Daily Ooos: Monday, February 22


The Loopy-O
Happy Monday!! For the last several days, I have thought that we were already in March. As my kids joke, we are *still* in March. March 344, 2020 to be exact :D Psychologically, I think I want to push ahead a bit because I always feel that if I can get to March, then I will survive the winter. Winter sure isn't done with me yet-- another small storm coming in today but only a few inches of snow. More of a messy day than anything. Just enough to make me grumble.

Yesterday was not too bad. I finished the scrap page so I think I am now at 13/20 done. I hope my SIL keeps posting photos on FB that I can steal. I also finished the mitten. Part of me wants to redo the thumb because it is kinds of lumpy but overall it should be fine. As I was searching for another pattern to begin, I found a charity that accepts knit/crochet/sewn blankets for animal shelters. It is called The Snuggles Project and @felis, I thought of you since it is International. Bulgaria isn't listed and sadly, I don't know much about the geography of your region, but Romania and Turkey are listed. I started a small blanket and while the stitches/pattern is easy, it uses double strands of yarn which I hadn't worked with before. Smart to use easy stitches so I can easily see where the stitches are and make sure I get the hook in the right place.
Gary made his penne and vodka for dinner last night and I made Copycat Cheddar Bay Biscuits and we had a nice dinner with Leah. It was her first time here since we had Ray euthanized and it was a bit odd for her. She liked Ray a lot even though Ray didn't like many people. She wasn't aggressive just "indifferent." LOL Leah would laugh that Ray would give her one lick and then be done with her for the rest of the time she was here.

I had the strangest dreams last night about food shopping in a new store that had hardly any food and no one was wearing masks. It was so out of the blue, I wonder where that came from... /s
Even Gary who never remembers his dreams has been having "the out in public without a mask dream."

Today I am cleaning out my closet. (anything to postpone the inevitable Tax prep! ha!!) Scott got me inspired and I had to pull out my roaster pan the other day which caused a bunch of things to fall on my head. Makes sense to clean it out before I put the roaster back in. I will do that and keep working on the crochet project and maybe scrap another page? If I have time/energy. Cait has a bunch of meetings/classes today so she won't be around to bug me. hahaha!!! That is a total two-way street with both of us.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


The Loopy-O
Kay- here is the recipe for the avocado egg rolls: Cheesecake Factory Avocado Egg Rolls
The warm temps must have felt nice when you had them. Be safe with those winds. I was thinking the same thing the other night as I was putting my PJs on before dinner. Something about PJs is so comforting been though I wear nothing but lounge pants/sweats for this past year. (God help me when I need to wear "real clothes" again!!!!!)
What was the name of the author you are reading right now again? I am going to need to download some new books soon.

@nancyr Go Devils! Hope they played well the entire game. I know that they have *ahem* occasionally played inconsistently. :oops: I saw we are supposed to get near 45* on Wed! Makes sense, we are always about 5* colder than the middle of the state. I can watch the thermometer in my car drop the 5* when I leave my mom's house to head home.
I am so happy that my parents are vax'd. Looks like some initial studies from Israel are showing that vaccines reduce transmission. I am praying that is true because I need to hug my parents again soon. Cait and I cook well in the kitchen together, Gary and I - do not. Heh.

@scrap-genie Such good news about everyone getting their shots! What will you guys do first when you are both vax'ed? Hmmmmm, looks like I might have been correct about the Devils and inconsistent playing. *ducks away from Nancy!*
Hope that the weather continues to be sunny and warmer!



