The Festival of Lights takes place from Wednesday 10 to Sunday 14 November.
On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday the festival starts at 7 pm and ends at midnight. On Sundays, the festival starts at 6pm and ends at midnight.
The Light Festival is free to attend. So you cannot reserve tickets.
It has been 10 years since the first edition took place. So it's time for a party!
To celebrate the anniversary, Ghent is bringing back 4 public favorites that were highly regarded during the past festivals.
Because their location and setup are slightly different from the first time they were guests in Ghent, they are guaranteed to surprise the public again.
museum of the moon There is always a bit of mystery surrounding the moon. Visual artist Luke Jerram brings us a little closer to the moon with his Museum of the Moon. A top favorite of the Light Festival in 2018.
la cattedrale di luce
A highlight of the Light Festival in 2012 is back. The work contains no less than 78,540 LED lights and consumes hardly any power.
Let yourself be captivated again by the Cathedral of Light of De Cagna.
Cloud was one of the crowd favorites of the Light Festival in 2015.
The interactive artwork symbolizes a rain cloud with 6,000 light bulbs. As a visitor you can switch the lights on and off with a pull cord, so that the artwork constantly looks different.
the big fire that never happened
In 2011, the artist already confronted Gentenaar with the illusion of fire in the Belfry, this time another iconic tower is going up in flames.
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