Daily Ooos: Thursday, May 20


The Loopy-O
GooooooOd morning, dear Os. Happy Thursday to you all.
The weather this week has been fabulous and it is making me so happy! Love it!! It is still chilly in the mornings but at least I can put layers on and be good to go.
My day yesterday was one in full-on Faery Fashion. Good and not so good all mixed up together.
Good news: Gary went to pick up the groceries for me so I could get the kitchen cleaned up.
Not so Good: He caught sight of some outdoor chairs and wanted to get them but I didn't want to spend the money.
GN: He asked me to go take a look before he bought them.
NSG: My foot got stuck in my purse as I was getting out of the car and almost faceplanted on the curb in front of the entrance.
GN/NSG: Toe is black and blue but I don't think it is broken.
GN: Spent a bunch of time in the back yard and it is starting to look good!
GN: Made a delish dinner of black bean burgers and corn on the cob.
NSG: my toe is hurting and I have to clean today... Big plans after work are going to be propping it up.

Can you all send me some good thoughts on not tripping on anything today? The GN for cleaning is that I am not cleaning the dangerous house! Thanks!


The Loopy-O
@tanteva We love having you back!!! That must have been quite a journey down memory lane with all of the old LOs and kits to sort through. Your stash has got to be huge after finding them all. Dido retired officially last (??) year. Her stuff was so unique.
Do you have any pics of the envelopes that you make? They sound really neat. @scrap-genie makes some really gorgeous mixed media paintings and uses old books in them. I bet she would enjoy seeing them too.

@scrap-genie That is awesome that DH and H&S are doing some musical projects with the kids. Hope you had a nice time out to dinner. My kids went out for the first time last night for Trivia Night. They were celebrating one of the group's college graduation and I know they were both anxious and excited about being in the "real world" again.

@Cherylndesigns Awwwww, that makes me so happy to hear!!!! xoxo

@nancyr Finally we have some really wonderful weather!!!!
So sorry to hear that Shadow needed to see the vet and I don't miss having to give meds to cats. The dogs are easy, cover it in peanut butter and the rats *love* their meds. They get abx in little syringes and they hold onto them like a baby with a bottle. Cordelia has been known to latch on with her teeth and try to drag it away. LOL
Your vet sounds awesome too. I got the card for J yesterday that she is due for vax. I wonder if they will start to let one person inside again. The rats' vet allows one person in but my regular vet does "curbside concierge" too.
Yikes about the ceiling!! Good luck to your DH, hope he can fix it!


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My DD's cat was diagnosed with diabetes so it is insulin shots 2x a day and blood monitoring until it is under control. Guess who gets to look after the cat when DD goes camping. Oh yay me. At least I will be able to stay at her new townhouse in Vancouver and have a bit of a 'staycation' at the same time. A silver lining is always there if you look for it.


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Good morning, ladies. Play date this afternoon with the dogs (Bella is coming over). Remi plowed into me when we were playing a few days ago and put my tooth thru my lip which I iced for 2 hrs and then went to bed. Luckily, each day since it has been healing and I think within a few days I will be able to eat more. It's still bruised and swollen a bit but the half inch incision is starting to heal. Man, that hurt. My jaw still hurts too. That little girl has a head like a rock.

Watched the finale to Prodigal Son and am bummed that it didn't get renewed, I really liked that show. Going to binge Big Sky this wkend (we watched the first 3 episodes so far).

The weather looks good for the wkend so we're going to take Bailey on a picnic to the park. It'll take a bit of planning b/c of my lip injury but I'll think of something. It'll be nice to hang out for a few hours with B and she'll love to play with all the dogs.

@faerywings Must be the week for injuries...ugh. Hope the bruising and swelling heals quickly and glad there are no broken bones.