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Morning everyone... I was totally MIA all weekend long! Got a phone call from MIL and she was a bit frantic that FIL had to go in for Dental Surgery on Saturday and needed to have someone to drive him home. Well she is no longer able to drive since her stroke a while back, she is unable to lift her right leg at all, so can't brake or work the gas pedal :eek: . Anyway she asked if they could come in and stay at our place, since the surgery was nearby. Well how could I say no?? So Friday I got busy with cleaning and making up the bedroom for them. Poor FIL, he was in such horrible pain I am not sure how even managed to drive here in the first place. MIL has been filling him with Ibuprofen, which was not helping at all. So I told her that he should be taking Tylenol for pain instead, it would work better. Well she thought I was nuts LOL. I gave FIL two extra strength Tylenol and within 20 minutes he was feeling much better! Still some pain of course, but much better! MIL does not like to be proven wrong, so she did not talk to me much after that LOL. Oh well. So then off to the Denturist to get this tooth extracted and, they were glad that they stayed the night and did not have to deal with watching out for the Elk on the trip home. DH treated his Mom and Dad to Chinese Food on Saturday night although FIL was still having trouble trying to chew and had to stick to the softer items. He needs to get fitted for Dentures which he is not happy about, but hey its that or no teeth at all, because there are hardly any left in his mouth and the ones that are there are all worn down and no good either. Why are men so stubborn???? It was a busy two days with them, keeping them comfortable is difficult when they are not in their own surroundings and we are trying to keep physically distant. MIL cried at one point, because all she wanted was a big old hug from her son :(. Of course my Gary wrapped his arms around his Mother and hugged the heck out of her LOL. He probably shouldn't have, but it was heart breaking! So after they left on Sunday, I got busy stripping the beds and doing the laundry etc. MIL asked if I would make a bunch of Birthday Cards for her, so I got busy with that too and will work on a few more today. No call for Heather and the Boys today as they are both in school and she has the day to herself to catch up on things and just enjoy the time alone.

@faerywings - how crazy that you are having the out in public without face mask dreams! I wonder if it is because none of us knows if we will ever be able to go without a face mask even after we all get vaccinated?? Uggh!! When will this ever end?? Good luck cleaning out your closet, I think I would rather do the taxes LOL. Hope this is the last snow storm of the year for you!

@nancyr - I meant to comment about your Devils the other day and how bad they made our Bruins look when they played them! They sure were playing great, you have an amazing goalie! Now if they could just play like that for all of their games right??

Sorry ladies I gotta go the phone is ringing and its SIL, so hope everything is ok with the folks TTYL!!


Morning, all. DD#3 brought her 8 month old grandson over yesterday afternoon. Haven't seen him since he was 8 weeks old. DD#1 came over, too... as this will be the last time to see them before her move the end of this week. I will see DD#1 on Wednesday as she will be picking up her son and me for our eye checkups with DSon-in-law. That will be the last time I will see her and DSon-in-law before the move. Makes me a bit sad but so happy that they are making the move finally.

Chris, thanks for the link for the recipe. Now that I see how they are made, I can do it. I will use my own guac recipe. Can't make the dipping sauce as Chipotle seasoning doesn't always agree with me. I will come up with a sauce of my own. Had to LOL over your dream about shopping with no masks... I had a similar one a few weeks ago. I am with you wanting March to be here soon and for spring weather to arrive.

Trudy, sorry about your FiL's problem with needing teeth pulled. Glad you were able to get him some pain relief after he arrived. Too bad that MiL was acting the way she did. I do understand how MiL wanted/needed a hug from your DH. Glad he gave it to her. I will be hugging my DD and DSiL - as who knows when I see them in person again. Of course, we will all have our masks on so it should be okay. I think that the not hugging and touching is hard thing to deal with.

Looks like the hold book won't be ready until later this afternoon. As the library closes at 3PM for pick-ups, I decided to wait to pick it up tomorrow instead. Oh, Chris... the books are by Karen Kingsbury. She is a Christian writer - not a preachy type - but has honest and true-to-life characters and challenges. I rank her up there with Dee Henderson. I am re-reading Taken by Dee right now. I just finished re-reading Shelter In Place by Nora Roberts. Glad I have several authors that I can reread and enjoy just as much as I did when I first read their books. Another author is Linda Howard.

Time for lunch. CYL


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Good afternoon. Sorry I've been MIA. Been crazy (more crazy than usual) around here.

