family stories

  1. Family-News-Vol-2


    Journaling reads: Thanksgiving 2021. The fifth Thanksgiving that was just ... different. Thanksgiving 2017. We gathered at Jessica and Terry's ... without Tim. Thanksgiving 2018. We gathered at Jessica and Terry's ... without Tim, but with Mark. Thanksgiving 2019. Mark and I stayed in NC...
  2. Sawmill


    Journaling reads: Mark is really enjoying his new sawmill. He already has quite a few boards to use in the shelter he wants to build to house the sawmill.
  3. Family-News-Vol-1


    These templates are great!
  4. Family-News-Vol-1-Pg-2


    I was able to change the size of the photo templates on the right and left. Love these templates!
  5. Fun Time in the sun!

    Fun Time in the sun!

  6. Carol, Mom, and Me, 1959

    Carol, Mom, and Me, 1959

    November 2021 - Challenge #6 - White Space (about family)
  7. souvenirs


  8. Family


    I blended two papers from the kit together and then just started adding layers and embellishments. The photo is of my goddaughter and her two pre-teen daughters, so I was going for a look that might reflect doodles and things a 10- or 11-year-old might put down on paper.
  9. Sisters


    My DD's at their birthday dinner this past spring.
  10. Memories Captured

    Memories Captured

    Done for the November Word Art Challenge #7 Journaling reads: Playing games with our kids was so enjoy- able as they grew up, so it is only natural to enjoy playing games with the grandkids!
  11. Let's Dance

    Let's Dance

    * This layout uses November featured products *
  12. Ruby Tuesday

    Ruby Tuesday

    Done for the November White Space Challenge Journaling reads: Mark took me out to eat at Ruby Tuesday where this beautiful tree was.
  13. Nov Chall#6

    Nov Chall#6

    I duplicate 6 times one mask, change dimensions, turn it/ Then I blended my photo and paper in it, add some brushes and paints..
  14. Challenge #7 - Word Art: Family

    Challenge #7 - Word Art: Family

    Woah! We'd never heard of step-grandparents, and never imagined children in our lives at our age, even though Kate had wanted to be a mommy since she was two. I was happy for her that her lifelong dream was coming true. She could focus beyond siezures & headaches.
  15. Savor This Moment

    Savor This Moment

    Credits: =209']Karen Schulz Designs' Bushel Of Blessings Collection with Linda Cumberland Background by Me A photo of our dgd at the Pumpkin Patch
  16. Fall Drive

    Fall Drive

    For challenge #2 - Colour palette. This palette is so gorgeous, rich tones!
  17. The baby of our family

    The baby of our family

    This comic template is so fun to use.
  18. Halloween


    *This layout uses November featured products* I love using templates as a starting point for layouts, and moving or changing bits to suit my purpose. I wanted to use a kraft-look alpha on the page, so I created my own. To do this, I clipped a paper to the text and added a Bevel and Emboss layer...
  19. My Grandparents

    My Grandparents

    I wish I knew when and where this picture of my grandparents was taken. I only know it was before my time.
  20. Documented


    I love the cool frames in this kit :)