Daily Ooos: May 29-30: Weekend Edition


The Loopy-O
Happy weekend! It is Memorial Day Weekend in the States but the weather here is horrible. I don't think that many towns were doing anything, like parades and ceremonies, because of COVID. My dad's fire dept is doing a wreath-laying ceremony that they always to but no big parade and BBQ that they usually have. Actually, the ceremony is the important part as it is.

My parents came up and they only bickered a bit! My kids could see them gearing up a bit and were able to change the topic quickly. My dad is doing really good- he is allowed to drive already. That seems crazy but everything is healing as it should. He doesn't;t go back to the dr until the middle of June and he might not even need PT as long as he does the exercises at home. The best part is that the pain of the joint itself is all gone, the incision is a bit tender but that is *it* for pain.

Since it is raining, my plans are to scrap today. That is it. Well, I still have to fold the last load of laundry and clean the kitchen but after that is done I am free! Hope that you all have a fab day and that the weather is better where you are than here.


The Loopy-O
Kay- the Fab Friday kits are gorgeous!! I used two of them on one page and I need to make another page or so- there was so much good stuff in them. LMK what you think of the new NR book. Is that a stand-alone or trilogy? I dreamed last night about going into my library and getting a lot of new books. My only problem is that I seem to be at a loss of what books/authors I even like anymore.
I saw on my town's FB page that some stores are doing what yours are. Caitlyn and I went into TJ MAXX yesterday and most people still were wearing masks. Then we went into the new grocery store and it was the same thing. I have no problem wearing them and would rather make other people feel safe if they can't be vax'd. Maybe it was all of my time spent teaching little kids too- modeling the appropriate behavior for them is critical in getting them to comply.

@tanteva I imagine you are right, being tired is a delayed effect of working. The first time I was around people at my BFFs house, I was exhausted the following day, even though I was only there for an hour and a half.
Baby cows!!!! I hope you got a few pictures! Cait and I love to see the cows on the way to the rats' vet and were thrilled when we got to see the babies last month. Hope you can save and get the new lens soon.
Keep on changing your mind-- as they say, it is a women's prerogative.

@Cherylndesigns ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must have flipped out when the wifi went out! I know that I would have. Gah!!
I think it is very smart that you insist that Chuck continues to wear his mask. I know that my parents are still wearing theirs out.
How were the dogs yesterday? I am so excited for you and your gardens- you know *I* feel about getting out there, it is so rejuvenating, isn't it? keep sharing the pictures, please!

@felis @bcgal00 @taxed4ever @scrap-genie Thinking of you!



hOney, i'm hOme
We haven't been out yet. 4 pm and I haven't gotten out of the door, even though it's summer outside (about 70*F). I know, I'm crazy. Just had dinner, and now I'm FULL ... but I'll force hubby out for a walk later.

I'm like a stubborn toddler - you know, the stage where they always go "I can do it MYSELF" (but obviously can't). When I came back to digiscrap and as a Cheery O, I decided to sign up for the designer's newsletters. Today I have started with the free classes you get access to when you sign up for Anna Aspnes' newsletter. So now I'm finally learning how to use Anna's designs. LOL

Checked the gallery and it seems like my first layout using Anna's design is from December 2011, so I'm a bit late for class. LOL

I really should try and redo this one.

Back to class ... :)


