1. Postcard from the Seaside

    Postcard from the Seaside

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Postcards, kits, and flowers from various kits. My photo included.
  2. Creative Techniques Challenge-May2022.jpg

    Creative Techniques Challenge-May2022.jpg

    Creative Techniques Challenge for May 2022.
  3. Colour Play Challenge-Lynn Grieveson-05-22.jpg

    Colour Play Challenge-Lynn Grieveson-05-22.jpg

    Lynn Grieveson's Colour Play Challenge - May 2022
  4. To The Moon & Back

    To The Moon & Back

    This Layout Was Created For The February 2022 : Challenge #1 : Occasions & Themes Another Great! challenge...Perfect theme for Valentine's Day!!! [Or as I call it : Valentine's Month!...LOL]...Any extra occasion to celebrate love! of any kind is always a good idea to me!...I Love! the Color...
  5. National Gratitude Month- Day 1

    National Gratitude Month- Day 1

    30 days of gratitude begins tomorrow
  6. The Simple Things

    The Simple Things

    Kit "Love Blooms Here" From NLD Designs Photo by Holly Spring Photography Thanks for looking :)
  7. Smile For Me

    Smile For Me

    Kit "Love Blooms Here" From NLD Designs Photo by Photo by Holly Spring Photography Thanks for looking :)
  8. Purple Repose

    Purple Repose

    3 photos using masks to nestle the purple in the red & orange. I love putting red & purple together. Orange is a colour I love to use all the time. I’ve used very bright colours to try to create something relaxing. 1 purple photo, 1 red & blue & 1 red & orange.
  9. Parents


    My friends mom passed away last year and her dad asked that I make a tribute page to their wedding. I used the lyrics from “their song”
  10. Peace


    Everything is from Gisela B's new Purple Dream from scrap heaven. Thanks for looking
  11. All-About-the-Purple-small


    So love these new templates by Amanda (TaylorMade Designs)!! They make LOs SO easy!! I had to do this LO after I was fortunate enough to win a GC to the Queen of Quirk...and I HAD to get her Lola Viola kit...because my DD LOVES purple...and I love that she loves purple and not pink...
  12. simply framed

    simply framed

    Just a little photo of my bunny "Sparkles" aka Sparky. Papers are from Simply {Spring} by Sue Cummings Frame: Simply {framed} by Sue Cummings Torn Edges are also in Simply Quick No. 2 by Sue Cummings Flower in 52 Inspirations::2008 {Week 10} **** Everything can be found here at...
  13. captivating


    omg...I'm totally in love with Jan's patterned papers!!! Here's a sneak peek at one of her delish papers. tfl!! products: Lola Viola paper pack by the Queen of Quirk (coming soon!) Fading Emotions wordart by Taylormade Designs
  14. Sisters


    This is a photo of two of my cousins. They're too cute! The older one's almost 11 and the younger one is 5. The "K" is the first letter of their last name. La La La Leo kit by Robin Carlton and Lauren Grier Fluffy Freebie and Hearties freebie by Lauren Grier Black Tile Alpha...
  15. Age is

    Age is

    My awesome MIL has a great sense of humor and is definitely not going to kill me for scrapping her this way. credits Designer Glitter Twist and Turn paper pack Antology frames Furry Ribbons Glitter border -everything listed above by Ashalee Wall and available here...
  16. Hugs


    Opposites Attract Take 2 paper pack and Fun Borders Sequins by Corina Nielsen at FPD Hand Sewn Neutrals by Kate Hadfield, guest designer at FPD Yellow flower by Kim de Smet from August Collab at FPD Fancy Swirls by Kim de Smet at FPD Curled Border Templates and Action by Marcie Reckinger...
  17. Aladdin!


    Another Tokyo page and from Genevieve's BE Collection! One cool thing about the characters was that the "real" ones were all Westerners who spoke English so they were very excited to talk with the boys. A couple of them even skipped the lines and went right to them. Aladdin was kind...
  18. Meeting Mickey

    Meeting Mickey

    Meeting Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Seas. One of the lands is the Arabian Coast, so here's Mickey hanging out at the Voyages of Sinbad. Genevieve Sass' Be Collection! Be Classy I recolored one of the backgrounds to go better with Mickey. Also blended one of my pictures from the area into the...
  19. Family Vacation

    Family Vacation

    I scrapped this for my best friend...I wasn't actually on this vacation! LOL... Sail Away paper pack, cardboard and Painted Posies by Mikkel Paige at Oscraps Summer Soaked paper pack and Glitter Alpha Beads by Genevieve Sass at Oscraps Scrapped Alpha by Khristy Schmidt at Oscraps...
  20. Family


    Paper from Rhona Farrers New Years kit Two Peas Triple hearts doodle and line of hearts from I Made This Todays Just a Little Bit Punk Colorful negative from DigiShoppes Sprinzo Sketchy heart from Little Dreamer Designs highlight brushes Girl? from Miss Mint Party Pants kit from Peppermint...