Daily Ooos: Thursday, July 22


The Loopy-O
Can I get a Holy Moly here, it is sooooo cold! I am wearing shorts but have to wrap myself in a blanket so keep my legs semi-warm. The weather said we were getting a cold front come in and we sure did. I have to say it isn't all bad, the cold air pushed out all of the smoke and smog. For now. I think that is coming back in a few days but I will enjoy the clean air while I can. I don't have any idea how people on the other side of the country are able to breathe at all.

I finished Tom's card in the morning, I need to show it to Caitlyn before I print it for final approval. I don't know if I am putting it into the Gallery or not, It is all Oscraps designers but I don't know how well I kept track of credits.
tom gift.jpg

I also scrapped a page for the Poem challenge and where this one is dark and edgy, that one is a complete opposite- pinks and greens and flowers and a bee LOL
Big plans today... food shopping and yard work. Perfect wonderful and awesome day to be outside.

Hugs and love to all!


The Loopy-O
I should turn that LO into a Where's Waldo game, I don't know how many skulls there are but there is a bat, a spider, and a rat also in it. ha!!

@Cherylndesigns My fake it til ya make it was almost a break it. I got to my neighbor's house and the door was locked. I texted Gary to call him (don't have his number on my phone) and he was not at home. I tried a key from my bag, not his key (whose key is it???) As I am cursing, Gary walks down, tries the door, and pushes it open. It was just stuck. hahahaha!
I am glad that you are feeling slightly better/less scattered. Hope you are able to "not fake it" soon.

@Kythe After two days of the smoke here I don't; know how you are able to breathe when the fires are so close. I hope that you continue to stay in a safe zone and that you get rain soon too.

@felis ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) Just as you say to me all of the time, you are an empathetic and compassionate person. Overall, that is a very good way to be but it can be really hard as well. I am really proud of you for trying to grow and "clean up your mental mess."
Also, remember that it is critical for you to be happy even when others are struggling because that is how you keep yourself strong. Always remember you need to get the oxygen first. If you are emotionally or mentally depleted, you won't be in any shape to help others. I know you know this, but want to remind you of your importance and worth!
The gator will dry out at some point, the package said that you can soak them again and again but since he came from the dollar store- I don't know how true that is. ;)

@tanteva have a great day at work. That book sounds horribly fascinating. Crazy minds yikes.
The Knittens game is perfect for you. By the way, I really adored that Discord page! So darn cute!
Oh wow, that schedule is long for the next few days. Good luck and just think of the paycheck!



Can only sit for a few minutes... the back is still spasming. Looks like this is going to take several days before it improves. I popped in to check on my challenge then heading for the recliner. Tried a few stretches yesterday and that set off the spasms again. Will alternate between reading and watching movies on DVDs.... and napping (LOL). I do get up and move around every hour to try to keep from getting too stiff. CYL


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Good afternoon all.

Chris @faerywings I can't believe it's cold there! it's 85 here, but the humidity is low so it's not too bad. I haven't been out yet, but will be going shortly. I didn't walk yesterday and I NEED to walk today! Lila was here and I can't take both of them - I learned the hard way (remember when they tripped me?) Now, with Adrienne moved in, when we let her out, she runs up to "her house". LOL Adrienne needed to get her out of the house yesterday for meetings and we had to go up twice and bring her back. We let her out to potty and away she goes. We knew they would be running back and forth though. We can each stand outside and call them.

You should definitely make your page a "Where's Waldo". I started studying it and I got totally lost in all the bones and skulls and is that a hazmat guy right in front? A gas make guy, maybe? You are so creative and Cait is just beautiful! Her BF doesn't look anything like what I had pictured, but I like his "edginess". That's how you described the page. Don't you hate it when you have to go back and track all of the products? I'm forever doing that - I'm a "use many designers" scrapper which makes it time consuming to track. UGH I'm really trying to "tamp it down" and try to stay in the same kit but it's so hard.

Kay @BrightEyes sorry you're still having back problems. Just take it easy and rest in your recliner. Sending gentle hugs.

I'm working on a LO for the Momma O Challenge, but it's not coming together for some reason. Need to go get back on it.

Hugs and waving to all.


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Hello girls!
I will try to stay on the bright side today. We also had cold wave, but its looks like it's over now. It has storm with rain and hail that takes down most of my leek harvest, so we had to collect it a little bit earlier, but still looks nice. In my opinion it's an autumn dish, but hey it is what it is. I saw on IG lots of english gardener collect their garlic and put it on green houses or basements, so we may have to do something like that, instead that we don't have any of these places. We have lots of Spearmint this year, so I'll maybe tries to dry this. Yep, the simple pleasures of the country life! But it makes me feels so satisfied and grateful!

Chris, I have absolutely awesome news: all 3 sweater I ordered online are good for unraveling :D ! I was making the happy dance around, as this is jackpot 3 of 3 at online shopping!!! And I was able to see only picture of the seams on the neck where the label is, and to decide by this. So I was hoping on 1, in best case 2! This save me so much money, as I had coupon and got 3 sweater for €2.5. Usually even from thrift shop one sweater cost around €5 in medium quality, and here I have really good quality acrylic and wool mixed yarn o_O. When I start to unravel them in Monday will take a pics ;). Thank you so much, as I would not come up with this idea if wasn't you! You are such a good inspiration to think out of the box! Thank you so much, as I would not come up with this idea if wasn't you! You are such a good inspiration to think out of the box! Kima Cardi I'm coming for you! But first the Half Moon Washcloth this weekend.
Any ideas what the Washcloth is used for? Its looks like as hand towel and I can't get from google what it could be the purpose as translation is not clear to me.
Thank you so much, for the kind words about me!
Oh the love birds layout is so cute! I hope he likes this kind of stuff! Absolutely love the bee page, what an awesome photo!

Kay, ouch, this sounds really bad! Was you able to figure out what triggered that pain at first?

Cheryl, I'm a "use many designers" scrapper too, because if only photos is mine and everything else is from just one kit I feel it like this page is more made by the designer than my own creation. My philosophy is that if all kits are from O and I don't complete challenges, so have no benefits from that, I don't care do I'm listed everything pedantic or not. :p;)
Ughhh, this feeling to look at page and knowing that something missing happens to me past few times, it's so piss off!

@nancyr you probably are busy with the wedding plans, but please stop to say hi! You miss me so much!!!

I was able to text with Trudy on IG, as my Canadian friend was post video from bad storm, but fortunately Ontario is way more big that I expected and my friend is away from Ottawa an Trudy's family, as she explained me they have sun and fun. But nope, she's not take the new dog for the kiddos yet, lol, yes I asked! ;):p @taxed4ever 'No' on my language sounds like 'But' so I don't take it seriously.