1. Charming Adventures

    Charming Adventures

    Created for the AnnaColor Challenge 5-13-22 - 5-26-22 Photo: Pixabay, processed with various mobile app on my iPad


    Riding The Rails | The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies Photo: Stock
  3. Good Times . . .

    Good Times . . .

    Created for the 52 Inspirations May Challenge #3
  4. Italy


    Journaling reads: Italy is at the top of my bucket list to visit. The colors, the buildings, the food, the beauty; I want to photograph it all and store it forever in my memories. ♥
  5. Worthwhile


    I love processing and scrapping architectural photos; buildings, alleys, windows, doors, etc. I processed this one as a detailed sketch with Photoshop 2022. Photo: Pixabay
  6. The Palace.jpg

    The Palace.jpg

    Always fun to go through past trips and this one to France was very special! We travelled with our Son and Daughter In Law and experienced this beautiful Palace together. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast in the Palace and skipped the line ups to get in. This was a nice surprise courtesy of our...
  7. Bougainvillea, Oia

    Bougainvillea, Oia

    We spent several hours walking around Oia. The day was warm and sunny. We never knew where we were but just kept wandering up and down busy streets. Everything was so pretty, and the bougainvillea was amazing. The views from the edge of the caldera were incredible. We could have spent days here...
  8. Kilkenny Ireland.jpg

    Kilkenny Ireland.jpg

    Made for 2022 April Tic Tac Toe Lace made with a very old brush origin unknown Font Wallace
  9. Let The Adventure Begin!

    Let The Adventure Begin!

    A second page from our trip to Oklahoma. There were 8 of us and we sat in the very back of the plane. We had a blast back there with the flight attendants. "Party in the back of the plane". I used Lynn Grieveson Mapped Template and Digital Scrapbooking Collection.
  10. Scenes From The Airport

    Scenes From The Airport

    The last time I flew was in July of 2019. We went to Oklahoma, on vacation and to see if we'd like to move there. Lynn Grieveson's Mapped Digital Scrapbooking Collection was perfect for my photographs.
  11. Wandering . . .

    Wandering . . .

    Created for the AnnaColor Challenge 04.15.2022 - 04.28.2022 Due to some physical problems and the price of gas I won't be doing much physical wandering this year, so I'll just have to travel digitally. :)
  12. Exploring Shanghai

    Exploring Shanghai

    DD in China :-)
  13. I want to turn the clock back  . . .

    I want to turn the clock back . . .

    I love this quote and just had to use it for a layout: I want to turn the clock back to when people lived in small villages and cared for each other. --Pete Seeger
  14. lgrieveson_t is the season

    lgrieveson_t is the season

  15. Berlin


    Love this pic of Daughter-Two seen behind a photobombing Daughter-One, but I can even tell you exactly why! Had to scrap it though :) Thanks for looking!
  16. Paris


    DD and DH in Paris. I just wish I had taken even more photos! Thanks for looking!
  17. 22-03_AnnaCOLOR


    AnnaColor Challenge 02.18.2022 - 03.03.2022 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-02-18-2022-03-03-2022.35050/#post-616489
  18. BE Artful Expressions 02

    BE Artful Expressions 02

  19. Tomorrows adventures

    Tomorrows adventures

  20. ae-02-susan-02.jpg


    Part of my bucket list! Begin with paper 9. For left side placed poster, extracted Maasai men and street art images and played with them until it looked right. Added stamps under and over until satisfied. On left, blended map over background then layer images until satisfied. Add journaling and...