Daily Ooos: Friday, May 13


The Loopy-O
The run of sunshine is over but that is actually a good thing for me. I need to stay inside, at my desk, and get stuff done today. Must get stuff done. Must. *nods*
I have my list right next to me and I keep adding to-dos to it.
Cait and I opened up the puzzle I got her for Christmas and I have a feeling it is going to take months to finish. It's Disney's Haunted Mansion and it's solid black. *slight* exaggeration. It is SHADES of black. LOL We spent a few hours on it yesterday and she got the edges done and I got a few chunks where there were words. The four of us played a round of Uno Flip right before dinner. Nice to see her relaxed.

I think while I am working at my desk I am also going to make the breadstick dough to freeze. That is just setting up the bread machine and letting it run. If I am at my desk, it will be easy enough to keep an eye and ear on the machine.



The Loopy-O
@taxed4ever that is great that the rain held off on your hike and that you have a nice time, the lunch spot sounds very restful. Better rest up today so when your Gary cracks the whip tomorrow, you will be prepared :D
I can not imagine not seeing my kids almost every day and I know I am going to be sad when they move out. If I had a wish, it would be that teleportation could be real so you could "fly" out to shop with Heather and then be home for dinner.
Good luck with your weight loss, it will be easier this time of year *fingers crossed* I feel weird saying this, but I miss my anorexia days when I had the ability to starve myself and lose weight. Skipping meals at this point just makes me tired.
Sweet kitty!!

@bcgal00 did you get the hot tub working? I'll grab some Pina Coladas and be right over :D
I love the combo of pink and grey- and the headboard sounds amazing-- do you have a picture? It really seems like the house is coming together.

@Cherylndesigns so much activity all around you-- people and machinery. You have a bunch of either strong work ethic-driven people or supercharged caffeine! Probably both
The arch sounds fantastic, are you going to let vines grow on it? (note to self-- get the morning glory seeds out of the basement and soak them)
How was GNO? Did you all sing along to the music?

@tanteva ugh! I can't believe that you are sick again! Feel better and *STOP* cleaning. (oh, you did already?? Good!)

@Lynn Grieveson BWUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!
the banana gif -- if I had coffee in my mouth it would have been everywhere OMG! hahaha. Still laughing!!
Feel free to talk about the house - I talk about the weather every darn day. And you all put up with me. (at least I think you do, I have no way of knowing in reality :p )
Oh man, that sticks about the professional photos being "unusable." You got all of the best selling/luck vibes I got coming your way~~~~~~
How is DH feeling?

@LSlycord Sorry that your time/sleep is messed up- one nice thing about working from home is being able to get all of the coffee you need, when you need it.
I can't wait to see the LOs of your trip, it will be fun hearing the stories being them too. I don't blame you for not wanting a paper chain for the next events. Syd is going to be an hour or so away? Will she have a car on campus?
How can you do that? Drop a big event like possibly putting the house on the market and then tell us "later." eeeeep!! I hope all of this is a good thing happening.



Not sure how I missed posting most of this week... I did read the thread and said to myself that I would come back and post later in the day. And of course, later in the day I was busy and forgot! Not very happy... had 1 appointment for an estimate on the roof repair on Wed but he never called and never showed!!! Needless to say - I put a big black X on his ad in the phone book! Won't be calling them for anything! Have another appt for this morning with a different company and hope he will be show up and have a reasonable estimate. Talked to my real estate gal and she is going to get in touch with a couple of them for me, too. I also have the yard guy coming over this afternoon to give me an estimate on cleaning up the yard and getting rid of the weeds in the rock yard. I am going to get him to come in 2-3 times a year and do a clean-up. And Chari will be stopping by late this afternoon after her PT session.

Need to strip the bed and pack the down comforter away for the season. Been sleeping too hot the last week with it on the bed. May end up changing the decorative velvet comforter, too. I have a light-weight one that I use for summer. It has been in the mid-60's at night this past week so it is time to change over to summer. Which reminds me I need to replace the filter on the heater/AC. Yes, the fires are still burning in the state and the temps are in the 80's - 90's with high winds especially in the afternoons.

Be back later (I hope) to do personals. Need to get dressed before the roof guy gets here. LOL...


