Daily ooos: June 12-13: Weekend Edition


The Loopy-O
Happy weekend to everyone!
I am going to try to not be sad that the weather stinks. It's cold again and very damp. I hope it doesn't rain although it looks like it is going to any minute. I have plans today, can't rain on my parade, right?

I did lots of little things all day yesterday but nothing much exciting. I didn't get to the FP, I tried calling and there was no answer. I am going to see if I can make it to the other one this morning instead. I snapped a bunch of pictures of my yard and am working on a scrap page with them so you can see what my mess looks like. J was bonkers at the vet, she gets herself so worked up and I feel terrible. I don't know how to help her calm herself. The tech suggested a pheromone collar- Adaptil, I think it was called. I started looking for it when I got home, then it was time to cook dinner so I didn't get very far.
Do any of you have advice on helping a dog with anxiety issues? I know I have asked and researched and I can't seem to figure that poor girl out. You would think W with her previous experiences would be the one anxious. Nope, that dog is the happiest little scootch ever. Although she apparently wasn't happy after I left the house with J, she sat at the door crying. She broke my heart when I had the leash on J and keep wanting to go out the door with us. She kept sitting and waiting for and looking at me like Me too?? I go too??
Poor thing!

Busy day ahead for me, I should head over to the FP, then Caitlyn and I are seeing her friend at a Pride Fair this afternoon who has a booth that will be set up. Then we are off to see Tom who works in the same area as the Fair. She is getting her ear/cartilage pierced and he is going to re-pierce the hole in one ear that closed up on me. After we get home, I am going to take some deep breaths, and then we are going to my neighbors for pizza and drinks. We do this every year to kick off summer but didn't get to last year. I made roasted garlic, rosemary, and white bean dip (vegan if Tom is able to show up in time, Cait was very happy that I did that :D )

Now if it would just warm up/sun poke through it would be so appreciated.
HAGD!! xo


The Loopy-O
@tanteva Oh my goodness! What a wacky dream! I think that puts most of mine to shame, haha! I wish I could remember where I read it, but I recently read an article on dreams and intelligence, drat- I wish I could remember what I read! At any rate, weird dreams are beneficial. That is my story and I am sticking by it too.
I love the Maurader's map bit- although a ham? Would he even cook a ham??? *g*
Why are cats so picky? BTDT with cats and litter. There are so picky with the litter brand but then are fine peeing on the bathroom floor. Guess it better on tile than on carpet.
*rolls eyes at them*
*Then feels bad and sends the little buggers some pets*
Hope you enjoyed soup and TV and knitting!

@taxed4ever I hope that the weather stays pleasant for you. Did you get the roses cut? How do they smell? I am happy dancing for you and your family, it is wonderful that you are getting the flights and times all set. When was the last time you saw Hunter for his birthday?
The Wine Festival will be even more fun with your brother and SIL. I hope all of these fun plans are making you feel a bit more like yourself again.

@bcgal00 Sending you good productivity vibes as the work comes in again. Be careful that you don;t sit too long and hurt your back, although I guess Remi doesn't let that happen ;)
That is fantastic news about getting your vaccinations so you can see the kids and babies and baby-to-be! I would do your weeding in a heartbeat if I lived by you. I was walking home from my friend's whose house I clean and ended up weeding the area around his peonies. He is disabled and can't do it and they were being hidden by weeds so I had no choice.

Kay- you have been very busy too. It sounds like the comforter will be much better when it gets colder. No point kicking it off then freezing b/c it is on the floor. How neat to watch Top Gun and see familiar sights.
That is a relief that the smoke isn't too bad, is it usually this early in summer that the fires start?

@Cherylndesigns How are you doing today? I guess it is going to be a while before you get your strength back up.
That makes so much sense that you aren't used to the new environment-- allergies and climate.
Here is the article if you are interested. https://www.statnews.com/2021/05/27/as-covid-dissipates-cold-flu-viruses-return-vengeance-2/
I hope that the weekend is restful and you are back to yourself 100% by Monday!


I am popping in here early this morning... slept in until 8AM...Wow... usually awake by 6:30AM. Yes, Chris... the lighter-weight comforter is great for these warmer nights - especially now that I leave the ceiling fan running at night. The smoke is still hanging around. Yes, it is early in the season to be having fires but the southwest is in a long drought so everything is dry. Now there is a new fire in the mountains near Santa Fe. Weather is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT. It got up to 101* in the shade on my patio yesterday... suppose to be the same or hotter for the next several days. And yes, the A/C came on yesterday afternoon and ran for a few hours. Think it is time to hibernate. I did make the Apple Crisp and it was so good. Put the extras into the freezer so have dessert for the next few weeks. Think it is time to make another summer Chicken - Fruit salad. I got some black grapes so think I have everything I need for it.

