Daily Ooos: Friday, August 5


The Loopy-O
It is way too bad Caitlyn didn't get called back for a 2nd interview. As of noon today, she is going to lose all wisdom.
As in wisdom teeth.

Sorry. Very bad joke. heh, trying to make light of a crummy situation ;) She was hoping that if she got called for an interview she would postpone the surgery until after. So now no interview *and* surgery. Hence the horrible joke. (Goodness, I hope that Gary's Dad jokes are not rubbing off on me.)

It was another quiet day yesterday. I had a bunch of things to do in the house, then Gary and Cait started working on the puzzle so I *had* to help. Next thing I knew it was 1 pm and while I would have gone outside to do some gardening, there was nothing much to be done. I scrapped another Tarot card and uploaded a LO for the Collab challenge. Dinner was delish, those sandwiches are incredible. I had to laugh because you would never think that grilled cheese would take almost an hour to prep and cook. But worth it! WWDITS was hysterical, I couldn't stop laughing. Nadia and her voice... oh man... :p

So that's it for me today. Off to take Caitlyn to the oral surgeon. I wonder if I am going to be able to wait inside or have to stay in my car. If I have to stay in my car, I am going to make sure that I don't "borrow" Cait's ice packs for her face afterward. BFF said the best thing her DS did was ice-ice-ice. Unfortunately, the Dr is about an hour away, so I am planning on packing some cold packs for the ride home.



The Loopy-O
@BrightEyes are you getting any cooler temps soon? We couldn't turn the AC off last night either and it is another "Heat Advisory" day today. My weather alert icon on my computer teased me all day long-- it kept flashing Rain Coming. Guess what never happened?
That is wonderful news about DD##. Sweet of her to want you there from start to finish :) And excellent news that she is healing so well.
Right?? Coffee is way $$$$ and I am not particular about what brand, I mean I like some more than others but the bottom line is as long as it is "coffee," I drink it. But even ShopRite brand was $$$

@bcgal00 OMG, That is soooooo cute about Remi and dropping the ball into the water dish. She is such a character!
The countdown to the cruise is getting closer, so exciting. I guess you are all going to stick as close to home as you can for the next week before you get tested? I am glad that Jen's therapist is so encouraging but not pushing. It has to be so hard pretending to be ok, perhaps even feeling ok occasionally, and then have something out of the blue smack you over the head and rip your heart out.
Scott told us last night why he and Sam haven't put a "label" on their relationship even though there are, for all intents and purposes, a couple. She feels that by saying that, people will think she is over her brother's death, that she has moved on, and is doing OK. And while she is def. "better," she is still not OK. As long as that works for them. It makes so much sense to me. I guess my point is that getting a job would be like declaring a "relationship." Sorry-- rambling again... (you know I mean well)

@tanteva your boss sounds like
Cait's boss. He had Covid and kept calling into work. Then he has a spider bite that got infected and called into work. Next week he is on vacation and will probably call into work.
Hope you got lots of sleep today!
I have noticed that too-- last year I noticed the $2 bag of tortilla chips I usually bought went to $2.19. FIne. Picked it up and it was the same "size" but was filled with even more air than usual.SMH! But please don't; mess with my coffee ;)

@Cherylndesigns I wish we got a bit of rain but I am happy for your flowers!! I can imagine how delish your kitchen smells with your dehydrator running. Mmmmm! I love rosemary, was so heartbroken that the bog one I had died.
I bet those crazy pups would make anyone smile, how old are they now?

@LSlycord I wish I could hug you in person. I am so sorry to hear about your friends. That is absolutely awful- so young :(
Cancer sucks.

Congrats on the 2nd interview! *fingers crossed for you* And good news for Brian!
Cait hasn't heard officially but her boss has been asking around to see if anything stood out as a factor so he can help her fix/improve whatever. As of yesterday he only spoke to one of the interviewers and said that nothing went "wrong." I have a feeling it is due to her age/experience level.
You are such a good mom and have amazing kids. As hard as it is to watch them grow up-- and all of the good and bad that comes with it-- you know that you did good. :)
How is Shaun doing, is he feeling better and was it b/c of a girl?



all i need is Oscraps, cOffee, chOcOlate & tOfu
Boring day today. I meant to scrap, but I just can't ignore my FULL FULL FULLER EHDs anymore. Been sorting, deleting and copying files for hours. Chaos! And I am soooooo in need of therapy. I'm having a hard time deleting stuff I haven't touched in 10 years. I mean stuff like silly memes, old e-mails, programs that probably don't work with the Windows version I have now. Being cruel to myself, and have been deleting. I'm sure I won't miss a thing.

