Daily Ooos: Friday, May 21


The Loopy-O
I am just opening this up, I have to drive Caitlyn and Evagaline to the vet, Evie has surgery to remove the mammary tumor and lipoma and we are leaving in a few. Hope that you have a great day and I will be back in a bit!


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good morning - well yesterday was so productive. I have all my photos back and I am so happy. It took two phone calls to Apple support to get the problem solved but it worked. I am proud of myself for knowing what the problem was but I did not know how to correct it. I knew it started when I got my new phone and I knew it was a format problem on how Apple is compressing their photos which is not jpg. Well it turns out that my laptop was running a OS that was incapable of recognizing that new format. A quick update of my operating system and there were all my photos. I am happy I deleted so much off my hard drive but so glad that that was not the problem. Watched lots of hockey and games were so exciting. Lots of goals, OT and now this am I have the IIHF (which is the world championships of hockey). I love hockey in the morning. After lunch I am off to be the witness for a young couple who are getting the marriage license. I am so happy to do this as I have known her since she was in grade school. She is an awesome young lady and great teacher. Oh yea found out that one of my girlfriends fell on her driveway and broke her ankle. She says she is not in a lot of pain but obviously she is on crutches.

@faerywings Chris good luck at the vet. Looks like another awesome day weather wise in NJ.

@tanteva Eva thanks again for the suggestions on kitty. We have syringes and they are working well. It was pretty funny the vet gave them to my son and made sure he understood what 2 ml was vs .2 ml. Luckily my DH and I are scientists and we know.

Waving to all!


hOney, i'm hOme
Friday - I'm making the traditional Träsksoppa. Well, at least it's traditional in our home ... for like 2-3 years. I have some left overs of a lentil sauce and some oven baked cauliflower/broccoli/carrots. With a can of tomatoes it will be a great soup.

Hubby's doing the grocery shopping on his way home. I love our new system. I plan the shopping from the web site, e-mail him a shopping list, and he gets it done on his way home. Since he's working in Mora (which is a bigger town than ours), the food is cheaper there. Like 1-5 krona per item, makes a big difference in the end (that's about up to half a dollar per item). Also ... he rarely shops anything that's not on the list. I do that all the time. LOL We're saving tons of money this way.

Tonight I guess it will be TV and popcorn. And I just might start crocheting on that bag. I do have a couple of projects running already, but it's so much more fun to start new ones. I'm hopeless like that.


Morning all. Yesterday was a busy, busy day. I drove over to visit my niece at the RV park where she is staying. It is about 30 miles from my house - on the western edge of Albuquerque. Been trying to get over there since she moved her RV there from Oklahoma a month ago. It was a beautiful day - lots of sunshine and light breeze blowing. Perfect day to be out and about. Had a great time visiting and having coffee. While I was there, she showed me some heat resistant sheers she has on her windows to cut down on the heat through the windows. So on my way home, I stopped off at Bed, Bath and Beyond to look for them. The store employee didn't think they had any. As I was getting ready to leave - I checked in the Clearance section and found some. I bought the 84 length one in white - and got it for about 75% off!!! Whoo-whee. I need it for the glass block window in the master bath. Will cut it in half and make 2 shorter panels and put it on a tension rod. Since I was on a roll - I stopped at Best Buy and bought the 5TB ExHD. Then did a bit of food shopping and picked up mail on the way home. Didn't get back home until after 3:30 PM so it was a long day out and about. Still wearing a mask when out just to be on the safe side. I saw a beautiful purple velvet comforter set while I was out but it the wrong size - so going to check out another WM to see if they have the right size. Couldn't find it on-line so will have to do a trip to the store to see if they have it. I need to get the tension rod and a couple of other things there.

Eva, so glad your DH is willing to do the grocery shopping on his way home from work. Glad that the store in the larger town has better prices - a double win for you! Have to LOL - I agree it is so much fun to start an NEW PROJECT... even if you haven't finished other ones. That soup sound delicious... I love lentil soup with lots of veggies. Enjoy it.

Nancy, so glad you were able to get the problem with the photos resolved. I always hold my breath when a new update is installed as have had glitches from several in the past. Although the last 2 resolved some of the prior problems. Have a new one for Windows10 waiting to be installed right now. Hoping there won't be a problem with it. Will make sure to do a back-up to the ExHD before I install the update. How wonderful that you will be a witness at your friends wedding.