Had a nice long phone chat with DD#3 late yesterday afternoon. Got caught up on how things are going for them. She just had 2 ceiling fans put up - one in the patio room and one in the office. Which make me think I should bite the bullet and get 2 fans installed - one in the office and one in my craft room. Sounds like it is going to be a really hot summer so they will be needed. Time to check out the sales on fans.

Cheryl, sorry you haven't bounced back yet... yes - moving to a new area can set off allergies and other symptoms. Your doctor is right - take it easy and give your body time to heal. Glad you have family around to help out.

Rae, so glad to hear you are getting your vaccinations so you can make the trip to see the kids/grandkids. It has been a long time coming.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


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Morning ladies... It is another cool morning with the sun peeking through once in a while, but lots of cloud out there. Hope it dries up enough for DH to get the lawns cut today! The backyard is starting to look like a jungle! He might have to cut it twice Ugh! Picked up my grocery order yesterday and got everything that I ordered, so that was nice! Made a Father's Day Card for DH's Dad and I think I will make a couple more so I have them on hand and then DH can choose which one he wants to give to his Dad. We were thinking we might ask them to come for dinner, but not sure that MIL will want to tackle the stairs, they are very difficult for her. We will see. Still waiting for the txt message to get our second vaccine, we sure would like to get it before we head out East. We have our first one, but really need to get that second one done! Not much else happening today, just lots of yard work if the weather holds out! A few errands to run that's about it.

@faerywings Sounds like you will have a busy day with lots of visiting and being out and about! Hope that the temps warm up and that the rain stays away for you all! It will be good to have your ear re-done! Enjoy your kick off to summer with the Pizza and Beer, sounds like a good time to me! Not much help with advice for your anxious fur baby, but do you ever watch the YouTube Videos of Cesar Millan?? I have seen some good ones for anxious dogs.

Kay - Nice that you had such a great sleep! Guess having the lighter weight comforter really helped out! You have been busy baking, your apple crisp sounds yummy! My DH is the only man I know that does not like apple crisp or apple pie!! Can you imagine not liking apple pie???? Yikes your temps are hot, hot, hot!! Yes the ceiling fans sound like a great idea!!

@bcgal00 - Rae you are so lucky to be getting your second vaccine already! Sure hope we get that message to get ours quickly!

@Cherylndesigns - Please take care of you and get better soon!

Ok I need to think of a nice brunch to have today, perhaps a nice Omelet or Frittata?? have a lovely Saturday everyone!


hOney, i'm hOme
First of all: both cats have accepted the new litter. Let's hope it will continue going well, and that the new litter is better. Discord's been coughing for a long time, and we are testing if a crystal sand will be better for him. Any way, this means that Mårten is not the most stubborn cat I've ever met, though I've thought so. Mario (if you remember my darling Siamese?) takes that prize - he refused to go on the box for 23 hrs, then he peed in my bed. LOL Interesting fact (?): Mårten's former owner called him Mario, we changed the name when we got him, cuz I couldn't have 2 cats named Mario. (Mario passed a couple of months after Mårten moved here.) SO.... never name a cat Mario, he will turn out to a stubborn, grumpy beast. LOL

My dreams are always weird. I can wake up laughing. Let's decide that weird dreams are a sign of intelligence! Read this week that if you enter menopause late, it's a sign of intelligence. I totally believe that - so the dream theory is true as well. LOL

Haven't done much today. Scrapping. Made a layout for a challenge on another site, and it was full of journalling. Took a long time to make. We went into work too. Urban needed to get a book. He's writing on a book of his own, and he needed to check some obscure details on Swedish history, that noone else than he is interested in. LOL

(Sometimes I wonder what image I give of our marriage LOL)


