Daily Ooos: Friday, June 11


The Loopy-O
oh, wow, it got*cold* here overnight. It is 59* and I have goosebumps I am so cold.

Yesterday was such a fantastic day with the weather. Gary and Scott were both complaining it was too hot but it was perfect for me.
I did some work inside - we still have mice that are getting into my kitchen garbage can and it is maddening. We have humane traps that there have figured out how to escape from, we have steel wool blocking just about every nook and cranny but they chew through it. We can't use plug-in repellents because of Cait's rats and Caitlyn and I are opposed to snap traps. I told Gray that if he wanted to use them, I did not want to see or hear a darn thing. *sticks fingers in ears la la la*
I scrubbed and disinfected the area under the fridge and dishwasher where they seem to be able to come up from the basement but I don't know what else we can do. *points to my previous sentence ^^* Don't bother suggesting snap traps... The dogs will bark their heads off at them but the mice don't care. They didn't like it when we had cats but dogs are not a threat. Go figure.

I weeded out the side of my house that we don't typically ever use/see. It is between my house and the neighbors and is only a few feet across with small trees and rose of Sharon mixed in. I was able to get rid of the overgrowth and then moved some of the ferns to under the hedges. There isn't grass, only moss back there but at least it looks nicer. I didn't get any pictures but I will try to do that today. The iris and lilies of the valley are all done blooming but the tiger lilies and true lilies are going to bloom soon. I like that I get some color just about all of the time. It is always a work in progress. which suits me just fine. :)

I am taking J to the vet this afternoon for vaccinations and her heartworm test. I am allowed to go in with her as long as I have a mask. I am happy that I can do that. Although when I wasn't allowed in last year, they said that she did great. Maybe she only acts up when I am there. [noidea smilie] I think I am going to make a call into the FP. I haven't been able t to go to the one on the weekend in several weeks and haven't put in an order for one in the last 2 months. I need to get paper goods and some cleaning supplies that I don't usually get when I pick up the pre-pack bags. God knows I don't need any cans of soup or grape jelly. I have way too much of that ATM. ;)

That is about it here. I should post this and get my day started. TTYS! xoxo


The Loopy-O
Kay- You got so much done outside, that is great! How nice of your neighbor to help with all of the drip line stuff too. How is the smoke by you today? I can't imagine what that must be like. Hope that you were able to get your hair cut. Thanks for the book suggestion too.

@tanteva you and Urban must make a cute couple. It is nice to be married to your best friend.

@taxed4ever You are doing so much with the t-shirts! How fun! I can't wait to see the next batch of pictures. That is so exciting to have dates set for the trip. I am beyond happy and thrilled for you, I cannot imagine how you feel! It has been loooooong time since you hugged any of your babies.
Good luck getting the flight information all taken care of!

@bcgal00 What a mess of the work emails. I hope that you are able to catch up on it quickly. That is so good to hear the Remi seems to be doing so well, good luck when she gets the blood work done. She is such a cutie!!

@Cherylndesigns *breathes a sigh of relief* Thank goodness that you are finally feeling better. Sorry that you had the flu but whew-- that it was only the flu. Don't push yourself!

@nancyr I have said it a million times but I am in awe of how many pages you can scrap. I am happy if I can do more than four LOs in a month. I don't blame you for wearing a fleece, I had the dogs outside just now and it is freezing. Do you have a lot more hockey to go? Have fun!


hOney, i'm hOme
Well, the heat is here! I'm all foggy in the head. Had a weird dream this night about that a collegue had taken a bunch of noisy kids and locked them in in the dungeons under the library (No there are no dungeons there LOL), and the police came looking. Hubby found them by using the book scanner on the floor plans, which then turned into some kind of Marauder's Map. Then he served the Christmas ham on a big platter, and drove them home with the Lubrary Bus (which we don't have either). I really should scrap my dreams ... that would make a crazy photo book.