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Good morning everyone. Yesterday was crazy. Both work and personal computers shut down in the morning and would not boot up again. Power was on in the house so I unplugged everything from the big power backup surge unit and then tested something in all the outlets and they were all working. So I called Jen, she came over to babysit the dogs so I could head out to our tech guy and drop off both computers for diagnostics. Traffic was slow and it took over 1/2 hr to get there. Then had to go over everything with him as to what happened and he was worried about fried motherboards and if so, my work computer is an all in one kind of thing and if the motherboard craps out, the whole computer is toast. It was such a terrible Friday, got our property taxes which is through the roof, had to pay tons of money for Taz's vet physical, shots, flush and rabies and now the computer stuff...ugh. I just threw my hands in the air, told Del to do what he could and call me. So I ate my feelings on the drive back, grabbing 4 mini donuts from McD's and as I was stuffing my face, Del called. He told me to pull over. I just about had a heart attack thinking...oh no...this sounds like it would be awful news. But luckily he said both computers were working, the power unit is the problem and needs to be replaced. It had just enough juice in it to run the electric defuzzer I tested but it was short circuiting with the computer stuff as it draws a lot more power. It was malfunctioning and not beeping to tell me it was failing so I had no idea. Whew. So Del called his fave store which is near my house and picked out two units for me to go buy. They were reasonably priced and I got two of them b/c apparently I was not supposed to have 2 computers plugged into one unit, it draws too much power, so brought everything home, Jen got everything hooked up for me and I'm back in business again. What a day!!!

By the time everything was back to normal, it was getting late so I ordered pizza. What a mistake. My body did not like that. I was up numerous times throughout the night with terrible gastro problems and pain which is just starting to settle now. So today I'll stuck to eggs, toast and yogurt.

Hopefully the rest of the wkend is better. We're hoping to bring all the dogs to the dog park tomorrow if I feel ok. I'm sticking close to home today b/c the gastro problem hits me randomly but I think it'll taper off as the day goes by.

BTW, we weighed both dogs at the vet yesterday and Remi is 1 lb heavier than Taz now. He is 25 lbs and she is 26. Today is Remi's 5 mth birthday. Time if flying by.

@faerywings I saw the page you made and it is gorgeous! I agree, the Friday kits are gorgeous. I have to hold myself back from buying anything but sometimes it is so hard. With retirement coming and now having two dogs, money management needs to tighten up and I have to keep telling myself I really don't need to buy more digi stuff, its just that I WANT to LOL. Glad you dog is doing well and glad the bickering wasn't too bad.

Have a great wkend everyone and hope all is well.


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Good afternoon all.

My back doesn't hurt as badly as I thought it would today. Two days of planting and I did almost all of it myself! I couldn't have dug the holes is the ground hadn't been so soft, so I lucked out. I've been out admiring the fruits of my labor a couple of times today. I'm going to add pictures - I found the first one that I took about 2 weeks before we started the first side. I'm sure I have lots of other, but this one came up easy. The second one is a shot of the side of the garden that I did yesterday and the day before. I tried to make them kind of match, but not be matchy-match if that makes sense. I even got the tree planted. Ava came and dragged the bags of mulch for me, opened them and spread it all on top of the plants. MANY bags of mulch. It would have taken me days to do that. The other pictures are shots I took today showing both sides. You can see my skinny, but cute little tree. It needs to fill out and I want to go get some Daisy Mums and fill in the blank spots with those. We're also looking for some big rocks to add. There are lots of big rocks on the property. When we find a couple, one of the guys will go get them with the tractor and put them where I want them.

Chris @faerywings I always have to chuckle about your parents bickering. I think all couples bicker, especially when you've been married a long time. I swore we'd never act like that, but we do. UGH. We're not real bad, but again, I think it goes with the territory. We "call each other out" when we start doing it.

Dogs are both snoozing. We had a "moment" where they were all (kitty, too) hanging together. Then it was like "Oh no - we're all on the same bed!" Sam even reached out and touched Daisy's tail. Too cute.

Eva, @tanteva Anna was the first digital scrapper that I "studied obsessively" when I first started. I have loved her work ever since. From my own experience, go slow! Stay with her and if you don't "get it", go back and keep going back until it "clicks". She's awesome! I'm going to check out the blog and see what she has on there.

I'm going to go and get something done inside. UGH. When you work outside, the inside goes to pot. I have wet laundry in the washer that I put in there yesterday. It will have to be re-rinsed, at least. My floor is a mess too - dark wood doesn't look real pretty with footprints all over it. Hahaha Fortunately it's easy to clean. Of course, every time the dogs go out, they head straight for the new garden beds and get mulch all over their feet.

Have a good weekend.


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hOney, i'm hOme
Well, we did get out, and we did find cows. Got me some photos that I think are scrapable.