I really needed to do this, my EHD wouldn't let me unzip my latest purchases. LOL


Yesterday was a not so good afternoon.... I filled the windshield washer container then started the car and tried using it. The back window one worked okay but the front one just spit a little fluid out - not like it should have. Tried it several times. Then got out of the car to see a big puddle of fluid on the garage floor under the engine!!! Yikes!!! Open the hood and the container was empty! So I have to apologize (in my mind) to the guys who did the oil change... they probably filled the container after all. I called over to the dealership to find out if they have the WS container for my car as so many parts are on back-order right now and how long it would take to replace it. Still waiting for a call back from them. I can do without using it so not in a huge hurry to get it done.

@tanteva and @faerywings Yes, the manufactures have been keeping the same size containers/bags as before but have reduced the amount in them and still charge the same price or higher!!! Coffee used to have 54 oz now has 48 oz. Really irritating to open a big bag of chips to find it half full of air!

@tanteva good luck on clearing out your old stuff from the ExHD.... I understand how difficult it is to get rid of stuff there. The "I might need it later...." mindset is hard to overcome. I am taking a break from working on the old computer for right now.

@LSlycord I am so sorry to hear about 2 of your friends dying of cancer. They were still so young. <<< hugs >>> Good luck on Brian getting back into real estate selling.

Betty Jo

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@faerywings I hope all goes well with Caitlyn's dental surgery and she has a fast recovery. I found computer codes for animals. There is a mouse, a rat, and of course, I thought of you. I posted links in the HEARTS thread. ♥

@BrightEyes My windshield wiper fluid stopped working not too long ago. The container on mine is full, so it's a problem in the connecting hose. I need to get it into the garage to have them fix it, but I so hate going there. We've had so much rain lately, I haven't really needed it anyways, so will probably wait as long as I possibly can.

@LSlycord I'm so very sorry to hear of the loss of your two friends. I agree, they were so young, and it has to be devastating for their families.

@tanteva I'm so far behind on transferring files to my EHDs, and like yours, mine are filled with older stuff that needs to be deleted. I'll never use that old stuff I've held onto for years. I probably still have the very first "freebies" I downloaded many, many years ago when I first discovered digital scrapbooking. :rolleyes:

Must run and get some housework done and have my second cup of coffee. ♥


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Hey everyone! How are each of you on what here is a sunny blue sky day? It is humid, but it is summer in the Carolinas, so...
Since the V.A. finally is getting off its backside and working hubster's case we are beginning to get the long awaited deposits for his disability. YEA! This means that 100% will soon be established and my coverage will kick in. It was supposed to have happened 3 years ago! I was in school, and they were to have paid for it. They didn't so I had to withdraw- grrr. Just couldn't take on more debt at this age. I'm over 60 now, so not sure if I will return to finish school with V.A. benefits. That also means we finally will be able to carry out our plans with the littles ( Maddox 9, Lila 6, Ezekiel 3 ) . We've wanted to do a "trip" with them but lack of moolah prohibited it till now. Mom and Dad are going to Columbia (capital city) for the the weekend so this is the day! We are taking them up to N.C. to stay night in hotel with pool (of course!) and Saturday to Tiger World. Yesterday morning we discovered a park in same city that is GREAT! We've NOTHING like it here in our area. :oops: I grew up with wonderful city parks and state parks, etc. So that is difficult for me. Anyhoo, this park has a carousel, a splash pad, gem mine, a miniature golf course, and a small animal preserve!!!! That's in addition to playground, picnic areas and trails. YES! We are gonna wear the littles out so they sleep the two hour return trip! Ha! We haven't told them where we are going, it is a surprise. Son and DIL are good parents, but like so many of their age, they tend to give the kids everything!!! Not good for them. So we try to make them wait and not get instant gratification, ha!
@LSlycord I am sooo sorry for your loss. Cancer is an illusive disease; it doesn't follow the "health rules". :( And best to you with the job search. I haven't been able to work the past 3 years partly due to covid, and also that this town is so small I really don't want to work in a fast food place. I KNOW I couldn't hack it. Been getting back into substitute teaching. What kind of work are you looking for? I get the not knowing many people locally. This area of the state is hard to break into. They all have lived here forever- since before slavery. Seriously. So newcomers are usually ignored. Covid didn't help either of us, did it?!!
I agree, time with the kids- you turn around one day and they are graduating. The sudden realization of that stage of parenting has ended is abrupt!
@Cherylndesigns Sage? I just pulled my plant up two weeks ago. It was huge. We never use the stuff but it does grow like mad. I needed the container for another plant so bye bye sage. We use basil which is growing well and this year's oregano is the same plant as last years!!! How it made it through the winter and thrived I don't know!#dk
@tanteva We've noticed the same- shrinkflation in so many items over the past 3 years! Potato chips- fuggedahboudit!
Coffee, I dunno I don't drink the stuff. Hubster does and I let him pick it and make it. I made him a cup a few times then I got fired! LOL
Chris @faerywings Praying for your daughter to find her place. It exists!!
@bcgal00 , not sure what your daughter has endured, but trauma is such a process to overcome, much grace is needed. The definition of grace to me is not "unmerited favor" but a blessing of strength and self acceptance as you go through the journey. Been there. Just on the other side of it the past two years.
OOH! I can't remember who mentioned Purple Heart, but we just watched it 3 nights ago. I cried cried cried- hubster was called up for Desert Shield/Storm, and I SOOOO vividly remember watching him board that bus while I held newborn son and 6 yr. old DD's hand!!! My heart dropped 5 feet when the bus pulled away, taking them to Ft.Stewart and then to CA. GOOOOOd mOvie!
To everyone: I am trying to catch up and familiarize with everyone's stories. Please don't feel neglected if I miss you now and then!!! Have a great, safe weekend everyone!!!!

