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    These 10 pages are for a set of panoramic sleeves. Journaling reads: This Wahkonsa school house was completed in 1912 and is built on the site of Fort Dodge for which the Iowa city is named. Grandpa (George William Winter) started school there in 1913 or 1914. Thomas K. Winter, my great...
  2. 02-School-Skime-1929.jpg


    This was the schoolhouse for Skime, Minnesota in 1929 where my cousins Thelma and Clarice Winter attended. Their teacher, Gladys Anderson boarded with the Roseen family in 1930. Teachers often boarded with local families in the one-room schoolhouse days as salaries were small and housing was...
  3. 03-George-Winter-Class-of-1929.jpg


    My Grandpa's page.
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    Journaling reads: Momma and her father both attended Fullerton Union High School, as did Daddy and his first cousins, Euvonda and Jack Deburger. I suspect I will find more family here when I get to other branches and twigs of our family tree. This is Fullerton Union High School in 1929.
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    The bottom right yearbook photo is from 1952, Momma is 3rd from the left bottom row as Ann Winter. The larger page at center right is from her Senior yearbook in 1954. Momma and Daddy married in June 1953 and she is shown as Ann Wood. In my high school days, if you married and or got pregnant...
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    By the time Momma and Daddy attended Fullerton High, the school was HUGE. The yearbook for 1929 had 174 pages in it. The one for 1950 had 384. The arches from the previous page were -and are - still there. Seniors’ Corner, on the right, was a favorite gathering place. I wonder if they got yelled...
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    My father's page. Journaling reads: This single photo of Daddy when he was a 15-year-old Junior at FUHS is extra special to me, a real treasure. I have photos of him from being a baby to about age 10 or 12, then a break to this one, then not another except for his official Navy photos until...
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    Pages 5-8 are in the middle of the panoramic set. All 4 pages can be viewed at one time. Since it starts with my mother, then the school in the 1950s it's the prefect segue from my maternal to my paternal line as my father attended the same school as did his first double cousins (brother and...
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    This is my page. Yeah, I went to a LOT of schools! Again, this is more about the photos and elements first, then the background and borders. There are no special techniques - it just had to look and feel right!
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    Journaling reads: These are the only high school photos I can find of my brother. Skip - yeah, I know, he goes by Woody now, but Woody was my Grandpa and Skip is my brother! Surely there are more but where? The ROTC photo is from 1974. The band photos are from 1975. He is somewhere in the 3rd...
  11. Karen Schulz Vintage School

    Karen Schulz Vintage School

    Created with Karen Schulz Vintage School Collection. Picture from Pixabay.