1. Jen-n-Ryan-DR-03-2023


    For the Tic-Tac-Toe challenge; I used the vertical column: paint or overlay-fruit-word art
  2. September Song Challenge - Horse With No Name

    September Song Challenge - Horse With No Name

    September Songs We Love Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/♥-songs-we-love-♥-challenge-with-joyful-heart-designs-september-2023.38258/ Horse With No Name sung by America Pixabay Photo When I think of a traveling song...I remember us driving back from Sharm el Sheikh in the Sinai...
  3. Watching the Tide

    Watching the Tide

    Lime in the Coconut {Collection Bundle} by Mixed Media by Erin
  4. Illuminated Journal 11 France

    Illuminated Journal 11 France

    Illuminated Journal 11 - France by Viva Artistry is new in the Oscrap's store.
  5. Explore-Tennessee


    Onda templates by Jimbo Jambo Designs Travel Book Page Kit by Vero Travel Book Glitter Styles and Papers by Vero Travel Book Word Tags by Vero Travel Book Solids Card Stocks and Shabby Papers by Vero Travel Book Alpha by Vero
  6. Cort in Paris

    Cort in Paris

    My niece, who is a high school teacher, chaperoned a trip to Europe this past summer. To blend the large photo I used it twice - the lower layer was at normal mode but at about 60% opacity; the upper layer was at linear light mode at about 57% opacity. I erased parts of both layers as needed...
  7. Paris, Tennessee

    Paris, Tennessee

    [url=https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Illuminated-Journal-11-France.html} Illuminated Journal 11-France[/url] by ViVa Artistry
  8. Empty Nesters  by Karen Schulz Designs

    Empty Nesters by Karen Schulz Designs

    Empty Nesters collection by Karen Schulz is September Featured Product I chose to use photos of our travels around the world for my Layout
  9. City of Love

    City of Love

    We did a professional photo shoot when we were in Paris last year. One of the best decisions we made. These photos really take me back and were perfect for this new kit!
  10. Dangerous Destination - Cuba

    Dangerous Destination - Cuba

    September Challenge #2 - Heritage @ OScraps https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-2023-challenge-2-heritage.38148/#post-675254 Photo of family in Havana
  11. glasgow


  12. Venice - Carnivale - Challenge 4

    Venice - Carnivale - Challenge 4

    Visiting Venice during Carnivale is on my bucket list. Background is shabby solid paper 2 in Soft Light mode over shabby solid paper 4 merged to create one paper. Patterned paper 07 is torn and curled. The border is was created by taking two parts of border #1 to create the diagonal base...
  13. memories


    Created with Wayfarer - Maya de Groot - Aug 20 - 26 Free With $10 Purchase


    Eden and Friends | The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies at Oscraps Photo: My own Journaling reads: These pretty little dainty flowers, Cerastium Tomentosum (Silver Carpet, Snow in Summer, Chickweed) were growing along the brick wall in front of the Grasmere Parish Church, and...
  15. doonagore castle

    doonagore castle

  16. valencia


  17. Boating.jpg


    Hello Adventure by Palvinka – Hello Adventure Collection (oscraps.com)
  18. Chall #6 - Big photo

    Chall #6 - Big photo

  19. Beech-Mountain-Page-15


    Journaling reads: Like anytime you go on vacation, the time for leaving for home is bittersweet. For me, I was looking forward to being back in my own bed! The name of the apartment we rented is “Pie in the Sky”. I’ve heard that phrase but wondered what it could mean for the apartment...
  20. Beech-Mountain-Page-14


    Journaling reads: Sunrise was to be at 6:14:57 a.m. the morning we were head- ing home. So we set the alarm for 6:00 so I could wake up a bit before I focused on getting a sunrise picture. Ummm.....that didn’t happen! We did see the deer enjoying breakfast. You can barely see a couple of...