Chris, you and your crazy dreams. Here we go again. LOL

Kay, that's so awesome that you got to see the baby!

Trudy, sounds like you had your hands full with the inlaws. I know they appreciate your help.

I'll try to catch up tomorrow. Love and hugs to all.


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Hi everyone. Busy day as boss did a lot of backlog over the wkend so it's a really busy day for me. Days like this make me long for retirement (one more year and then I'll have to figure out if I want to work part time or at all). Did manage to change my avatar (from the Xmas one). It'll be a busy wk with Jen moving out so I'll be watching Bella a lot and with Darrell home this week I'm checking on him a lot b/c of his back and trying to make sure he doesn't move around too much. I find I'm running up and down the stairs a lot so I guess that's good exercise :)

Binged "Behind Her Eyes" (Netflix) on Sat with hubs and it wasn't until the second episode that I realized I had read the book and the plot started to come back to me. We both really enjoyed it.

@faerywings Thx for asking about my back. It's better in the sense that I understand more what's going on with it so I take more precautions now with posture, sitting or standing too long, etc. I use a wraparound heating pad every day and lay on my floor mat or in bed for 30-60 minutes a day to take the pressure off the back. So the pain is not much better since the initial flareup subsided but I am better at taking care of it now. It's a new "normal" for me and have mostly gotten accustomed to it. Some days tho I just need to take pain pills and rest a lot b/c I overdo it. I can sit in my chair longer to scrap now b/c I have lessened my desk work time but either way, I have to take a 5-10 min break every 45 minutes or so to lengthen the spine and let the pain subdue.

@taxed4ever Glad you were able to help the in-laws over the wkend. Sounds like a busy time for you.

@BrightEyes Enjoy the reading. We read a lot of the same authors.

I'd better get back to work. So much to do today...ugh. Have a great day everyone.


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Hello girls!
In Friday was one of our national holiday, so we have something as special dinner at the weekend. Only for my family, but with chocolates, liqueur, special tablecloth, you know. So I decided to spend more time with my parents and pets and less online. This year I had no remorse that we did not go on the celebration ceremony, and just enjoy to it on the TV. Saturday was awful rain and mud, but sun comes at Sunday, so we was able to clean a little bit our yard today. Spring is in the air Chris, stay strong not much left, I'm sending her in your direction ! :)

Chris, you are absolutely correct Romania is our north neighbor and Turkey is the south east. But my country have some ridiculous restriction about things that you can donate, you need to have proof that is brand new bought in the month of donation or it is been on dry cleaning in the week of donation. I have few boxes with my collection of toys that I don't need anymore, but I can't donate to organizations because of that. I've never played with them only collected, as they are mostly gifts in this period between 17-22, when you are old for games, but still likes cute things. And looks new, but it doesn't matter. However for two Christmas I was made stuff for charity craft sales (for 2 different organisation), but the price on which they sell them couldn't even covered the supplies I was bought and there was so much labor in them. It's better for the both side just to directly donate money!
Do you plan to give your blanket to this project? That's so sweet from your side!!! But not surprise me at all. OMG, I was so lazy this winter!!! I'm not even switch my closet to winter this year. I just dragged few sweaters from the side one to the main wardrobe. I'm not going anywhere where to needs my official winter pants or dress, only these for home. But cleaning and organizing, no matter on what clean also your house and personal energy, so good for you and hooray Scott!

Trudy, LOL, your MIL is like my dad even if he is been proven wrong, he will gets angry instead to accept the true. I hope Heather to can enjoy on some quality Me time! OK, but do you print these cards at home or she will print them herself?!

Kay, I know you'll be very sad when they move, but I hope that soon we all to be able to travel and see our families more often!

Rae, hmm, I guess we all have to be more careful how treat our bodies. It's good that now you are more aware with do and don'ts. Are you incorporated some tricks like standing desk or special shoes?

Jean, hope you found some books and movies to enjoy!