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I'm excited to hopefully get my packing cubes delivered today (fingers crossed). I also ordered low carb pasta, a few different types. I will enjoy the variety with spaghetti sauce (usually I would use cauliflower rice). Later Jen and I will take the dogs to the park as today is the only day in the next few wks that the temps are a bit cooler, high 70's. Then it's back to the heatwave. I got out yesterday in the bit of drizzle we had for a few hours and took some landscape photos and enjoyed hiking around with Remi (left Taz home to relax with D, he slept most of the afternoon, curled up on the chair with him).

Today I'll make homemade sloppy joe mix. I've got low carb buns which are perfect with this. I'll have some bacon on the side too.

We watched the latest episode of Westworld last night. Bummed that there are only two more episodes left. Next we are going to watch "The Old Man".

@faerywings It sucks that C hasn't gotten another interview. Job searching, especially for one you really want, is so stressful and so discouraging when it falls through. I really feel that the right thing will come along for her if this isn't it. Hope she recovers quickly from the dental surgery. Good idea to bring ice packs for the drive back. I totally understand the kids' thoughts on the relationship, yes, it is like Jen with getting a job. It is partly about her stress and grief and not being able to concentrate and deal with real life like a job but also I'm sure it is partly about that being a statement about moving on, letting it go. Her head knows she needs to do that at some point but the heart doesn't want to.

@LSlycord So sorry to hear of the loss of two friends recently. Life really sucks a lot sometimes.

@Amandajk Sounds like a fun trip with the grands.

I need to get out of the chair, have a shower and get on with my day.


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Good afternoon lovelies.

Getting a late start today - what's new, Pussycat??? Waiting for Casey to come clean - it's been 3 weeks. Chris @faerywings sorry your job got cancelled. Adrienne wants to go to Muskogee at 2:30 - I thought we were going tomorrow, but I guess not. I'm not really in the mood to go today. One of Roger's gd's is here and I suppose she's taking her to buy her school clothes. Fun fun fun. At least, we're going to TJ Maxx and not sure where else. I wish they'd just go by themselves -

Amanda @Amandajk glad to see you on here! Glad the VA is finally getting that mess straightened out. Of ALL the people ad groups the govt stresses over constantly - our veterans should be number 1!!!!!! Sadly, they're kind of last on the list. There's a bunch of stuff going on here too - they moved the VA hospital farther away than it already was and it's put such a burden on the older vets. I was talking with a Vietnam Vet recently - he's one of the head honchos and he said it's really causing a hardship on a lot of them plus the long wait to even get seen. I really enjoyed talking with him.

Linda @LSlycord sounds like we did get the same kind of storm. I was still up when all the crashing started and I got the flashlight and emergency candles out.

Kay @BrightEyes my kitchen does smell so good and I'm having fun with my herbs. Ava's dogs are about 7 months old, I'm thinking - they look bigger every time I see them. They're livewires. They still head straight for Daisy's water bowl (after all the licking and jumping) and put their feet in it then tramp all over the kitchen floor. LOL I'm so glad we have wash and wear floors. They look like wood, but they're laminate - they're so beautiful and you'd never know they weren't real wood - they even have the "distressing" in them.

Chris @faerywings Cait will find THE RIGHT job. She can't get discouraged - she is so talented not to mention how smart she is. We all dream of having our "dream jobs" but we don't always get the first one or two that come along. Some of us (not mentioning any names) decided to go where the money was. Nothing wrong with that either.

How is the price of tea compared to the price of coffee? I'm drinking more tea than coffee these days. Coffee was starting to mess with the acidity of my system, so I'm drinking some tea. We buy good ole' Lipton tea bags. We all like iced tea, too and I make it with Lipton Cold Brew Tea Bags.

Better run - I'll try to stop in later when we get home from shopping



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Just have to comment on shrinkflation. It's nothing new. Years ago yogurts went from 8 oz. to 6 oz. and OJ from 64 oz. to 52 oz. (but I think there was an intermediate size.) Candy bars were doing it even longer ago.

Mostly everything is the same as usual here.