I'm getting work now. Have a great day everyone.


hOney, i'm hOme
Been tired ALL day - not feeling very chatty. But ... it's 8 pm here ... soon I can go to bed. :D


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good afternoon - well today was the day I finally decided to apply for social security. That took a while but at least it could all be done online. And took Luther for a quick walk - he decided it would be quick not me. LOL I dropped him off and then continued on. And then I had to bite the bullet and ask for Apple support. At the end of January my photos from my phone quit syncing with my laptop and iCloud. But weirdly you could see a spot for the photos on my laptop and if you help the cursor over a photo you could see it but it would then disappear. I thought originally it was lack of space so I have been deleting photos but I have lots of space so I don't believe that is the problem. Well Apple does not know how to fix my problem and it went up to the highest support people. There only recommendation was to update the software on phone and computer. I hope that it is that easy. I find updates to be stressful. I am backing up my photo library first and will then update.

@faerywings Chris OMgosh I am so sorry about the fall. That is terrible. I hope you are not too sore today. Did you get the chairs? I hope the toe heals fast. Love the conversation. You are too funny. Again great weather. Love warm sun and cool breeze.

@Kythe Kythe good luck with the cat. My girlfriend's cat had diabetes and the cat lived a long life. Enjoy the time in Vancouver. It is a pretty city!

@bcgal00 Rae OMgosh the cut in your lip sounds so awful! Glad it is healing. Dogs do have hard heads! Have a great time on the picnic with B and the dogs. Bet you get great photos with the dogs playing!

@tanteva Eva thanks so much for the help on giving medicine to a cat. Her medicine is a liquid so not too back. She does not seem to like it though. Poor girl. She is 10 yrs old so I hate to stress her too much. We do hold her tight and I don't think I could do it by myself. But if I have to then wrapping her is the way to go.

Have a great day!


hOney, i'm hOme
@tanteva Eva thanks so much for the help on giving medicine to a cat. Her medicine is a liquid so not too back. She does not seem to like it though. Poor girl. She is 10 yrs old so I hate to stress her too much. We do hold her tight and I don't think I could do it by myself. But if I have to then wrapping her is the way to go.
Check with a pharmacy, and ask what they have to help giving meds to kids. I used one plastic syringe (sp?) like the one on the left side of this image:

Also, on the same picture there is that "spoon" but they might be too big for a cat's mouth. Used them a lot when John was small. It's easier to get the meds directly into the throat, and avoid hitting the taste buds on the tongue with the syringe. At least here in Sweden you can get one of them plastic syringes for free when you ask. Good luck.


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Hi my lovelies. Been busy today - Chris @faerywings I only have time to address one person's "personals" and today it's you.

You sound SO much like me - I have the strangest accidents - exactly like getting my foot caught in my purse! My "thing" is getting whatever I'm carrying hooked on whatever I'm walking by. it's a gift, girl!!!

Love you all and waving to everybody.


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Today was another day of genealogy talks, part of a national conference but online. Really great speakers. For some reason decided on pancakes for dinner. Somehow I make a mess with that dinner and it was worse with the sweat running into my glasses. That's because it's hot here (at least I think the 80s in May is hot). DH got a beautiful really dark iris from my sister years ago and eventually had to split them up. He gave some to the neighbor and hers bloomed the next year but his didn't then or even the year after but now they are so full of bloom stalks it's amazing. And many opened today.

Chris @faerywings foot in purse? That's just the sort of thing we'd all do I'm afraid. (Carrying a shoulder bag, it likes to hook on door knobs and stair rails.) Hoping the toe is OK and you can clean. Enjoy this weather!

Kythe @Kythe good luck with the shots and enjoy the time in Vancouver. Definitely sounds like a nice silver lining.

Rae @bcgal00 wow, sorry about the cut! Hope you have a great time with B and the dogs.

Eva @tanteva hope you got a good sleep and feel more the thing.

Nancy @nancyr how funny that you like longer walks than Luther. Don't know why software has to be such a problem. Good luck with updates.

Cheryl @Cherylndesigns Hooking things for you too, eh? You must be enjoying all the plants a lot by now. Fingers crossed for wi-fi soon.


hOney, i'm hOme
I'm up and running again. It's Friday and Pentecost. Not that I bother about holidays, but I can pretend it's a little bit more glamourous Friday LOL

@scrap-genie Where are your ancestors from? I'm so Nordic it's silly. I have Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Estonian ancestors.