1. Phantom of the North

    Phantom of the North

    DH took many photos of the owls on Amherst Island, not just the Great Gray Owls. This is one of our favorites. It was so incredible to find the woods with all the owls.
  2. Grand-Canyon.jpg


    Created with Wild and Free Collection by Vicki Stegall Designs and Let's Play 10 flowers by Vicki Stegall Designs.
  3. two worlds split apart

    two worlds split apart

    August 2022 - Challenge #3 - Photo Editing (invert)
  4. Create


    I used One Way City by Magical Reality. I blended one of my photos and used it as part of the background. I also wanted to continue the graphic look of the building in my photo to my whole page. Side note: I took this picture, several years ago, on slide film, and scanned the slide myself, so...
  5. Iglesia de San Servacia Mexico 2012

    Iglesia de San Servacia Mexico 2012

    The chancel of a very old church we visited while in Mexico in 2012.
  6. My Man - June Featured Product

    My Man - June Featured Product

    What a fun collection this is! My Man Collection by Vicki Robinson is perfect for ALL the men in your life with Father's Day coming up!
  7. Challenge #1 Ft. Myers Beach

    Challenge #1 Ft. Myers Beach

    I used Color Play, Palvinka's beautiful collection, Coastal Memories.
  8. The Gavotte.jpg

    The Gavotte.jpg

    Font Hamachi
  9. Anna Lift Challenge {Carpe Diem}

    Anna Lift Challenge {Carpe Diem}

    I was inspired by Betty Jo's artistic photo treatment and the Old World look of her page. I took this picture at Epcot and it looked so much like some of the architecture we saw in Europe. I used Anna's Art Play Palette Carpe Diem.
  10. Challenge #6 Seasonal

    Challenge #6 Seasonal

    I chose spring to scrap. I used Karen Schulz Sweet Summer Days Collection and also part of the May Color Play.
  11. Kinleigh's Photo Shoot

    Kinleigh's Photo Shoot

    Lilach's templates are a wonderful way to include lots of pictures! I was able to get quite a few of the latest photo shoot of my great-granddaughter, Kinleigh. My daughter and granddaughter just went to Michigan to visit Kinleigh. The man is my grandson, Jordan, Kinleigh's daddy. I used...
  12. Palvinka Color Play/Coastal Memories {Ft. Myers Beach}

    Palvinka Color Play/Coastal Memories {Ft. Myers Beach}

    Palvinka Designs Color Play Coastal Memories is new in the store. I took this photo out of the hotel window right after Hurricane Irma blew through Ft. Myers, FL. I used several photo techniques on it to heighten the stormy look.
  13. Drama


  14. it is what it is

    it is what it is

  15. I love this

    I love this

    For May 2022 Challenge #2 - Color Palette
  16. A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    May Vicki Robinson Get Creative Challenge. Not my forte' - minimalism. I challenge myself to create these pages occasionally. This is a new picture of my grandson, Jordan and my great-granddaughter, Kinleigh. I used Vicki Robinson's A Perfect Day Kit.
  17. Raes Sunshine Kit Using the Template

    Raes Sunshine Kit Using the Template

    Rae's Sunshine Kit Mega Collab - using the template that's included, by Mediterranka Designs.
  18. Hikers Hike.jpg

    Hikers Hike.jpg

    A wonderful, but very difficult hike for our group this past Wednesday! A bit of every different kind of terrain and perfect hiking weather! I used Vicki Stegall Designs - Featured Product "Wild and Free", "Day in the Life", "Lets Play Flowers" and "Ransom the Words 2" Template is from Lilach...
  19. #beyourselfie


    May featured product
  20. Love Him

    Love Him

    For this layout I'm using the photo we took for my husband's brithday a couple of weeks ago. The whole process requried a few shots and - as he's not particularly good at posing - some advice from Instagram and several pratice runs in front of the mirror. Tons of fun that was and we both had a...