AnnaColor Challenge 09.10.2021 - 09.23.2021


aA Creative Team Member
Hello and welcome to a new color challenge.

This challenge will run from 09.10.2021 - 09.23.2021.


You must use at least 3 of the challenge colors on your page.

Upload your page to Anna's Gallery by Thursday, September 23, 2021 (5pm EST), with AnnaColor in the title and post a copy here, in this thread, so that we can admire your work.

Here are a few things to inspire you:

ArtPlay Palette Notabilia
ArtPlay Palette Vivify
Cool Glows No.1
MultiMedia Flowers No.8
MultiMedia Documents No.2

You may use other designer’s products, too, so long as your page contains some AnnaProducts.

One page will be randomly selected to win a $5 GiftKard to Anna’s Store. The winner will be posted on Friday, September 24, 2021.

Thank you for participating!
Anna and the Team


aA Creative Team Member
Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge!
Beautiful and interesting pages!

The random winner of the $5 GiftKard to Anna's store is ............ Pia/Pippin! Congratulations! I will pm you a code, soon.

I'll have a new color challenge up in a few minutes :)

Anna and the Team