vicki robinson designs

  1. Reesa & Lily 2016.jpg

    Reesa & Lily 2016.jpg

    Journaling: Loreesa loved her American Girl Doll. We brought her to the American Girl Doll store for her birthday and after about an hour she picked this cutie. You could get a doll customized to resemble yourself. Loreesa named her Lily and said she is my twin sister. Dec. 2016
  2. Family


    for the November 2021 Challenge #7-Word Art I used Oscraps 2021 Nov Challenge Freebie by Sharon Photo Frames 04 and "FAMILY STORIES" Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs private photos
  3. Ticket To Anywhere

    Ticket To Anywhere

    Now in the Oscraps Store, Vicki Robinson's Ticket to Anywhere: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Ticket-To-Anywhere-Collection.html
  4. Dream Big

    Dream Big

    Stacked papers under the masked photo and then added a frame and elements over and under the layers. Some stamps were added to the edges and bits of lace were added under the stack and along the edge.
  5. Dreamer of Dreams

    Dreamer of Dreams

    I created this layout for Vicki Robinson's November Challenge. I used Vicki's Ticket To Anywhere Collection. I used a picture of my granddaughter, Ava - and the letter "A" was perfect for my page!
  6. Fall and Chilly

    Fall and Chilly

    It turned cold in the south, brr, so the color challenge is fun--turquoise for cold and orange fall leaves for warm. The bluebird photo is mine.
  7. My Parents

    My Parents

    Had so much fun creating with this fabulous Family Stories Collection from Vicki Robinson Design! I choose my the blue paper and then added a second textured paper and added an Overlay Blend mode to it. I clipped the photo of my Parents to the frame from the collection and layered the elements...
  8. Vicki Robinson Family Stories

    Vicki Robinson Family Stories

    This is such a wonderful kit and this vintage photo is even one of the photographs included in the kit. Vicki Robinson Family Stories: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-kit-family-stories-vicki-robinson.html
  9. A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    This picture of my granddaughter, Ava, with her camera was just perfect for Vicki Robinson's "A Perfect Day" Kit. All of the camera elements in Vicki's kit are just perfect for this picture! Vicki's kit is one of The Featured Products for October.
  10. Attack of the Lady Bugs.jpg

    Attack of the Lady Bugs.jpg

    Come fall around our neck of the woods we have problems with Lady Bugs getting into the house they are everywhere. When my son lived at home they used to freak him out. I was constantly vacuuming them up. They move in the house to get out of the cold. They are un-welcome guests.
  11. Sweet sounds of Lucille 2021

    Sweet sounds of Lucille 2021

  12. Wonderful


    Created using Digital Scrapbook Pack | Autumn Breeze Bundle by Vicki Robinson | Oscraps Photo: My own Fonts: Masexy Marker Fine Point Plain Magnificent
  13. Time To Shine Reesa Dance 2021

    Time To Shine Reesa Dance 2021

  14. Spring is Here

    Spring is Here

    Photos: Pexels
  15. A Walk in the Sky

    A Walk in the Sky

    So thankful that we got to take Isaac and Sadie to the new tourist attraction called "The Malahat Skywalk" while they were here for a visit
  16. Say Cheese

    Say Cheese

    This collection from Vicki Robinson had the perfect colours for my photo! A wonderful time spent with our grand kids after Covid had kept us apart for two years! We were all so happy to just spend some time together again!