My brains folks - it's special. LOL

Today I've made a layout for the Big photo challenge, that I need to post. Started reading a book that I really like: Beach Read by Emily Henry. Read about 1/4 of the book, and it's fine so far. Now I'm going to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone and make a layout for the AnnaColorChallenge. Those colors are NOT something I'm used to work with. Hope I will get something that looks good with it.

Contemplating killing the cats. ;) We bought a new kind of litter. One of them is sitting outside the box, looking in and moaning/grumbling. The other one did his deeds on the bathroom floor. Stupid fur balls.

Friday night and we will have our soup dinner. Then it will be TV and snacks. Hubby came home early from work today, cuz his back is acting up. He's resting a bit now, but I hope he will be able to watch some TV later. We are watching a serie, I want to see what's going to happen! And I might be able to finish the sweater I'm knitting tonight. If I don't eat ALL the time LOL


Administrator Crazy about the "O"
Morning ladies... it is cloudy and cool this morning. Sure a cold June for us so far. This morning I need to get out and cut some of my roses and bring them in the house they are gorgeous this year! Wonder if it is because we have not had the intense heat yet? I got my flights all booked and the spelling of Isaac's name all corrected. I was really hoping to be able to be there for 3 weeks but it will end up being 2 as the flights at the end of the month are just way too expensive. Its ok I am sure that we will all be in each others hair after 2 weeks of being together in one house LOL. Heather might end up staying longer, but with Isaac and Sadie not being there for the boys it might not be that much fun for them. She says they will figure it out! It will be Hunter's birthday the day before we arrive so I will bring his gift with us instead of mailing it out. Guess I better get busy with thinking about just what to get for him. Purchased pre-sale tickets for the Cowichan Valley Wine Festival the other Day. DH and I attended last year and had so much fun!! Asked my brother and his wife if they wanted a pair of tickets also, of course the jumped at the chance and it will be so much fun to go together!! It happens the whole Month of August so we will have plenty of opportunity to visit the 12 wineries that are participating this year!

@faerywings - Chris how nice that you got so much done outside yesterday! I bet the side of the house looks so pretty! I will have to check and see if my Day Lillies have started to bloom yet, I did not make it out to the back yard yesterday as the rain was relentless and it never stopped all day long. The sun is trying very hard to make an appearance this morning, sure hope it warms up a bit! Sorry you are still battling the mice in your kitchen, there must be something else out there that will keep the little buggers out of your house?? This morning when I opened my bedroom curtains there was a cute little bunny munching away on the grass, then I saw an eagle shortly after. I walked away as I have seen them scooped up way too many times :eek: poor little things! Mother nature can be cruel! Yes very excited about our upcoming trip and happy to hear that Ontario is finally in Stage 1 of re-opening, we are in Stage 2 starting on the 15th and our numbers are way down, so hopefully it continues to be that way!

@tanteva - Wow that was one wild and crazy dream!! I was dreaming a lot a few months ago, really crazy dreams, but they seem to occurring less and less, perhaps it was the stress of being away from my kids and grands for so long?? Guess you better go back to using the old Cat Litter, sounds like your kitties are not happy with the new stuff LOL.

@nancyr - Sorry I meant to catch up with you the other day, yes our Bruins were a bit of disappointment, I would say that maybe next year?? But the team is aging and so many with nagging injuries, not sure what will happen in the future for them. Oh well perhaps more work will get done around here now that we are not glued to the TV watching Hockey. Can't stand watching Montreal and really don't care about who wins now LOL. I need to check out all of your layouts, you certainly have been one busy scrapper!

@bcgal00 - Hope you get all of your work caught up and don't have to spend the weekend doing so! What a mess with your emails, technology is great when it works smoothly but a nightmare when it doesn't! Glad to hear that Remi is doing so well, your photos on Facebook are beautiful as always!!

Kay - I too am impressed with all that you have gotten done around your place lately! Now hopefully you can take it easy for a bit!