And this one told me to say hi to Oscraps:



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good Sat evening - As Chris wrote weather in NJ is terrible - cold (only in the 50s), rain and wind. I even had to turn on the heat. Last week we had 90s. So it was a stay in the home day. I had been up late watching hockey and so today I slept until 10am. I never sleep this late. Crazy. My son and his fiancé came down for dinner and it was fun. They were bickering and I thought it was cute but they felt bad and apologize this am. And I got a call from my other son and he is doing a whole lot better as they talked and so that makes me happy! Still not sure what will happen but at least they are talking. Been reading and scrapping too.

@faerywings Chris this weather is the pits. Glad you got your gardening done. How fun to have your parents come up. So happy the shoulder is healing so well. That should make him much happier to not always be in pain.

@BrightEyes Kay congrats on getting new books to read. As others have said let us know how the book is. Have fun scrapping.

@bcgal00 Rae OMgosh I cant imagine having both computers go down. So glad that is was just a power supply problem. And awesome that Jen could help set it all up. Cant believe Remi is 5months already and of course still growing. Hope you feel better and the dogs go to the park. It is the pits when gastric problems keep you up.

@tanteva Eva I love the Virgin River books and have read all. Since you are in between series have you watched the Netflix Virgin River series? Season 3 will air on July 9th. I cant wait. Have fun knitting!

@Cherylndesigns Cheryl loved the photos of the yard. I cant believe you are not sore. What a bummer to finally have wifi and then have it knocked out. Glad it came back soon. Sorry about the storm though.

Have a great day all!


The Loopy-O
Omgooooodness, it is COLD!!! Really cold. We had to put the heat on yesterday morning to get the chill out a bit. I turned it back off and then a few hours later it went back on and has stayed on. The house was 62* inside and even though I was all bundled up, I couldn't get warm. Today is supposed to be colder than yesterday- only in the upper 40s. Absolutely bananas!
I am glad that I didn't have any fun plans this weekend (as if- hahaha!!) but I really feel bad for those who did. It has to be freezing down the shore.

I got all caught up on laundry and the house was pretty much tidied by noon. Caitlyn and I spent a lot of time with her rats. Olivia and Cordelia are now 2 years and 8 months and most rats live between 2 1/2 to 3 years. They are def. showing their age. Dilly has rear leg degeneration which is very common in older rats but isn't painful or dangerous. She has a harder time climbing but uses her arms to get around. Livvie is much more mobile but is losing her eyesight- she has been for a while but you can tell her eyes are cloudy. Not that it is hindering her in any way either. The babies are now 1 1/2 years old so they technically haven't been babies for a long time. Evi was cracking me up, she would climb up my arm and go right into my hoodie so I couldn't reach her. Such a silly brat.

I scrapped a bit in the afternoon but struggled with it. I couldn't get it to come out the way I wanted. It is for a June Challenge so maybe I will give it another shot.

Not much else happening. I wish I could be back outside but maybe later in the week, I can.


The Loopy-O
@tanteva Are you far enough north where the sun doesn't set until much later? Hope the weather stayed nice for your walk after dinner. hahaha! That is from 10 years ago-- 2011- so yup, a bit late to start classes. :D
I am sure you will pick up a new trick or two.

@bcgal00 oh that is horrible. What mess of a day, but at least you were able to get the computer issues fixed for less than what you had feared. Your IT guy sounds amazing. I can't imagine how stressful it was to think about fried computers after all of the other financial "setbacks" you had to deal with. I understand the food choices but your poor stomach must have been in agony. Is it better today? I hope so. I know how careful you are with what you eat so it has to be rebelling against you for that abuse. Delicious abuse, but abuse nonetheless. :D
Taz and Remi are such a good pair- I can't believe that she is 5 months already. And no more signs of health issues? *knocks wood*
Thank you for liking my page. My rhododendron is blooming so much it is easy to scrap a nice photo of its flowers. It is going to need to be pruned and I hope that Gary can reach the top of it with a ladder, I know that I can't.
Are you CT-ing anywhere ATM? Maybe when life calms down again you can start that up?

