1. 05 With Love Color Play LO-02.jpg

    05 With Love Color Play LO-02.jpg

    A perfect kit for those romantic layouts.
  2. Enjoy Today

    Enjoy Today

    Done for the Quote to Word Art Challenge #7 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/february-challenge-7-quote-to-word-art.36997/ I used “In the coldest February, as in every other month in every other year, the best thing to hold on to in this world is each other.” — Linda Ellerbee
  3. Love Matters

    Love Matters

    For the journal notebook, I copied out the white paper on the left side. I clipped the green paper from ViVa Artistry to that white paper. I then clipped a pink paper from Joyful Heart Designs and set the blend mode to Hard Light. Finally,I clipped a green paper from Joyful Heart Designs and set...
  4. Family Love

    Family Love

  5. Bride


  6. Precious


  7. So Happy Together

    So Happy Together

  8. My Always and Forever

    My Always and Forever

    We had such a fun night at the New Year Eve Dance. The colour play products are so very beautiful every month and this month is no exception! I used ET designs Colour play goodies - Loving Moments Collection
  9. Sweet Romance 01.jpg

    Sweet Romance 01.jpg

    I created the clusters by mixing overlays with the elements.
  10. Garden Of Eden

    Garden Of Eden

  11. Love 2022

    Love 2022

    I created the title by adding a bevel to the word "love" and then clipping a paper from Happy New Year Papers 2 to the word.
  12. Start Each Day

    Start Each Day

  13. Greatest Blessing

    Greatest Blessing

    The background is made up of three layers. The bottom layer is dark brown. The next layer is a lighter paper with green and brown on the left side with the blend mode set to Pin Light. The top paper is very similar to the middle paper except the green is darker and larger. For this pager, the...
  14. Forever Love

    Forever Love

    I used the gradient tool on a layer mask to blend the photo with the page. I used the Underlying Layer slider on a light colored paper to add a painted look to the page.
  15. you are loved

    you are loved

    A photo of my DD and her fiance struggling to cut the cake at their engagement party :D
  16. Life


  17. You Are My Home

    You Are My Home

    The Artful Memories Yesterday Collection is part of the September Color Play at Oscraps.
  18. Date Night

    Date Night

    My husband and I go on Date Night every Thursday night. This picture was taken the first night when I picked him up from work and said, "Hey, wanna go get a Martini with me?". That was 5 years ago and we haven't missed a week but maybe 3-4 times since!
  19. You Make Life Magical

    You Make Life Magical

    Created for the September White Space Challenge. I used a brush from Vicki Robinson's watercolor brushes to blend the photo. I also used the underlying layer slider.
  20. BE ForgetMeNot Natali copy.jpg

    BE ForgetMeNot Natali copy.jpg