1. Second Chance

    Second Chance

    Created with "Second Chance" by Vicki Stegall and a fabulous background by JoyfulHeart Picture SimoneTresor
  2. Only real love

    Only real love

    Created with : "WILD app" by Anna Aspnes & "Artsy Stash One" by Joyful Heart and a mask by DayDream in her kit "Shadows of the Past". Picture Pixabay - My own WA Realized to participate at the ANNA's color's challenge
  3. Dear Jenn - 1

    Dear Jenn - 1

    Created with : "All the Pretty Birdies" & "Paper Pazoola (one)" & "Artsy Stash (one)" and "Flawsome" by VivaArtistry Picture ST Etsy
  4. Search and find !

    Search and find !

  5. Just between you and me !

    Just between you and me !

    Created with a personal gift (background) offered by JoyfulHeart designs to purpose to me a challenge between us ! Realized with many brushes (transformed) from ETdesigns "picture perfect" and "today", Regina Falango with " CU 0105 paint". Other elements : Rachel Jefferies with : "New...
  6. La couleur (three)

    La couleur (three)

    Created with JoyfulHeartDesigns : "La Couleur (three)", splendid papers ! Using a jmaad's kit.
  7. Annalift


    Created with : "Artsy Blooms 1" & "Artsy Blendz Origins" & "Artplay-Forget me Not" a "Urban Frames transfers" by Anna Aspsen and "Gradient Grunge 2" by JoyfulHeart. My own journaling and handwritting WA Picture GettyFree (transormed)
  8. banner


    Banner created with JoyfulHeart designs and Viva Artistry designs and Lynne Anzelc designs Mixed styles
  9. I'm not perfect but...

    I'm not perfect but...

    Created with "Summer of Love" & "Stamps and stuff - Happy Grunge" and "Bordering on Awesome -3" by JoyfulHeart Designs and "Attachments" by ART and an other designer in an other shop.
  10. Through Her Eyes

    Through Her Eyes

    Created with : "Through Her Eyes" by Joyfulheart Designs and "Mixed Media Essentials" by Little Butterfly Wings (other shop)
  11. Digi ARTventures {Centered}

    Digi ARTventures {Centered}

    Centered by Digi Artventures has just been released in the Oscrap's store. Image from Pixabay.
  12. Terrifying place

    Terrifying place

    Created for "Love the Dark Side", JHD's challenge. Using paper "A Moonlight night" and "Stamps and Stuff - Beauty Grunge" and "Colorcrush 68" by JoyfufHeart designs & "Fantastic Steampunk" by itKuPiLLi & "Raven's Nevemore" by Foxeysquirrel (saled in another shop)+ image Pixabay
  13. Decide you !

    Decide you !

    Realized with : JoyfulHeartDesigns - JHD- Using : "Beauty Grunge colorcrush 68 stamps and stuff" and " Summer of Love" for the challenge " Quote to Wodart ".
  14. Art Journal challenge #3 Summer

    Art Journal challenge #3 Summer

    Created with JoyFulheart Designs : "Color Crush 67" and "Hello there" & Vicki Robinson ; "Field Notes" and "Express Yourself - Hope".
  15. Surprise


    Challenge "border" with Sonja realized with Joyful Heart Designs : "Hello there " and Sarapullka Scraps : "Enjoy the Spring" & "Best company".
  16. Challenge 3 Mood board.jpg

    Challenge 3 Mood board.jpg

    Fun Mood Board Challenge
  17. Love Matters

    Love Matters

    For the journal notebook, I copied out the white paper on the left side. I clipped the green paper from ViVa Artistry to that white paper. I then clipped a pink paper from Joyful Heart Designs and set the blend mode to Hard Light. Finally,I clipped a green paper from Joyful Heart Designs and set...
  18. Joyful Heart Designs

    Joyful Heart Designs

    I made a pocket art page using the new Joyful Heart Designs Winter Grunge (One) and Floral Grunge (Four) papers. The template is Rachel Jefferies Pocket Art Template 11 and the elements are from All The Little Joys.