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  1. try one more time

    try one more time

  2. Hope - Steph 2023

    Hope - Steph 2023

  3. Todd to US 1

    Todd to US 1

    Journaling reads: When George and Annie Winter Todd and their five oldest children left Lincolnshire for the United States it must have been bittersweet. Annie was surely elated that she would soon see her parents and 9 of her 10 living siblings. For George, I’m sure the excitement was tempered...
  4. Todd to US 2

    Todd to US 2

    This is my great grand Annie Winter and her husband George Todd around 1895. See the companion page for some of their story. For the challenge, I used the center horizontal line - text overlay, photo, flowers. I used no special techniques in this LO. I simply started with the background...
  5. Never Give Up

    Never Give Up

    Created for Vicki Robinson's January 2023 Challenge. I used Vicki's torn paper tutorial for both the torn paper and and the torn heart. Link to the tutorial is included in the challenge info.
  6. Don't-give-up.jpg


    Created with Express Yourself: Hope Bundle by Vicki Robinson Designs.
  7. All Things C & R 2022

    All Things C & R 2022

  8. Jan23-Vicki Robinson Designs-AJchall-Do The Thing

    Jan23-Vicki Robinson Designs-AJchall-Do The Thing

    I loved playing along with Vicki's monthly art journal challenge in 2022. I was so pleased to see it back again for 2023. Even though I am a cheery-o and can't win the end-of-year prize, it is nice to play along each month and see them all together at the end of the year. This month we have to...
  9. You've got this

    You've got this

  10. Dream


    What I love most in this kits is ho versatile it is.
  11. See the light

    See the light

  12. Never give up

    Never give up

  13. Hope


    I just love making art journal pages, and this kit is jus perfect for it.
  14. Start where you are

    Start where you are

    Made with the fabulous collection "Express yourseld - Hope" by Vicki Robinson
  15. hold on to hope

    hold on to hope

  16. Cursillo Picnic

    Cursillo Picnic

  17. Dream


    I was so upset to have missed the great display this local hotel put up this Christmas. Next year for sure!!
  18. Hope and Dream!

    Hope and Dream!

    Vicki Robinson Express Yourself: Hope Bundle https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-bundle-express-yourself-hope-vicki-robinson.html Vicki Robinson Express Yourself: Hope Page Borders https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-borders-express-yourself-hope-vicki-robinson.html...
  19. 23-01_vrobinson_EYHope


  20. Hope


    Journaling reads: 1 My hope is built on nothing less Than Jesus Christ, my righteousness; I dare not trust the sweetest frame, But wholly lean on Jesus’ name. Chorus: On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; All other ground is sinking sand, All other ground is sinking sand. 2 When darkness veils...