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  1. Winter Walk.jpg

    Winter Walk.jpg

    A new kit by Emeto Designs. I played with the elements to create the scene and added a 'snow-friend's' photo
  2. Challenge #2 White Space.jpg

    Challenge #2 White Space.jpg

    When I saw the Chick-a-dee as one of the elements in this kit I knew I needed to get it. I used one of the paint splatters a a clipping mask then erased more of the photo so that the paint would show through.
  3. 12 Days Day 1 Challenge - Christmas Must Be Coming.jpg

    12 Days Day 1 Challenge - Christmas Must Be Coming.jpg

    I'm trying to keep the Christmas holidays light this year as we prepare for big changes next year. I love Winnie the Pooh. My boys do, too, even thought they're grown. They look forward to sharing their happy memories of Pooh! I lifted this LO by @AlyciaIN This is a so simple LO. I...
  4. OS Challenge Day 6 - Song Lyrics-sm.jpg

    OS Challenge Day 6 - Song Lyrics-sm.jpg

    Use Song Lyrics Fall Softly Snow - Helen Cornelius (1977)
  5. Challenge #4 Nov 2022 - Cinque-Terre.jpg

    Challenge #4 Nov 2022 - Cinque-Terre.jpg

    This goes in my bucket list album! Background – paper 3 in lighten mode over paper 1 in Darker Color mode over paper 2 Clip photos on right to the masks in the kit. Clip large photo to mask on the template. Flower elements are used under the large mask clipped to stains. White paper overlay is...
  6. November Challenge #5 - 52 Inspirations

    November Challenge #5 - 52 Inspirations

    52 Inspirations 2022 no 44 Fall in Love Mini Kit by Fiddlette Designs 52 Inspirations 2022 No 19 Collage It Clustered Frames by emeto designs
  7. Oct Anna Aspnes Color Challenge

    Oct Anna Aspnes Color Challenge

    Anna Aspnes Veranda Template, Anna Aspnes Art Play Palette Ochre Anna Aspnes Art Play Palette Twizzle Emeto Sunny Memories
  8. October Hues

    October Hues

    I just love this beautiful autumn kit, October Hues by Emeto Designs. The kit was perfect for this picture I took stand in our front yard. I blended the picture into the background and used a photo effect on it.
  9. The Bounty of Fall

    The Bounty of Fall

    I used Emeto Sunny Memories and a new picture from yesterday at the market. I used two of the required fonts for the title and the third font for the description.
  10. October Recipe Challenge #7.jpg

    October Recipe Challenge #7.jpg

  11. The Tints of Autumn . . .

    The Tints of Autumn . . .

    I love, love, love the colors and tints of Autumn . . .
  12. sunflower


  13. September Challenge #6

    September Challenge #6

    I used Emeto Designs Sunny Memories Collection and a picture of my granddaughter standing in a field. It just speaks "September" to me. Our weather is still warm during the day, but it beginning to cool off at night. Fall is definitely coming.
  14. Sunny Memories

    Sunny Memories

    Sunny Memories Kit https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Sunny-Memories-Kit.html TFL! Basia
  15. Enjoy every moment

    Enjoy every moment

  16. Memories . . .

    Memories . . .

    Created for the August 2022 Challenge #5 - Color Palette
  17. emeto-SunnyMemories.jpg


    --*NEW* --"Sunny Memories Collection"by emeto designs
  18. Challenge 4.jpg

    Challenge 4.jpg

    The joy on that child's face makes me smile every time. I combined 2 of the Foto Blendz #16 overlays to create one mask for this image then added the paper, frame, border and word art.
  19. Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

    For the August 2022 Challenge #2 - 52 Inspirations.
  20. beach