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  1. Double Cuddles

    Double Cuddles

    First double snuggles for my daughter with her two baby boys.
  2. Working on it

    Working on it

    White Space Challenge | Février 2024 credits : Rachel Jefferies : Growth can be hard . kit (collab avec Lynn Grieveson) ; The Intrinsic Series . Layered templates set 2 ; Messy Marks . Date Stamps 2024
  3. Forward


  4. Gunnera manicata

    Gunnera manicata

    I couldn't get over how large the leaf was! Hand comparison!!!
  5. Growth-Can-Be-Hard


  6. You and I.jpg

    You and I.jpg

    Made with Rachel’s Concerto | Printed & Patterned Collages and Concerto | Mixed Media Kit, Pretty Little Things
  7. Concerto_52-Inspirations


  8. Song of beauty

    Song of beauty

    Photo: private - Hydrangea skeleton
  9. Music


  10. Just Me

    Just Me

  11. Approval not required

    Approval not required

    credits : Rachel Jefferies : Carefully curated | Unapologetically . Mixed Media Signature Kit, Messy Stamps and Bits ; Hear my Voice 18 | Inviting . templates ; Messy Marks . Date Stamps 2023
  12. Unapologetically


  13. 2024


  14. Goals (hybrid)

    Goals (hybrid)

    Hybrid TN
  15. Miss Spooktacular8

    Miss Spooktacular8

    So very proud of my Grandaughter!
  16. Miss Spooktacular7

    Miss Spooktacular7

  17. Storybook


    ✨ Embracing the Friday vibes with a cozy nook and a captivating book! There's something magical about getting lost in the pages, letting your imagination soar. Whether it's a thrilling mystery, a heartwarming romance, or a mind-bending fantasy, Fridays are made for literary adventures.
  18. Maestoso


    Life should be lived maestoso, like a symphony where each moment is a note in the grand composition of our existence. The steady rhythm of the metronome reminds us to embrace the tempo of life, finding harmony in the highs and lows.
  19. Titanic Violin

    Titanic Violin

    William Henry Hartley Violin
  20. You and I

    You and I