vicki robinson newsletter templates

  1. Last letter of the year

    Last letter of the year

    I absolutely LOOVE these templates. So fun to write letters when you have them!
  2. December Letter

    December Letter

    Nothing like doing things in the last minute! Tomorrow is the last day to get this in the mail, to make sure it gets in time for Christmas. Yay!
  3. Family News

    Family News

    Credits: Vicki Robinson: Newspaper Templates, Just for Today elements, Celebrate Life, Artful AddOn https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-template-newsletter-vicki-robinson.html https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Vicki-Robinson-Designs-JustForToday-El.html...
  4. Vicki Robinson Newsletter Template-01

    Vicki Robinson Newsletter Template-01

    I used Vicki Robinson's Newsletter Template 01 for my page. I love this newsletter-style template! How perfect is it for a Christmas Letter?
  5. Family-News-Vol-2


    Journaling reads: Thanksgiving 2021. The fifth Thanksgiving that was just ... different. Thanksgiving 2017. We gathered at Jessica and Terry's ... without Tim. Thanksgiving 2018. We gathered at Jessica and Terry's ... without Tim, but with Mark. Thanksgiving 2019. Mark and I stayed in NC...
  6. Les pays des abers

    Les pays des abers

  7. 21-11_vrd-newsletter-template


    Journaling The Festival of Lights takes place from Wednesday 10 to Sunday 14 November. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday the festival starts at 7 pm and ends at midnight. On Sundays, the festival starts at 6pm and ends at midnight. The Light Festival is free to attend. So you cannot...
  8. Autumn Days

    Autumn Days

    Created using Newsletter Templates 12x12 by Vicki Robinson Tranquility Mini Kit by Vicki Robinson Butterflies 01 by Vicki Robinson Junque Journal 02 Elements Add-on by Vicki Robinson Newsies Ephemera Overlays Vol1 by Crafty Button Photos: Unsplash
  9. Newsletter Page 1

    Newsletter Page 1

    These are just perfect to use as is, but I love using the kits in my stash so I added a few elements...
  10. Newsletter Page 2

    Newsletter Page 2

    These new Newsletter Templates are sure to make documenting family reunions as easy as pie... And they are perfect for those who love to journal...
  11. Family-News-Vol-1-Pg-2


    I was able to change the size of the photo templates on the right and left. Love these templates!
  12. Family-News-Vol-1


    These templates are great!