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  1. Rachel Jefferies Sept Mixed Media Challenge

    Rachel Jefferies Sept Mixed Media Challenge

    I used The Assembles Olive and Saffron and Pocket Art Bits and Mixed Media Artistry #12. a solid background paper a patterned background paper (slightly patterned, heavily patterned or anywhere in between, your choice) and blend it into the solid background paper a minimum of 1 text or number...
  2. The Best

    The Best

  3. Say Cheese!

    Say Cheese!

    Rachel Jefferies Pocket Art Signature Kit 13. I used some pictures we took of our cat this week. He loves to lay in a box and beside my husband's computer.
  4. behind the lens

    behind the lens

    behind the lens: #racheljefferiesdesigns
  5. this-is-now-rachel-jeffries.jpg


    2022-07 Rachel Jefferies July Featured Product Challenge (07/15/2022-08/14/2022)
  6. Great Grandma

    Great Grandma

    Rachel Jefferies Color Play Challenge
  7. Oh this mechanic life

    Oh this mechanic life

    Color Play - 06 (Jun) 2022
  8. I never met a cupcake I didn't want to get to know better

    I never met a cupcake I didn't want to get to know better

    I've been at O'Scraps for 11 years! and this is the first time I've completed all the birthday challenges :). Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Find My Way 2 (patterned paper) UrbanStitchez Christmas No.1 UrbanStitchez No.5 Maya de Groot Passion for Paper Passion for Paper II The majority of the...
  9. 2022-Day-5-Recipe-Challenge.jpg


    2 papers rjefferies-syngnathidae-mmp-09 rjefferies-syngnathidae-mmp-04 16 elements rjefferies-syngnathidae-mma-beachfinds01 rjefferies-syngnathidae-mma-paintedalgae04 rjefferies-syngnathidae-mma-paintedalgae02 rjefferies-syngnathidae-mma-ribbon rjefferies-syngnathidae-jprompt-doodles02...
  10. Family


    This layout started as a font challenge layout and morphed into hours - literally - of reminiscing, deep-dive YouTube research and several photo treatment sessions... the latter left me grinding my teeth in frustration - the quality of the photos from that day in 2006 is just that bad... On the...
  11. seashell


    Rachel Jefferies Syngnathidae collection https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Syngnathidae-the-complete-mixed-media-collection-by-Rachel-Jefferies.html
  12. Riding the rails

    Riding the rails

    2022- 05 Rachel Jefferies May Featured Product Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-05-rachel-jefferies-may-featured-product-challenge.35567/#post-626229
  13. Rachel Jefferies Riding The Rails

    Rachel Jefferies Riding The Rails

    Rachel Jefferies Riding The Rails Mixed Media Collection: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Riding-The-Rails-the-complete-mixed-media-collection-by-Rachel-Jefferies.html The picture is of two of my grandchildren getting ready to board Amtrack.
  14. you give me joy

    you give me joy

    Pocket Art: Signature Kit 12 by Rachel Jefferies Positivity Digital Scrapbooking Mixed Media Elements by Lynn Grieveson
  15. Be kind

    Be kind

  16. Happy - happy

    Happy - happy

  17. Good Times

    Good Times

  18. 22-05_rjefferies-andsohereistand


  19. 22-05_rjefferies-ohyesyoucan


  20. Rachel Jefferies April Color Play {Soulangeana}

    Rachel Jefferies April Color Play {Soulangeana}

    I got these flowers for Easter and used them with Rachel Jefferies Soulangeana Collection. I blended two of the Collage Papers together to get the look I wanted.