stop at the beach. Stopped at the hardware store for some potting soil to add to the pots with the mums. Then we finished with a stop at AT&T to talk about new iPhones. I ordered the 14 Pro Max...never get the newest version (we are on Xr currently) but I really want that improved camera!! I can try it and if I don't like it, return it. It will be a few weeks so we will wait to see.

One more sleep until Sydney comes home! I'm so excited. She doesn't get done with class until 5:00 so I don't expect to see her before 7 but I cannot wait! And the dogs will go crazy!

@faerywings I have all body parts crossed for Scott to get this job! Benefits would be such a huge blessing!

@bcgal00 well I'm grateful that you have found a good ENT with a sense of urgency. But none of the rest of this sounds good. I'm hoping scans get back quickly! And that the pain can be controlled until you get more information. Hope that you can keep taking your photo walks and making it over to the dog park. Your weather sounds amazing!

@Cherylndesigns I'm with you. A good rain to soak that ground and yank that baby up by the roots. That would feel so satisfying!

@BrightEyes I hope that you had another night of good sleep and a pattern is forming. So glad that all of your kids have made it home. It looks like I am starting into that next phase of motherhood...where I need to worry about my kid being on the road. She is a very good driver...but still...

@Lynn Grieveson oh your travels sound wonderful! I can't wait to see your new creations!


Good morning all. Awake too early again today - 5AM! But I did put the time to good use. Got some LOs posted and thought about a couple of other challenges I should work on - but can't stir up interest in them right now. Feeling lazy with not much interest in doing much. Think I will put off the trip to pick up the Rx at the base. I still plan on going to the library to pick up my reserved books. I managed to pick more plums from the tree yesterday afternoon.... a full colander plus another handful of them. Not too many left of the tree now. The leaves have started to yellow and definitely falling even though we haven't had temps lower than mid-50's at night.

@faerywings - I had not heard of the danger of eating 'raw flour'.... but as I never eat anything with flour until after it has been cooked/baked think I am okay with how I handle it. I am very conscious of the danger of raw eggs so I wash my hands a lot when I am cooking. Your cake looks delicious!!!

@LSlycord I saw your photos on FB... what a fun mini-trip you had!! Glad you found some mums. This should be a fun weekend with Syd home from college!

@Cherylndesigns Sorry you haven't been able to use the pool due to workers there on the weekend. Are you still having high temps?? We are still getting up to high 80's - which is about 10* above normal for this time of year. Sorry the 'weeds' are so hard to pull out.

Time for another cup of coffee... #coffee I may lay down again and see if I can get to feeling like doing something if I take a nap. CYL


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Good morning ladies. Had pork roast in the crockpot yesterday. It was so good. Leftovers today for dinner. D came with me to the dog park and got to watch how crazy fast Remi runs across the field to get the ball. He had never seen that before b/c all the other parks are smaller and she doesn't get the chance to really build up the speed as she runs. She gets close to the ground and zooms.

Usual day around here...dog park, chores, resting with heating pad on neck a few times and hopefully some scrapping. Watched a few of the new shows last night, I'm always happy when the new tv season starts up.

@faerywings That cake looks so decadent! Good luck to S, hope he gets the job.

@LSlycord Jen just got the new iPhone and loves the camera. I'm happy with the 12 but the 13 seems even better.

@BrightEyes I'm usually up around that time too but not as productive as you. I stay in bed and watch tv, not enough energy to actually get up and do anything.

I'm going to get coffee, go feed the birds and move around a bit. If I sit too long the neck pain really starts to bug me so I try to keep moving around to keep my mind off it.


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Good afternoon, all.

Chris @faerywings you've exhausted me over your cake-making process. WHEW! You're a rock star, girl! I have the patience of a gnat and I always admire your cooking/baking/making experiences! No wonder you have the headache of the year. It was worth it though, right? Sounds and looks like the cake was a huge success and I'm sure the whole party was too. The cake/cookie baking turned into a family affair, huh?

Has Scott heard anything yet? That's so funny that we both "changed our minds - like we had a choice, right? I just panicked at the last minute when labor started - I had forgotten after 6 years how bad it was. LOL I remember saying "I can't do this again." Too late now!!

My computer took a lot of thwarted "hits" yesterday - it was kind of goofy all day even afterwards. Thank goodness I have Malwarebytes!! I've had it for years and it's worth it's weight in gold. The malicious threats were coming fast and furious. Malware is our biggest threat now. I had to keep shutting it down and letting it rest and when I restarted it, it would run smoothly for awhile, then I'd have to do it again. Fingers crossed; it seems to be ok now. Anyway, MB earned it's keep yesterday.

Linda @LSlycord did you think of all of us who asked you to sprinkle some of the Fountain of Youth for us??? Do you feel any younger today? We were there many years ago - we went one time and never made it back. Did you say on FB that you had to pay to see it now? Hope you like your new phone/especially the camera. I got the 11 PRO when it first came out - it was the first model to have the dual lenses on it. It still takes marvelous pictures! I haven't felt the need to upgrade yet. A great camera is so important to me, too.

Kay @BrightEyes it's still hot here - it's 76 right now - that's not too bad tho, compared to earlier this summer. The nights are cooling down and there's always a nice breeze up here on the hill. It hasn't been too bad working out in the front. I had to abandon the back patio until it fets cooler but it is now. That gets full sun all day and it gets mighty hot out there. Do you have that pesky Johnson Grass there? Besides that darned weed (3 clumps of them) that stuff is coming up again. I yi yi - I thought I got rid of it, but it's back. It's very invasive, too. I wish those weeds would invade the hill instead of my garden. I don't think the workers will be gone this summer, unfortunately. There's so much to be done up there - always working on something. They have a lot of stonework and laying cement and always trucks up there.

I'd better get off here and do some work while my computer's cooperating. Every time I start it up, I get something new and different. Keeping me guessing. I'll have to think about getting a new laptop one of these days, probably. I wanted a Mac, but Roger gets an awesome deal on Dells - they buy in bulk and replace them, periodically, for his company in Florida - so he said when I was ready, to let him know. He owns an aircraft maintenance company, so their computers HAVE to be all good all the time. They depend on them to handle the planes.

Have a good day all.


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@faerywings the cake looks fabulous and somehow so right for Cait. Bet it was worth all the work. Hope you are feeling better though. Fingers (etc.) crossed for both the kids for their jobs.

Hope Eva @tanteva and Urban are both well. And at IG looks like @felis is doing a lot of crochet (but not having an account, don't see any details or dates.)

Waving HI to all.