1. Menopause Witch

    Menopause Witch

    The Swedish word Klimakteriehäxan means Menopause Witch, describing the happy blissful mood of a woman in menopause ;)
  2. votes for women

    votes for women

  3. There Is Magic Here

    There Is Magic Here

    Lynn Grieveson Messy Pockets 1: I used #2 and turned it to the left to make the pictures vertical. Patterned paper and elements are Lynn Grieveson Botanical Blend. I wanted a little edge around the layout (on the bottom layer), so I blended 2 papers to make the edge darker, while keeping the...
  4. I am a woman

    I am a woman

  5. Women Celebrate

    Women Celebrate

    April 2022 Challenge #4 - Artsy/Mixed Media — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/april-2022-challenge-4-artsy-mixed-media.35271/unread I created this page by using a sketch action on the photo and then duplicated the image. I blended the bottom image layer using Pin Light and the top layer...
  6. Mania


    I blended my photo into a paint.
  7. Just the two of us

    Just the two of us

    My title is ”Beauty of it all”. It is a really beautiful song.


    ~ ILLUSIONS ~ *New Life* * ... I love people who don't exist And see numbers in the moon My thoughts know no bounds .... * Music & songlyrics: Anouk | Red Mij/Save Me Created with the gorgeous kit .... 'IMAGINE' .... and a mix of the very best materials ... by Foxeysquirrel - Teddi Rutschman...
  9. Betty and Grandmother

    Betty and Grandmother

    photo: bandini from morguefile papers: Sunflowers by Stacey Sansom stitch: "Grateful4U" CT Appreciation kit by jbullock font: American Typewriter
  10. O Happy Day_Blessed Woman of God

    O Happy Day_Blessed Woman of God

    ...Journaling... You have been such a wonderful influence and a great teachers since you were called into the ministry. I pray you continual strength in the Lord as you go on this powerful journey! :: CREDITS :: Oscraps Designer Collab Kit "O Happy Day"