Administrator Crazy about the "O"
Morning everyone! OMG fresh snow on the far mountain tops Really?? WTH Mother Nature??!! The sun is out right now, but apparently we are to have rain, rain and more rain. We will see, the weather man has been wrong many times this month. After reading @faerywings post to @Lynn Grieveson , I wonder if you are all sick of me talking about the weather yet? LOL. I got started on my page of my hike the other day, but as usual I got distracted in the afternoon and spent some time in my craft room making a card. Hope to finish off the layout today. Other than that if the sun stays out I will go for a walk. I have spent far too much time this morning searching for a better priced waterproof head set and not having much luck.

@faerywings - Sorry that your are having a rainy day, but guess it will give you a chance to catch up on a few things! Seems your to do list is ever growing! Your puzzle sounds intriguing you will have to take a photo of it for us! Your house will smell so good with the bread making going on. Yes I am sure that my Gary will have a zillion things planned for us for the weekend. Hopefully putting the table together so we can finally get it into the kitchen is first on the list. Have your kids been talking about moving out? I hope not yet for your sake! Yes our job as a good parent is to help our kids become independent and good human beings, but man it sucks when they are not around much anymore! I do get to see Heather almost everyday, but it sure would be great if we could teleport to actually be together in person once in awhile! Hope you have a productive day!

@bcgal00 - seems we cross post a lot LOL. We must have the same time schedule in the mornings. How lovely to have the hot tub, you will love it I am sure! Lucky you to be able to use your pool for some water exercises too! I am totally jealous, but so very happy for you!! You truly deserve all these good things! Love the colour scheme you have for your bedroom!

@Lynn Grieveson - I almost fell off my chair laughing with the gifs you posted!! Love them! Sorry your house is not selling and that you spent all those $$ on professional photos that did not turn out well. Guess if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself?? Sending good vibes your way for the sale to happen soon!

@LSlycord - Hope you are feeling more like you are in the right time zone today! It is sad to have to send your Sydney away to school, but I guess you knew that it would come to pass one day right? I know she will be an excellent student and will do well in her future, after all she had you to help her along the way! What???? You are selling your house?? Really??

@BrightEyes - Sounds like you have been one very busy lady! Hope the new quote for your roof comes in at a good price! Don't blame you for not using the other guy for anything. I don't understand why they can't just get back to you and let you know that they are not coming.

Ok Heather is face timing so gotta go!


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Good morning ladies. Got the hot tub delivered yesterday but there was a problem with the electrical panel. Luckily, the electrician is coming this afternoon so it should be up and running soon. Finally heard from the microwave installer who is supposed to come next Thurs (finally). It will be so nice to microwave in the kitchen, not the garage. Today I'm going to get chores done around the house and scrap a bit. Of course, I'll unpack a few boxes. It seems to be never ending lol.

Got my vileda spin mop yesterday and am happy with it. I haven't used that type before so can't compare it to any others but I like it. Being dustier here means having to dust and mop more often. Good thing I am retired LOL. I seem to have more to do now than I ever did before.

I'm doing well on the low carb change to my diet, lost weight already and feel good. As long as my cholesterol remains good, I will be happy. I'm eating less meat, definitely less red meat, no bacon (my cryptonite), more veggies than I did last time I followed this plan and less cheese. I made banana bread (2 loaves and froze half of it) and then made a cottage cheese, cool whip, stevia and sugar free jello dessert that I like. Its not the best thing b/c its not fresh clean food but it keeps me feeling happy with a snack at night and very little carbs. I think as I get immersed more fully into the low carb plan I'll be able to cut back on sweets but for now, if it keeps me going, I'm ok with that.

Tomorrow early morning I'm heading out with a friend to drive to Salmon Arm (about an hour away) to see if we can spot the Grebes. Right now they are doing their mating dance on the water so hopefully I'll get photos but if not, I'll enjoy getting outside and exploring a new area.

@faerywings wow, that sounds like a difficult puzzle. If you manage to complete it, that deserves a high five! I didn't get photos of the bedroom set, didn't even think of it. I'll post a photo when it gets all set up.

I'm going to hop in the shower and get on with my day.


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Forgot to say...

@taxed4ever Hope you can get out for a walk. I'll be watching for your LO about the hike soon.

@BrightEyes Hope you get a good roof estimate today and how wonderful that you found a yard guy. Unfortunately, here in Kamloops there are no landscapers available. They are already booked for the summer. We may have more luck in the fall.

@LSlycord Did I miss something? You are putting your home up for sale?


