02-2023 Important Message about Grand Prizes | PLEASE READ


During our 8 Day 17th Birthday Event here at Oscraps, there will be 4 challenges and 4 games that need to be completed in order for you to be eligible for one of the Grand Prizes (a total of 8 events).

**The Avatar Challenge is entirely optional and not included and does not count towards a Grand Prize entry.**

Each day a new Challenge or Game will be posted at PST/PDT midnight.

GAMES close at PST 11.59 pm 18 June 2023.
(Last game is posted on June 17 and no other games will be posted after this time.)

To be eligible for a Grand Prize you will need to have participated in all the games before they are closed off as the game threads will be locked at that time.

CHALLENGES close at PST 11.59 pm 30 June, 2023 (same time as the regular monthly challenges close).
(No other birthday event challenge will be posted after Day 7 (June 17) of the event.)

So you have all month to complete the challenges, but only the 8 days of the event to participate in and complete the games.

Please remember to keep updating your Challenge/Game Tracking Thread as that is where we will be selecting our Grand Prize winners from.

Have fun and if you have any questions about this, please ask them here! :)
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