1. so happy here

    so happy here

  2. Lilach Oren 2023 Calendar Pocket Cards

    Lilach Oren 2023 Calendar Pocket Cards

    Lilach Oren has brand new packs of 2023 Calendar Pocket Cards in the store! I combined a few of them with pictures and elements and patterned paper from the How Are You Feeling Collection. The template I used is Mess The Pocket No. 11.
  3. BE Bliss NovTemp DayDream copy.jpg

    BE Bliss NovTemp DayDream copy.jpg

  4. Inner Strength

    Inner Strength

    Created For The November 2022 : Challenge #3 : Template Challenge Thank You! for a Wonderful! template challenge!!!...I was intrigued & wanted to create a layout with the template you kindly supplied...I don't use templates that often but find that I have been using them a bit more...
  5. reminder


  6. Unplug


    Those who know me, know that I love double pagers, so here's the left-hand side to my previous layout.
  7. One Bad Idea

    One Bad Idea

    A new designer - CRK Desings - has recently opened her store here at Oscraps and I just couldn't resist trying out her designs. I chose this doctor-themed kit to document a recent visit to the ER. The collection includes several cute stacked-paper clusters which I wanted to use, so I decided to...
  8. All the Feelings

    All the Feelings

    June 2022 Color Play Template Challenge at Oscraps —https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-06-lynn-grieveson-june-color-play-challenge-through-july-25th.35811/#post-631094 I changed up the template a little bit by cropping the second paper layer and moving some of the paint layers around...
  9. Looks like Paradise

    Looks like Paradise

    Created with Seashell Passion by Xuxper Designs, part of the June 2022 Color Play collection on sale through Monday I used a template and wordart by Anna Aspnes. The photos are mine.
  10. Pizza lover

    Pizza lover

    pizza in Moscow December 2019
  11. Found


    Created for Challenge #5 - Heritage. A rare photo of myself as a baby... Photo from 1978 RE Process: I recolored some of the papers and elements from Lynn's kit by placing a paper from Vicki's kit above and changing blend mode to hue...
  12. Family


    This layout started as a font challenge layout and morphed into hours - literally - of reminiscing, deep-dive YouTube research and several photo treatment sessions... the latter left me grinding my teeth in frustration - the quality of the photos from that day in 2006 is just that bad... On the...
  13. Summer Story

    Summer Story

  14. Happy May

    Happy May

    A day in my daughter life...
  15. My Boy

    My Boy

    My little boy is not so little anymore... I have used my pocket template to scrap with NLD super amazing kit
  16. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    I started scrapbooking as a way to enhance my family albums and alther recently I've been playing and experimenting more, I still scrap quite a few album pages. This layout is a super practical one, using Lynn Grieveson's template and the charity collab Rae's Sunshine cretaed by our fabuous...
  17. lilacho-pocket-scrapping-april-lilach.jpg


    My week 5 of April 2022
  18. last day of passover

    last day of passover

    I just love this holiday so much, love that quality time with my family over good food and lots of wine drinking, love that tradition.
  19. Today...


    This is the right hand side of the two-pager documenting our life in 2005. I love these new super practical - yet creative - templates from Lilach Oren - the new designer here at Oscraps!!! I'm sooo hapy she's here!
  20. When We Are Together

    When We Are Together

    One of my scrapping goals for 2022 is embracing white space. Literally - I've been loving all these white backgrounds recently... and figuratively - less is more kind of thing. White space is hard for me, so I tend to use a template as a starter and... clutter it with stuff. Lol... This layout...