I'm actually taking a short lunch break. I need it for my mental health. So, the house update. About 8 weeks ago, I came across a small community about 45 minutes south of here that looked so wonderful. There are about 350 homes in a gated community and the community has it's own pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a clubhouse. There is a ramp down to the beach.

We would definitely be downsizing if we made the move...probably going to a 3 bed 2 bath. The homes are older...built in late 80's to early 90's. Most of the community members are 55+ although not everyone. Our home has appreciated so much in the two years that we have owned it that it is realistic for us to live in a place with a canal in the backyard and the ocean two blocks away. While touring the home that we really like last night, we sat on their deck and listened to the ocean waves.

The dogs would no longer have a backyard that was fenced. But honestly, I think that they would prefer taking the 2 block walk to the beach and then adding a mile or so each way on the beach itself. I was worried about how the kids would take to living in a smaller house...especially Syd who loves new and big...but they seemed onboard after looking around last night.

Here is the link to the one that we are looking at Palm Coast home. So we will see...it would be a huge downsizing effort. And I was looking forward to a summer of peace...but maybe I'm just not meant for peace...LOL.

@faerywings and @taxed4ever I can't imagine being that far from my kids. I keep hoping that they will move near each other when they leave. Then I can be near them. Maybe I will build a compound like @Cherylndesigns.

@faerywings love to hear that you are getting so much done for Cait's graduation party! Has she started looking for a job yet?

Ok...speaking of jobs...I better get myself back to work. I'll be back. I really, really miss you guys when I'm gone.


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Good morning, Lovelies.

So much to answer - Linda @LSlycord you're putting your house on the market????? I'm glad you're back home, though and it will take awhile to catch up on the time changes. It took me quite awhile, but then I don't sleep well to start with. It was quite a thing for me to adjust to. I can't wait to see your pages, either

Well, I didn't get to go to GNO - I got really sick yesterday - it lasted for a couple of hours then I felt better, but not good enough to go out for 5 hours. I fought it all afternoon - kept telling myself I'd be okay, but in the end, I just didn't feel like getting dressed and sitting at an outside thing til all hours. Ava said it was REALLY loud - they couldn't even carry on a conversation. I used to like that when I was younger but not so much anymore. Getting too old for that. My idea of a night out is a quiet restaurant where we can actually talk to each other. Hahaha'

It's going to rain - it's thundering right now. UGH.

Chris @faerywings yes, I'm going to plant climbing vines - one on each side of the arch. I figure they'll meet in the middle. I'm also thinking morning glories. I want instant gratification so I'm going to buy the pots of plants. Hoping to do that this weekend. Yes, there's always something going on around here. Honestly, sometimes it exhausts me!



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Linda @LSlycord that looks fabulous!! The amenities!!! That's so nice to have all of those - and right on the ocean, too. We never lived anywhere that had all of those amenities, but we have friends who live in places like that. One of our couple friends lives in an older gated community - probably similar in age to the one you're looking at. They have boat dock that they can get in their boat and go right out to the Gulf. We all had brunch in their private restaurant. It's kind of like living at a country clubl.

How awesome - it would be worth downsizing to get all of ammenities. Do you REALLY need more size than 3/2? The kids will be leaving soon. Losing your backyard and private pool will be hard, though. Is there a possibility of having a private pool? Some of those communities do offer that.

Did I see a restaurant in there? Our friends who just moved into a newer community have their own top grade restaurant! They elected to put in their own pool, though. They have a community pool, but at the last minute, didn't want to give their own pool up. They can even rent part of the restaurant for private parties. It's one of those Del Webb Communities and is gorgeous! Their home was about the same price but all of the amenities sure made up for them downsizing.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Lynn Grieveson

Saturday here in NZ! DH and I just walked M to her cleaning job together, always a nice way to start the weekend. Now back up into the hills to clear the letterbox and air out the house for another viewing. Crossing fingers AND toes for a sale at this point!

@faerywings and @taxed4ever Love the chatty updates :)!

@bcgal00 yay for switching to low carb. It's been a game changer for me in terms of pain management, and now DH has joined me to try to lose weight. He is feeling really good, thanks @faerywings :) His new tall table arrived and he has set up all his podcast/zoom recording equipment on it so the apartment now looks like a recording studio. But all good.

@LSlycord that actually sounds like a really good potential move :)

@Cherylndesigns hope you are better today!
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