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Hello girls!
Lots of yard work today, as it rain every day seems that pollens don't bother me so much. Something I really really loves in my dad is that he is from these people that always looking for solution!
Some people (I'll not admit that I mean my mom here ;)), some people always complain about the obstacles. I swear these people aren't lazy (she planted and care for many flowers, but she is programed to give up after every little stone on her road and then complain for years. For example: we can't have tomatoes because dog will broke them, we can't have carrots because cats will pee there, we can't this, we can't that. Guess what she can't, the other of us do it all the time)!
But this is hypothetic story! I love my mom and don't want to expose it, just sometimes she drives me crazy. However lets today concentrate on my skillful dad, please! IMG-20210612-WA0017.jpg
Tada this is dogs preventing fence, and tomatoes :D. It have top net and can be completely closed if you wants cats prevention too. This idea is very popular on IG amongst the eco gardeners prevents from birds, hedgehogs, hens, and lets hope Middletons! :p
I'm so happy with the results and proud of my daddy! :) Yes he used old window frames, as we love to recycle stuff!

@tanteva Eva, You can't make switch like that without incidents. Mix the old type litter with the new and introduce it by this mix for few days, before to go only on new. You can't, but they smells the difference.

Excuse me, I'm back with the personals ! I'm sorry, I had to go as we had a movie night. So:

Trudy, I hope you had the chance to get the lawns cut! Your cards are always so lovely! I guess you will make one from the children for Gary too, or they will mail other one?

Kay, both, the chips and salad sounds delicious! Wow, you have really hot weather from the beginning of the summer.

Chris, I hope you'll have fabulous fun day! With so many meeting plans, don't seems to have care about the weather! Or the neighbors' party is into the garden? Oh, and I can't wait to see your garden layout!
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Good evening - today was nice nothing exceptional except I walked in to find the cable box in kitchen was not working. I tried a few things but finally decided it needed to be unplugged. That solved the problem. LOL We walked Luther and he got to wade in the river. My DH was awesome and cleaned up the back yard. He did lots of trimming and mowed the lawn. It great. I worked on more scrapping. Really doing the final check before I upload. Also watched the final of the F1 series, my DH said it was good as he watched the last episodes. Then watched In the Heights. It was good too. I like musicals. And now I am watching Mare of Eastwood. It is not a happy show but it sucked me in and now I have to see it through to the end. I have no hockey games until Sunday afternoon and then one a day until we get down to the final two.

I hope everyone have a great night


The Loopy-O
Yawns a bit, rolls my head and neck, and takes one last sip of my cold coffee.
Ahhhh. I think I am ready to type.

I was really busy all day and it was a good one! Caitlyn and I went to the FP and I am so glad that I did, they are reorganizing and won't be open for a month. Gary was hoping that I would get Entenmanns but no luck this time. Because they were getting rid of stuff, they told me to take an entire 10 lb box of dog treats. It will take my girls forever to finish that but they will be happy while they do. I offered them to Tom to take home some for his dog but his dog is small and is on a special diet. Scott's best friend has dogs so I can send some there. I would feel terrible if they go bad before the box is empty.
We ended up not going to the Pride Fair since Cailtyn's friend wasn't able to get off work and wasn't there so we only got our ears pierced. Tom did a very professional job of not only piercing our ears but putting up with the two of us and our antics. We joked about putting fake tattoos on our faces to freak Gary out and that Caitlyn should pretend to scream and/or pass out after he pierced her ear. When he made it to our neighbor's, she introduced him as the person whom she paid to stab her twice. He took it all in stride which makes him A-OK.
It felt great to be social with the neighbors too- my friend from across the street was telling us about her son who is graduating from HS on Tuesday and her daughter (my second daughter when our girls were kids) is coming up from FL for the week. We are going to try and go out for ice cream while she is here like we used to.

It isn't supposed to get too warm but it is sunny so I am going to be outside a bit in the afternoon. I still need to work on the scrap page for the Seasonal Challenge.


hOney, i'm hOme
Ok, I had to google Entenmanns ... and I think I gained 5 lb just by browsing the site! LOL

Tired today - think my body is in shock, because I had such a good night's sleep. Woke up 9.30 - slept for like 9 hrs! Been scrapping a bit today - my scrapping is getting a bit macabre the last days. Been scrapping a couple of travel memories, and Urban really knows to take me to the most romantic places, like old prisons and execution places. But ... we love to travel to places with history, I guess this is what you get. I need to find some more uplifting things to scrap for a while. LOL

Today I've downloaded a bunch of photos from Urban's computer today. New photos to scrap! Best gift a woman can get!

It's about dinner time over here. I'm gonna fry up some frozen carrot burgers and make some kind of potatoes in the air fryer. Made a tomato/onion/olive salad to go with it, and we have some leftover yoghurt/garlic sauce from yesterday.

