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  1. Be That Girl

    Be That Girl

    For Rachel Jefferies Mixed Media Challenge
  2. My Angel Mom

    My Angel Mom

    Today would have been my Mom's 86th birthday, so I decided I was going to scrap her and remember the days when she was here. For the November Challenge #6 - Border
  3. November Challenge #2 - Heritage

    November Challenge #2 - Heritage

    Oh Yes You Can | Mixed Media Kit by Rachel Jefferies
  4. This is Me

    This is Me

    I blended my photo with a background paper using the Layer --> Blending options --> and then used the bottom slider.
  5. 22-11_rjefferies_mixed-media-challenge


    2022-11 Rachel Jefferies November Mixed Media Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-11-rachel-jefferies-november-mixed-media-challenge.36511/
  6. Tree Frog

    Tree Frog

    Funny we didn't find him in a tree - LOL ---------------------------------------------------- Join us for Rachel Jefferies November Mix Media Challenge [Only 1 flower used. Used paper pieces, word art, thread, paint, stamp, staple, sequins and small cropped photo.]
  7. Love


    A page made with the new Intrinsic Layout Templates by Rachel Jefferies
  8. Listen to what’s calling you

    Listen to what’s calling you

    Hybrid page in a travelers notebook
  9. Be That Girl

    Be That Girl

  10. Intrinsic


  11. Can you remember?

    Can you remember?

  12. Happy fall

    Happy fall

  13. Bit by bit

    Bit by bit

    Photo: private
  14. Nothing is sure

    Nothing is sure

    Photo: Unsplash
  15. Lion Around

    Lion Around

    My zoom on my camera is really great as we were quite a way away from this cat! [ I hue adjusted "I am Ready" Paper Piece bg Paper from blue to brown to match my color scheme... ]
  16. Hummingbird


    I love the zoom on my camera! The top photo with the circle around the Hummingbird shows you how far away I was and the main photo is the 20x Zoom photo :)
  17. 22-10_rjefferies-be that girl

    22-10_rjefferies-be that girl

    Color Play October - 50% through Monday https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbook-color-play-coordinated-packs/
  18. Dear Heart

    Dear Heart

    Created using: All That We Were Digital Scrapbooking Collection by Lynn Grieveson Sinopia | The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies
  19. 22-10_O_October-Challenge-#4---Creative-Techniques


    October Challenge #4 - Creative Techniques https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-4-creative-techniques.36340/
  20. hello october

    hello october