Daily Ooos: Thursday, May 13


The Loopy-O
Happy Thursday! I feel like my brain is all over the place. Too many distractions. Setting up my computer has been both easy and a PITA. Everything is running fine but it is the little things that keep tripping me up. When Gary transferred my font folder over, he didn't put them in the folder with preinstalled fonts. I have sooooo many folders of Fonts- everywhere... I think that every time I got a new computer, I saved fonts in different folders and then have them collecting dust somewhere.

I cleaned at my friend's and made it out in one piece, nor did I leaves any pieces behind. I bet that you didn't believe me about the knight so I took a picture. I should have taken another one of a wall covered in knives and swords b/c this one is empty.

I spoke to my parents, he is back home and they are already bickering. Hoo boy. They both get so worked up over everything. Hopefully, it won't be a problem tomorrow when we visit. I have so much to do today, all little things, but I am totally unprepared for ..." life." heh. The sun is out but it is still so cold here. We *might* get near 70* - I don't want to take the veggies out of the greenhouse just yet.
Oh I took a few pics of them too.


The Loopy-O
That azalea came with the house and gets prettier every year. I got the small one a few years ago for Mother's Day or my birthday maybe? It doesn't get tons of sunlight so it doesn't seem to grow very much but it looks pretty for a bt of color on the side


The Loopy-O
@tanteva your LO is so cheerful and happy!
LMBO at your DH :D And then you scrapped a page to show him that you were outside haha!! And yes, you are so nice. And humble. o_O
I hope that the rumors aren't true about your old friend. Bad news does travel pretty fast though. Hugs

Kay- It sounds like your good points outweighed the bad. What made you happier, the books for the flowers? :p Scott has been having a terrible time with Drs and bloodwork the last few months too. His GP would say that he was running a test for (thyroid/Lyme/vitamin deficiency) and it would be (reported to him incorrectly/forget to call with results/forgot to be added to the Rx to the lab). Yesterday, the Dr office *and* the lab have no record of his results. The whole test went *poof.* All I could do was laugh. Poor kid.
I love that Save Draft feature too- I did the same thing yesterday!

@Cherylndesigns Thx for the good thoughts for my dad, his surgeon's office was a pain for him to work with but the Dr himself is supposed to be top-notch. I am looking forward to seeing your garden and yard photos. It is awesome to hear that Sam is settling in so well, even with Daisy.

@nancyr This weather has to be perfect for Luther to get out on his walks. Not hot or humid. That is sad to hear about the mess that the oil is making in the creek, hopefully, it will get cleaned up without damaging any of the wildlife. Everything is turning green and colorful here too.



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good morning - well I have paid bills and that makes me happy. My DH has gone to work so I am home alone so that is strange. Not much else going on. The sun is shining and I am so happy for that. I am waiting for the technician to come and fix or at least try to fix my oven. I did get more of my photos back upped and then off my hard drive.

@faerywings Chris so glad that your dad is home. I am sure they both are nervous with your dad's recovery. Bet your visit will calm them down. Love the photos. Enjoy the time outdoors.

Waving to all. Have a great day!


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Good morning ladies. I can't believe it's Thursday, I thought it was Wed and D was laughing at me this morning about my wonky memory LOL. That was a good start to the day though, knowing I'm one day closer to the wkend than I thought LOL. I need to get some things together for a dump run that D and J are going to do this wkend. It always feels good to clear out some unwanted stuff from the basement. I also need to fill up some boxes for charity too, haven't brought any over to them for awhile. We are still about 2 yrs away from selling the house but I know the time will fly by and it is a good thing to slowly pick away at the basement stuff and get ready for downsizing.

Remi has been doing well with training. Last night I taught her to sit, lay down, wait and then place a treat on her outstretched paw which I let her have when I release her from the command. Of course, Taz does the same thing too b/c he wants the treat also. I'm sure blessed to have 2 smart dogs. But....Remi is still very much a chewer and jumper but we're working on it. Today she managed to jump up onto my laundry and grab my fave bra and destroyed it before I realized she took it (I'm guessing it took her about 5 minutes lol). Its my fault though for leaving it on top of the cabinet that she can jump up at. She is quite the bouncing ball, able to leap quite high which I often forget about b/c Taz is not a jumper at all. We started a new game yesterday with her. She brings in sticks from the garden. I let her chew it a bit and then take it, throwing it off the top of the back porch. I make her sit and wait and then tell her to "find it" and she races down the stairs out into the yard to find it and then races back up the stairs with it to get a treat. She gets so excited and loves this game.

@faerywings looking at that pic of the knight, it reminds me of our friends that moved up into the BC interior, they have a ton of stuff around their house, gothic theme, skulls, swords, etc all over the place. They love that stuff. There house was always so much fun to look at.

@nancyr hope the oven gets fixed.

I'm heading upstairs to get another coffee and then back down into my office to get to work. I'll be heading out for errands at lunchtime and then to the dog park at the end of my workday. BFN


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It's Sunday here in Sweden. Well, I don't know if that's the right way to say it in English, but we say "sunday" or "red day" when a non-Sunday is a holiday. Tomorrow it's a normal Friday - that's called a Hump Day, right? Anyway, hubby's taken the day off tomorrow, so he's home Thursday to Sunday. We're supposed to do lots here at home - no one is really inspired. I cleaned the patio a bit though, and hubby's been doing some tidying in the garden.

Somehow, last evening we decided to forget that we are Weight Watchers, and went to the grocery store and got some snacks and candy. Been longing for it for a while, we decided we would have a 2 day vacation from WW. Today we bought Kebab for dinner, and will eat up what's left of yesterday's shopping spree.

We finally got some warm, nice weather here, but I think it will start raining again tomorrow or Saturday. Was so nice to get my walk yesterday, and I think I'm gonna try and convince hubby about a quick evening walk before sofa, snacks and TV.


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Good afternoon all!

Chris @faerywings HOW do you clean that house????? I know......................VERY CAREFULLY. ROTF Yikes! That makes my skin crawl to see that much stuff in a room! I'm kind of a minimalist, so you can imagine my reaction! Your garden pictures are wonderful and I hear you about the weather. That's certainly put a dent in our gardening. We haven't been able to do much since last weekend. I did get out yesterday and take some pictures.

Here's the before picture of one of the front gardens. We just sat the plants approximately where we want them and we'll get them in the ground this weekend.

Then, I took various shots of the plants in the tiered planter box.


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