Daily Ooo's: Friday, May 27


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I'm first! I'm first! I beat Chris to the boards!


My day is now complete.


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:rofl: Kat, I swear, I have days like that too. If I can get out of bed and showered, it is a good day.

I was able to sleep past 6.30 this morning. i am very happy to have a 4 day weekend. Pain-levels are still pretty high over here, so I think I am going to need to lay low whether I like it or not. (you know its a "not.")

yup, it has become summer overnight and my allergies have finally kicked in. But I am wearing shorts and barefoot so it is worth it.
That's the "good" news.

Yesterday I was kind of all over the place (yeah yeah... what else is new???). I survived ShopRite semi-successfully, got home to unpack everything and wound up so confused. Then my phone started beeping from texts. Cait was sending me pics/videos of some girls in her class that decided to have a "dance party" and she was saying how she could not wait to get out of there. Then my BFF texted me- asked if I wanted to go down the Shore with her to Ortley beach for the weekend. OMG- I wanted to go soooo much. It would have been just me and her until Sunday at the condo she rents with a pool and the ocean right there. her DH, DS would be coming down on Sun and they were staying until Tues. We tried so hard to make it work, but it is just too far of a trip for me to make on short notice. The thought of packing even just my meds put me in an anxiety attack :(

In between all of this, we found out that Gary's grandma passed- On FB no less. Chalk up one more death I hear about from there first :mad: But as soon as I saw on FB from Gary's Aunt, MIL called to tell us herself. No service or anything, but something small with the family at some point n the future. MIL seems to be doing OK, she is happy that it was peaceful, and that she is with Grandpa again.

As much as I would have *loved* to be down the shore, it wasn't the right time, which stinks b/c god only knows when I will get the opportunity for that again. Some day... :)

So today- catching up on laundry- Nancy I thought of you last night. I got into bed, saw that a cat had thrown up on the sheets at some point during the day and then had to strip and remake the darn thing.
Scrapping???? Maybe?? And I have to climb on my desk to open up the window in my office, hopefully without falling!

Enjoy your day!!!!


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Cindy- that sounds like a nice weekend for you both, I am sure that just relaxing together will be great!
Do you have any good recipes or tofu tricks to share? Would love to hear some ideas, esp if I can make the same as a chicken dish for me and Gary, like I did the other night.

Nancy- sounds like a wonderful hike for all of you. How funny that Luther kept on going! I laugh when the dogs come home from the dog park and they both collapse on the tiny bit of tile by the front door.
Glad that DH is doing better!

Rae- very cool that you and DH watched the Price is Right together and laughed. I remember watching that at my Grandmother's.

Trudy- OMG that smilie is too funny! :pound:
Thank goodness for your chiro- s/he sounds fab! So happy to hear that you are feeling so much better.
Awesome news about the flight and summer plans for visiting Heather! I would love come and take pictures of you guys, but I would need a new camera. :(

Rae or anyone else, do DSLR bodies "go bad?" I am having a heck of a time with mine. Its a Canon and it doesn't matter if the battery is full or not, but it had a hard time auto-focusing and says it is Busy when I try to shoot more than one photo at at time. I hope not cuz a new DSLR is NOT in the picture for me.

Kat- sorry about the issues going on, and I hope that it all works out soon for you. Love the idea of :ranger: -- with you 100%!!!

Better get some b-fast so I can take some Advil, I feel like I am hungover but I am not.



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good morning! I slept until 7:30 and my son decided I had slept long enough and needed to make him lunch. Well lets just say he did not get his lunch made. Luther and I took a good walk this am and he met his pals Axel and Mabel. Today is going to be a nice day. Lunch with my girlfriend. Then nothing. Last night the Penguins defeated the Lightning so the Cup final is Penguins vs the Sharks. I shall totally be cheering for the Sharks to get their first Cup. But the Final does not start until Monday so I am starting my hockey withdrawal. And the East Coast is having it first taste of summer. Highs in the upper 80s with a possibility of thunder storms. And of course scrapping!

Chris thanks for the Standing O. That was so sweet! Enjoy the 4 day holiday! One thing about the NJ Shore is that it is not going anywhere and when you are ready it will be there for you.

Kat sorry for the issues. Hope that this long weekend is calm. Scrapping on the patio sounds fun. Love your joy at posting first!

Trudy so glad your chiro was able to straighten your spine. Sorry about those crazy neighbors. Congrats on the cheap flight to visit Heather and Mason. That has got to be so exciting and so fun to have that to look forward to.

Rae do you remember watching Queen for a Day. That was the show I liked along with Price is Right. I watched all those game shows. Being in the heat in AZ in the summer TV is what I did. So cute of Taz to be zonked out.

Have a great day all!


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Nancy, I would love to sleep in until 7:30 ...LOL that sounds like not really sleeping in, but considering I'm usually up at 5 am, another 2+ hours would be wonderful. Of course, today it was up at 3 am, listening to the gut-wrenching sounds of the dog throwing up. Niiiice.


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Morning ladies! We made it through another week! I was up very, very early and got DH his breakfast of Steel Cut Oatmeal and toast. For some reason I was wide awake before his alarm went off :noidea: After he left I crawled back into bed and slept like the dead until 8am!! So today I am hoping to do a bit more scrapping, as I am not doing much of anything today. My sister is coming by around 1pm so that we can work on her Rack Cards for her B&B. But other than that I have a pretty free day. Lots of running around to do tomorrow and the usual yard work and I will have to get beds ready for when the grands are here!! I can hardly wait to see them again!!

Kat - LOL that you are so excited to beat Chris to the forums today! I could have beat you both as I was up way too early, but too lazy to go on my computer! :becky:

Chris - Hope your pain levels get better as the day goes by! Glad you got a kick out of the smiley!! I am so sorry to hear of Gary's grandmother passing!! What a horrible way to find out on Facebook of all things!! One consolation is to know that she passed peacefully, it is sad to watch your loved ones go through Dementia!! Sorry that you can't go to the beach with your friend, it would have been so good for you!!

Nancy - Ya, I guess your son had better not have gotten his lunch made!! For goodness sake what is it with guys?? You are not his maid!! Glad that you got to sleep in a bit even though I am sure you could have slept in a bit longer if someone did not wake you up!! I often tell my DH and kids, DO NOT WAKE THE BEAR!! Someone will pay if they do!! :becky: Hope that you and Luther have a great day!!

Ok I have been on Skype with Heather and Mason for over an hour, so have been waiting to finish posting this in hopes that I did not lose it all!! Hooray, the post is still here and now I will bid you all a pleasant day and hope that you all have a fabulous Friday!! :wave:


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Good morning, ladies. I'm going at full speed today. I want to get my work done, tidy up the house, pack some clothes for the wkend away at our trailer, copy some digi stuff to bring with me to load on my laptop out there and do a few CT duties. I need to get everything done by 5:00 so we can get out of here. I'm looking forward to relaxing at the trailer tonight and will visit with some friends out there who recently bought a new trailer and moved last wkend. I told Darrell that we'll grab groceries on the way out there and then tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere, just stay at the ranch and hang out. I want to spray paint a serving tray tomorrow and clean up the patio furniture but other than that I want to walk Taz, binge watch some Rosewood episodes and do a bit of scrapping and read my book (What Alice Forgot).

Chris - that's too bad that you couldn't get away with your friend. Hopefully you'll get a chance over the summer to go.

Trudy - what are Rack Cards?

Ok, I'm rushing off to get everything done today. Hope you all have a wonderful day.


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Rae - Rack cards are info cards like you see on the ferry or at Chamber of Commerce Info stations you know the ones that sit in the racks.