@Cherylndesigns Good to hear that your back is doing ok after all of that digging. Isn't that one of the best feelings -- to look at your yard and see it all come together? I get so excited this time of year as everything is growing and blooming and filling in where it should. It is hard being patient at first since it takes a few seasons to get it looking right. I use rocks as "decor" too. LOL
Awwwww- that sounds like a sweet moment of the dogs and Sam together.
When you work outside, the inside goes to pot.

What a cute baby!!!!!!!!! Look at how gangly the legs are. Adorable, Eva!!!

@nancyr This weather is HORRIBLE!!! I am glad that I wasn't the only one that had to put the heat on. This is some *&!@* BS weather. What a difference from the last couple of weeks.
Bickering seems the be the word of the day. heh. Glad that DS #2 and MG are good and that DS#1 seems to be better. It has to be so hard to see your son struggle. *fingers crossed that they continue to talk and work at it*
I know you understand that feeling of less pain after replacement surgery. I know he wishes he could have had it done sooner but this past year wasn't the time.

Hugs to all of you!!


hOney, i'm hOme
It's not dark very long here, and it's not really dark when it is either. Sleeping mask is a necessity! Just googled and it says that the sun will set here tonight at 10.17 pm and rise again at 3.41 am. You'll have to trust Google - I will not stay up and check. It's just really dark round midnight I guess, but it will continue to be shorter and shorter nights until June 21st, when it turns and get longer and longer again. I love the summer with the light evenings. Flip side is mid winter when it's dark for 16-17 hrs a day. Hate that.

Further up north in Sweden the sun rised a couple of days ago, and will stay up till mid July. Daylight 24-7. Never been that far up north. Then in December it's night 24-7. I would go nuts.

The calves yesterday was a combination of curious and scared, the one on the photo above was the coolest one. We didn't get too close, the momma cows where a bit protective and tried to stare us out. I just talked to them a bit and took some photos. Have made a layout today (trying to use my new Anna-skills) - will post after this.

Today we went for a ride to the other side of the lake - up on the mountain and took some photos. I do love my husband, who follow me along and patiently waits for me while I take my photos. I had this great idea for a double page layout, with one photo I took of the lake yesterday of the lake with the mountain in the background, and another that I took today with a view over the lake, where you can see the shore where I stood yesterday. Think it would be cool.


hOney, i'm hOme
@nancyr Oh, I do hope season 3 will air on Netflix here in Sweden as well! I really like the show, even though it's a bit different from the books. I absolutely LOVE Annette O'Tooles acting - she's perfect as Hope. Will have to check Netflix and see.


Don't know what is going on but I have been waking up way too early lately... the eyes popped open at 3:45AM and refused to stay closed. Grrrr.... finally gave it up at just after 4AM and got up. Think it could be because it has been so hot the past 2 days and the bedroom was warmer than I am used to it being. We got up to 90* yesterday and should be about the same today. It was 65* when I got up but inside was 75*. I finally opened the house up a bit ago to let the cooler air come in. First time to open the windows up this season. I switched the heat over to A/C yesterday afternoon but it didn't come on. Had it set at 81* but it only got up to 80* inside!!! Yes, I am wearing shorts and tees now. Just stripped my bed and put the sheets on to wash. I did 2 loads yesterday - towels and winter weight PJs. Have switched over to summer PJs/gowns the past couple of nights so glad to put the winter ones away for now. I need to ask DD#3 to bring over her long pole duster so we can dust the ceiling fans. That makes the chore of cleaning them so easy. It is time to start using the ceiling fans again.

On Friday, I decided to try to see what was going on with the front yard drip system as the 2 trees have tiny leaves but hasn't really leafed out like the ones in the backyard. Well... discovered that only 1 drip line was by the Graywood Ash and it needs at least 3 for it to get enough water. And the other tree didn't have any visible drip lines going to it! I know there was a dripline going to it before. Think when I had the lines checked by sprinkler co last spring, they changed the cap/driplines to a solid cap with no lines. Need to replace the cap with a feeder cap with 4 drip lines. Will ask my neighbor if he will remove/replace the cap for me as I know I don't have the strength in my hands/arms to remove the cap. For now I am hand-watering both trees and hope they survive.