@Cherylndesigns - Ugghh on having the flu!! Glad that it wasn't Covid! Hope that you are feeling back to normal now and that the heat is not so bad over the weekend!

Ok I better get showered and dressed before Heather and the boys call, have a great day everyone Happy Friday!


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Good morning everyone. Busy day ahead with work (and off and on thru the wkend too) as I work on the backlog now that (fingers crossed) the work files are coming thru. It glitched yesterday afternoon and we had problems again...ugh. What a week this has been. I need to get as much done by the end of the wkend as I can b/c on Monday I get my second vaccine and depending on my reaction to it, it might be difficult to work for a few days if I feel sick. Hopefully I will have minimal side effects but regardless I will have to try to work no matter how I feel. D gets his 2nd shot on Wed, so then we'll both be vaccinated. Yay. I really want to see the grandkids this summer, we missed our great granddaughter's 1st b-day and now Rene is pregnant again so we have a new great grandbaby coming in Oct too. A niece and one of my granddaughters is getting married so looking forward to 2 weddings coming up later this year or early next.

@faerywings Wish you were here to do my weeding/gardening :) I hate doing it and it's looking really bad right now. I keep putting it off. Hope all goes well at the vet today.

@taxed4ever How wonderful that you'll finally get to spend some time with the family this summer.

I'm getting another coffee and getting to work. It's going to be a long day.


Been a busy morning... spent time doing laundry washed, folded and put away. Still have the towels to do but will wait until tomorrow to do them. I love my new purple velvet comforter but discovered night before last that it was too heavy/hot now that the night time temps are higher than they have been. The comforter ended up on the floor during the night - then I woke up cold before the sun came up. So... dug out my old much lighter-weight comforter and put it on the bed yesterday morning. Yes... that was much better last night. No fighting with it or tossing it around.

I did get my haircut yesterday morning and picked up the items I needed from WalMart. Saw my grandson#2 who works there so got a big hug from him. Had a wonderful evening... I picked up the DVD of Top Gun from the book store. We had a friend who worked on the movie as technical advisor and both he and his wife were in the O Club scene. Fun to see our old stomping grounds - Miramar NAS and San Diego. Brought back lots of memories as hubby worked at Miramar off and on for 20+ years. There was a bonus DVD in the package - all about the making of the movie which I enjoyed enormously. Guess I should check out other DVDs that I have and maybe watch some of them.

The other good thing is the smoke isn't as bad as it has been for the last week. But the temp was already into the 80's before 9AM so had to close the house up early. Guess the A/C will probably come on later this afternoon. I have some apples that need to be made into cobbler before they get mushy so will do that and let the A/C come on at the same time.


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Good afternoon all.

I'm having a "sinking spell" right now. I felt pretty good when I got up, but I'm slipping downhill for some reason. The doctor told me yesterday to continue to take it easy, so I guess this is how it's going to be for awhile. Adrienne and Roger stopped by last night to say hi but didn't stay very long.

Chris and Trudy, I'm SO thankful that this wasn't Covid. A lot of reports said that Covid was like the "old time flu" and that's what the dr said I had. Now I know what Covid was like. He said there was "so much sickness" going around right now and Chris @faerywings I told him about what you'd read. He said that made a lot of sense. Also said that allergy season was real bad right now + we have totally changed climates (I hadn't even thought about that). He said the weather here is "up and down" and in Florida it's just mostly consistently hot. I'm sure that has had an impact.

I'm thankful that I've felt like scrapping some. It's no effort for me to sit at my laptop and "play".

I hope to tell you all on Monday that I feel SO much better!!



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Good afternoon, Kay @BrightEyes - I had to smile at you getting "Top Gun". Back in the DVD rental days, that was my favorite DVD! My son wrangled a copy for me (they were hard to buy) and it was one of my prized possessions. That's SO cool that you have such a personal history with the making of that movie!