Slow week to come. No work for me ... BUT ... on Wednesday we are getting our 2nd shot of the vaccine. Hoping we won't get any side effects this time either. Think I'm gonna make a mini picnic of it, and bring some coffee, since you have to sit there for 15 minutes after. LOL


The Loopy-O
Kay- wow, that must have been great to sleep until 8 am. Oh wow, the weather/drought sounds pretty awful for you and the fire season. :(
The chicken salad is a smart idea to have prepped for when you don't feel like cooking. Since we have only window AC units the ceiling fans are such a must-have, it will be helpful to have them installed in those rooms.

@taxed4ever How did the weather turn out, was it dry enough for your Gary to mow? Mine trimmed the hedges yesterday morning and what a difference it made. I have to get the rest of the needles cleaned out of the one section of flowers, they change the acidity of the soil and have killed them off before. Is there any way to get your MIL into the house or onto your deck with fewer stairs? It has to make it so hard for everyone. Is Canada trying to do vax doses in the 4 weeks apart range? That was the one nice thing here, we were able to get both appts booked at the same time.
I haven't seen any of Cesar Milan's videos but I have read his blog before. Maybe I should go back and reread some of it. Thnx!

@tanteva LOL! If I ever get a cat, I promise to not name him Mario. I am very relieved for your sake that the kitties are starting to accept the new litter, hopefully, that will help Discord's cough.
I had some strange dreams last night too- goats and dogs running around everywhere. It is definitely a sign of intelligence hahaha!!!!
I think you have the perfect marriage. What good relationship isn't full of snark and roasting of each other? :p

@felis That is so good to hear that your allergies aren't so bad. Hope it stays that way. I am chuckling at your hypothetical story *winks* The garden fence is awesome, high fives to your dad, especially since he made it out of reused window frames for it. I hope it keeps out Middleton too. Is he calming down a bit yet? How old is he now?
It was misty much of the afternoon and the party was outside but under a gazebo. Thankfully it stopped raining by the time we went over.
What movie did you watch?

@nancyr Isn't that so weird how something sometimes just needs to be turned on and off a few times to get it working again? Little electrical gremlins. SMH!
I bet your yard looks awesome too. Do you have HBOMax to watch In the Heights? Cait and I really want to see it and we don't have HBOMax but Tom does. So we are wondering if you can stream it that way or if you need a different service. My BFF shared a trailer for Tick Tick Boom that Lin-Manuel Miranda is working on and OMG I can't wait to see that too. I am a huge L-MM fan.
I just lost myself in a huge Wikipedia rabbit hole and I think that I saw him star in Tick Tick Boom when BFF and I saw it in an Off-B-way revival. I am going to have to ask her when we saw it that second time- but I think it had to be him. Leslie Odam jr was also in that show. Dang! How cool is all that?

I should backtrack a bit to explain this obsession. Back in 1997, BFF took me to see Rent on B-way, she had seen it and fell in love with it and totally got me hooked. Rent was written by Jonathan Larson who died of a brain aneurysm on the opening night of Rent. He had written an earlier play, TTB, which was autobiographical of his decision to be a playwright but felt that he was running out of time. We saw Rent a whole bunch of times-- she *way* more than me -and saw TTB twice. The whole *waves arms around* well, all of this, is just so important to me which makes it all *waves arms some more* just really cool. Yup, I am a B-way geek.

Have a great day my dear Ooos!


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June 12th is been World Wide Knit in Public Day and also Record Store Day, but I learned for both too late at the evening, so I wasn't able to knit at the park near to the record store :p. I'm just kidding, don't think I would do some of these even if I knew on time, as that's the first time I ever hear about them. But it would be very cool if you live on a place where people actually do these funny days!!! London for example, or Pittsburgh for USA.
Nope I don't have any cool stories like that, it was just an ordinary rainy day today, so I spend it in cleaning. :confused:

Chris, @faerywings few days ago you was ask me what are the rectangle "frames", but it flies from my mind, excuse me! So these are handbag plastic handles. They offer few different materials and the advantage against knitted and leather or fabric is that plastic can be treated with hand sanitizer gel without risk of spots or damages onto material.
Middleton is turn one year probably this month, as his age was approximately determined on four months last September. He is definitely less energy now, thank goodness, but still disaster. If you forget something outside, he will found and destroyed it, but that's makes us more organized persons. We got used to his peculiarity behave, and he was able to learn the 3 most needed commands, although he can hold command only 10 seconds. It's like we live around the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes :D. Although my father insisted he to get some training, I can't allow to be shaped by the expectation of the society. He was born savage and we need to keep his authentic self.
We watched "Wonder Woman", it was interesting as I'm fan of these movies.