I finished reading the new Nora Roberts "Legend"... it was a very good read. It is a stand-alone book - not part of a series so no need to wait to read it. I like to have all the books in a series so I can read them one after the other. Tried reading 1 other book but it was a 'downer' so gave up on reading it. And the Sandra Brown new one just couldn't hold my attention.... bummer. So I am back to re-reading the Linda Howard MacKenzie series.

Chris, so sorry the weather is so cold and rainy there. Glad you got some visiting done with family. Good news that your dad is recovering from his shoulder replacement. Can't believe the girls/rats are that old!!! Seems like it was just a few months ago when Cait got the older ones.

Eva, what a darling photo of the calf. Glad momma let you get close enough for that photo. Oh, I remember being in London when the sun didn't set until 10PM.... made for a very long day. Enjoy your trip to the lake and hope you get some good photos.

Cheryl.... NO>>>NO>>>No. I can feel your frustration over the WiFi going out just as you are getting used to having it. At least it wasn't just your compound but a larger area that was affected. Glad it is back on again.

Time to fix something to eat and then get the bed remade. CYL


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good afternoon - the weather here still is the pits - rain and cold - lucky my DH does not mind walking Luther in rain. I hate it. And yes I did have the heat on this am so it would be warm when took a shower. My oldest sent photos of his chili - it is a combination of beef, elk, deer and bison. I said not thanks but I am sure my DH will love it. He is making it for a party and I am sure they will all love it. He really does love to cook! My I watched hockey and that was fun. I get another game 7 so that will be exciting. Been scrapping my vacation and I am almost done.

@faerywings Chris yes you were not the only one to turn on the heat. This is crazy. I feel sorry too for those that had outdoor plans. That is one thing about living in AZ desert is that you 90% of the time you don't have to worry about the weather. Congrats on getting the laundry done. I will have to do mine tomorrow. Have fun with those rats girls. And hope scrapping goes better.

@tanteva Eva my DH and I went on a cruise to Norway during the summer because I wanted to see total daylight. I thought it was so cool. Going across the arctic circle was amazing. Most of the people we talked to said that they schedule vacations in winter to avoid the darkness. I know I would not do well with no sunlight. That calf was too cute. I bet their moms were not too have with visitors. Cow are big too. I agree that the Netflix version of Virgin River is different but that is ok as I like the stars and the story except for Charmaine (Jack would never have been that careless).

@BrightEyes Kay I hope that the water helps your trees. I cant believe you have 90 degree weather. Please send some this way. Glad you got your sheets changed and your fans dusted. You are lucky to have such great daughters to help. Thanks for update on books. Have fun scrapping.

@Cherylndesigns Cheryl enjoy now all that work you put into your yard.

Have a great day all!


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Good afternoon!

I hope everybody is having a good day.

Nancy, @nancyr I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor so much. I keep going out and looking at it. My granddaughter came down today and we admired it again. My DD doesn't know it's done and neither one of us told her. They'll be home soon and I can't wait to see her face!

Sounds like some of you are having the same weather as us. We have to kick the heat on in the morning just to take the chill off, than the AC is on later. It's really beautiful out - slightly on the cool side, but beautiful. I just got back from walking the dogs and when I started, I thought I needed my sweatshirt, but I ditched it along the way - laid it over the railroad ties and picked it up on the way back. Daisy was naughty again today. She broke away from me and ran into the woods. I'm always so afraid when she does that - we don't know what she might encounter and she's super friendly. Lila stayed right with me - she did keep looking over in the direction Daisy disappeared in, though. I just kept walking and pretty soon, here came Daisy. Now they're both wiped out on the floor. Kitty is being a stinker today - he's so rowdy and keeps running.

I'm SO enjoying the fruits of my labor. Thank you all for your kind words. I couldn't wait to share pics with you all.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month! GAAAAAAAAAA How can that be?

Waving to all and sending hugs.