1. BE ForgetMeNot Natali copy.jpg

    BE ForgetMeNot Natali copy.jpg

  2. BE Beloved Palvinka copy.jpg

    BE Beloved Palvinka copy.jpg

  3. BE Garden of Eden nkl copy.jpg

    BE Garden of Eden nkl copy.jpg

  4. BE Beautiful New Day - Palvinka

    BE Beautiful New Day - Palvinka

  5. Love Story

    Love Story

    Do you know there is a new Heritage/Genealogy forum here? I loved it and it inspired me to create this layout documenting real life Cinderella-type love story. The journaling reads: This photo was taken circa 1922. The girl with two long braids is my great grandmother Magda while she still...
  6. Lucky Photo Taking

    Lucky Photo Taking

    The look on David's face. You would think I was forcing him to have his picture taken. Again. lol Created for Rachel Jefferies' March Featured Product Challenge at Oscraps
  7. Together 4ever

    Together 4ever

    I don't usually have a lot of paper layers under the photo and I really loved playing with those. It's an easy way to add a lot of interest to a page.
  8. Natali Simply {Captured}

    Natali Simply {Captured}

    Natali Simply is new in the Oscraps Store. A all-in-one bundle is available as well as other options. https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Simply-all-in-one.html
  9. BE Tender

    BE Tender

  10. The Art of Life

    The Art of Life

    My second layout with this template... The possibilities are indeed endless.. I really like the grid format which is so versatile... and being able to turn the layers on and off is means pure creative bliss.
  11. You and Me

    You and Me

    I was a bit intimidated by the 100 squares... but as I sat there turning the layers on and off, inspiration kicked in and this is what I created. I used nothing but what's included in February Art Pack and a simple background.
  12. Forever Kind of Love

    Forever Kind of Love

    With this layout, I did not do any layering and blending of background paper. (Try not to be too shocked.) For the photo mat, I clipped a piece of paint to the brown paper and used the underlying layer slider so I only used the amount of paint I wanted.
  13. Feb Chall#3

    Feb Chall#3

  14. Memory Photo Collage February - BE

    Memory Photo Collage February - BE

  15. Valentines Day

    Valentines Day

    Using Natali's Captured Love and Palvinka's Celebrate Love
  16. Redamancy


  17. BE Checkmate: Love Wins

    BE Checkmate: Love Wins

  18. This is Us

    This is Us

    Made for the February Challenge #3 - 52 Inspirations
  19. Lloyd 01

    Lloyd 01

    You really CAN do heritage with an art journal-y style kit. It just takes a little testing and tweaking! Emma Todd was my 1st cousin twice removed – her mother and my great grandfather were siblings. Except for the background which consists of paper 19 blended over paper 9, this LO is very...
  20. Valentine


    Just having fun