Summer is back again... into the high 80*'s for the next week. Time for short sleeves top and crop-pants. Need to get dressed and head out before it gets too hot. CYL


The Loopy-O
I am back for a second, I am LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry 'bout that. It needed to get out.

OK, that said... I think am better. Maybe.
It is so darn cold in my house-- I dreamed last night that the temps dropped from 80 to the 30s and it started to snow. Why I didn't wake up and pull the blankets on, I have no idea. Yesterday was fine, today is, I don't even know. Scott is miserable, the Dr has the results from his u/s but won't tell him anything over the phone, he has to make another appt. It is his birthday and he isn't all that happy about that, he thought by the time he was 25 he would be a bit ahead of where he is in life. I am just tired and cranky and cold.
The good news is that I am heading outside very soon. It will be safe to talk to me later. heh

quick personals from yesterday:

@Kythe Good luck with DD's cat-when is she going camping? Hopefully, by then, the cat will be used to getting the shots.

@bcgal00 Ouch! I swear, the dogs are out to kill us! Good to hear that your lip/jaw is doing better, it must have hurt a lot. B is going to love the trip to the park!

@tanteva you have had a lot to process, grief is exhausting. Hope you slept well and feel better today

@nancyr congrats on applying for SS!!! Never thought I would say this, but I am a bit jealous! ha! Good luck with the phone photos. We did get two chairs. They will look nice out there.

@Cherylndesigns Yes, but could you face plant on the curb right smack dab in front of the entrance where everyone is walking by and looking at you like you are a huge idiot? :D

@scrap-genie I hope you have some photos of the iris! My purple/lavender ones bloomed a few days ago and my yellow ones popped yesterday. Sorry that your pancakes didn't come out right, that is usually an easy-go to- must be something in the air!


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Good morning ladies. I've got an easy work day today and then 3 days off...yay! Lots to do though so I'm sure the wkend will fly by. D is home today so I'm going to get him to load up my car with some stuff to donate. I'll go drop it off at lunchtime. Need to pop into the pet store for more dog bones and training treats. Still have to figure out what I'll bring to the picnic at the park tomorrow. Will make some banana muffins to take for us all. Maybe I'll make a pasta salad.

@faerywings Hope Scott perks up and enjoys his birthday. Hope you enjoy your time outside.
@tanteva Sounds like we eat a lot of the same things. Enjoy the soup.
@nancyr How lovely to be a witness for the wedding, to share in such a happy occasion.
@BrightEyes Good score on the curtains!

I'm getting another coffee and will watch today's online dog training class. I'm really enjoying the virtual training. Jen and I shared the cost of it which makes it even more affordable. Have a great day everyone!


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Good afternoon, all.

Chris, @faerywings no, I've never face planted in front of everybody on the sidewalk. Where's that appropriate emoji when I need it????? YIKERS!!! I DO have strange accidents, though. I get everything hooked together. I can walk through a door and get my sleeve caught on the handle, but the things I've done with my purse handle!! I'm about as klutzy as they come!

Kay, @BrightEyes what a wonderful day you had and SO productive!! How fantastic that you found those curtains at 75% off!! I also have some of those and it's amazing how much they insulate both cold and hot. We bought the coolest curtains for our French doors. They are heavily insulated - you can feel the heat trapped in them. They fold up during the day and are held up with velcro strips. My hubby found them online and they're just the berries!! The back of our house where the doors are is due west, so you can imagine how bright our kitchen is at that time. They're been a life-saver and I also love the privacy at night.

Chris I hope little Evvie is okay, bless her little heart.

Sorry I've been MIA for a day. We've been doing inside work while it's been raining and went to Lowe's again today and bought the plants for the other side of the front of the house. Another $250. Geeze it adds up!! The side we're doing now is bigger and we want to plant a small ornamental tree, but we didn't see any that looked real healthy.

Kitty and Daisy are inching ever so closer to each other. We all 4 sat on the couch last night and watched TV. Kitty always sits on Chuck's lap, but Daisy was right between us. We're making progress.

I'll try to be more present - with all the rain we've had, I have to "make hay while the sun shines" as Grandma used to say.

Hugs to all.