AnnaColor Challenge 12.03.2021 - 12.16.2021


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Hello and welcome to the final color challenge of 2021!
One of my favorite challenges of the year because the only thing you have to do is make your page sparkle!

This challenge will run from 12.03.2021 - 12.16.2021.


You must use GLITTER or SPARKLES - the more the better - on your page. Make your page shine!

Upload your page to Anna's Gallery by Thursday, December 16, 2021 (5pm EST), with AnnaColor in the title and post a copy here, in this thread, so that we can admire your work.

Here are a few things to inspire you:

Lots of Glittery Alpha Sets
ArtPlay Palette Christmas Magic
ArtPlay Palette Yuletide
ArtPlay Palette Night Before Christmas
ArtPlay Palette Holly

You may use other designer’s products, too, so long as your page contains some AnnaProducts.

One page will be randomly selected to win a $5 GiftKard to Anna’s Store. The winner will be posted on Friday, December 17, 2021.

Thank you for participating!
Anna and the Team
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Thanks for the challenge Adryane! I used the opportunity to separate out the dress from all of my weeping angel photos, so you will definitely be seeing more of her in the future. Unbelievably I used to start from scratch, masking out dress parts every time I did a weeping angel LO - now all I have to do is drag in the layers from my master document. (That is, until I invent new poses for her.) And thanks too for pushing me to get a better hang of glitter styles.



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Thank you to everyone who participated in one of my favorite challenges of the year :)

The $5 GiftKard winners are............
isDK, pia/pippin, cyanne22, margje, lizr, mary-lynne, hoodsmom, and nightshadow!

That's right, you all get a GiftKard!

Thank you to Anna for making this happen.

Thank you to all of you for joining me in the color challenges throughout the year.

May your holidays be bright and full of color!

See you in January, 2022.

Anna and the Team
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Quelle jolie surprise pour les Fêtes, merci Anna pour ce petit cadeau , merci Adryane pour les challenges que vous nous proposez !!!!
Bonnes et Heureuses Fêtes à toutes !!!! :)


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Thank you to Anna and Adryane, What a lovely Christmas surprise. Wishing you all a Happy Christmas 2021.