You got your ears pierced, that so cool :D! Where? I want industrial bar piercing from few years, but because of the pandemic situation and my very low level of ability to deal with pain we procrastinate it.
Oh, so happy to hear that the party was fun! LOVE, love love, your garden page! It looks amazing place, and I can see your effort and enthusiasm!

Nancy, this with the cable box happens to us very often in bad weather, it's so frustrating, it needs restart like you said! Good that you was able to managed it and had your shows!

Eva, your scraping enthusiasm always makes me so happy! Only I wish it was contagious, as I don't mind some too!


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good afternoon - it is still cloudy in my part of NJ. It is also cool! Only in the 70s and while outside that is nice inside it is a bit cool but sure is nice to sleep by. I got my Sedona book ordered so that makes me happy. It took lots of time as it seems like each time I looked at the page and then read I changed my mind or found an error. But enough and if there is an error then it was meant to be. We got Luther out for a nice walk. Saw lots of wildlife and not just birds. We saw rabbits and a ground hog. Swallows were out eating bugs, robins finding worms and two egrets. It was so cute as a family was walking on the dike as I was stalking an egret. The young boy came and took photos too. I asked if he knew what it was and he said goose. I said no this is a new bird for him and he ran back and told his mom and sister. I hope I created a new bird watcher. One of the egrets was sitting in a tree. I always think that looks so weird. In the lakes yesterday we saw a huge snapping turtle and lots of smaller turtles. I don't know turtles so not sure what others are found in NJ. Now I am watching hockey. It is just so weird to see 4 of my former Devils (3 for the Islanders and one for the Lightning) playing while my Devils are not. We watched The French Open tennis and it was amazing. I got so hooked on Mare of Eastwood that I watched the it all. It was great. I can see why Kate Winslet is getting such great reviews.

@faerywings Chris congrats on the FB wins. Glad you are getting sun. Tom sounds like he is fitting in really well. Congrats on the ear piercings - one on each ear is enough for me. And yes I did watch In the Heights. It was great. I don't know what I was expecting but I did not realize it was a musical. My DH was not interested at all as he does not like musicals. I liked it because it just shows the diversity of NYC. I thought one of the most interesting lines is when Rosario says he bought the shop from an Irishman. The City changes all the time. We never saw Rent nor have I yet watched Hamilton. I went to watch Hamilton on the first day it was available and there were so many trying to watch that I never got in. It is on my list to watch. L-MM's talent is amazing.

Kay getting enough sleep sure makes you feel good. Hope you get more!

@taxed4ever Trudy I saw the flowers from your yard on facebook WOW they are gorgeous! It must make all the work in the yard so worth it. Cant wait to see photos of the t-shirts.

@tanteva Eva I too will not name a cat Mario. Glad that it seems all the kitties are starting to get along. Cats are so cool in they are so independent. Love that you googles Entenmmans. I love their small donuts. How fun to have new photos to scrap. That is how I feel when I get new ones from my son or friends.

@felis Felis my DH just is not one to be happy to remember how to make the cable box, the TV and other extras all work together. So yesterday I had it all fixed and yet I came down this morning and he said it was not working again. LOL he just does not remember how to make it work. I think the fact I had to use a computer so often at work and my boss likes computers so that always took away any worry for me with trying new stuff. Glad that your allergies are better.

Have a great day all!


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Well, remember me joking about that it's too cold here for forest fires? Today we have one on the other side of the lake, about 5 miles from where I live. Basically, it's all water between us and the fire, so no big danger. But it's so typical. NEVER joke about things like that! LOL

Anyway, the fire started at 4 pm today, and now just before midnight they claim to have it under control. Let's hope it stays that way. It's supposed to come lots of rain tomorrow. And you gotta love the local farmers! They are helping the fire fighters by using their manure spreaders filled with water and driving on the roads around the fires drenching the grounds. Also, a governmental agency has sent 2 helicopters to help with water bombing.


hOney, i'm hOme
Looks like everything went well during the night. And it looks like it's about to start raining any time now.