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  2. Love Lives Here

    Love Lives Here

    Tips & Tricks Challenge with Karen Schulz at Oscraps — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/tips-tricks-challenge-with-karen-schulz.34750/ Following Karen's tutorial (How to Use the Dodge and Burn Tools, and Use Them Non-Destructively — http://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scr ... signs.html)...
  3. Caro

    Dog or Cat?

    Time for a new poll since the Gnomes poll was so much fun ;) Who wins Dogs or Cats? This can get pretty ugly hee hee
  4. So Cute

    So Cute

  5. Day 7: Very Merry Christmas

    Day 7: Very Merry Christmas

    Day 7 - Create An Edge Border | CHALLENGE at Oscraps— https://oscraps.com/community/threads/day-7-create-an-edge-border-challenge.34498/unread This photo of my dog makes me laugh all of the time, so I had to create a border using the Oscraps Holiday Collab and my favorite go-to kids for dog pages.
  6. Best Buds

    Best Buds

    I used "Bushel of Blessings" kit collection from Karen Scultz and Linda Chamberland. KIT: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-collection-bushel-of-blessings-karen-schulz-and-linda-cumberland-designs.html
  7. November Challenge #2 Color Challenge

    November Challenge #2 Color Challenge

    I love this palette and used Palvinka's Whisper of Autumn Kit and Anna's ArtPlay Palette Rust. My oldest granddaughter, Ava, took this picture of my other granddaughter, Alyssa, with her special friend and his new pups, which are Blue Heelers.
  8. ANNA Color Challenge October-November

    ANNA Color Challenge October-November

    I converted this picture of my granddaughter, Ava and her Doodle, Lila. The other colors were picked up with Anna ArtPlay Rust, Chatter, Home and Twizzle.
  9. Oct 2021 Use it All Chall

    Oct 2021 Use it All Chall

    Photo personal
  10. Love My Fur Babies

    Love My Fur Babies

    I can't believe I just discovered a collection with a name like "Love My Dog." This will be destined to be part of many future layouts.
  11. Vicki Robinson October Challenge

    Vicki Robinson October Challenge

    I took this picture of my hubby with a "captive audience". He always carries treats in his pocket so the dogs watch him constatntly. Now, the cat has joined the "crew". I used Vicki's Autumn Breeze kit and her free Journal Prompts.
  12. Loves of My Life - Day 6

    Loves of My Life - Day 6

    Created for the Anna Aspnes All About Me Challenge
  13. Autumn Dogs

    Autumn Dogs

    I still miss my Sano and my Zume so much. When I needed Fall pictures, I knew it was time to let them shine again on my page.
  14. Never Too Many Pictures

    Never Too Many Pictures

    There are truly never too many pictures of my fur babies.
  15. Awesome Photo - Big Smiles

    Awesome Photo - Big Smiles

    A companion page for my page about our walk along the Mackenzie River (previously uploaded). It was a fun afternoon of walking, climbing trees and a splash in the river for the dogs.
  16. Beautiful Babies

    Beautiful Babies

    It's rare to get a photo of Inuyasha and Ishka together where they aren't either being crazy or sleeping. lol
  17. July Blooms

    July Blooms

    This is my garden statue. She sits next to the plaque in remembrance of the dogs/friends who sat by my side as I spent endless hours gardening. They'd lie nearby in the shade, snoozing the summer hours away. I always remember them all with love. Along the border I placed pictures of the...
  18. Perfect Fur Baby

    Perfect Fur Baby

    Created for the August Multi Photos Challenge The paint used on the dog paw and the orange paper, both from take Me Home, came from Sketchbook Colored Paint 2. All ripped papers created using the Anna Aspnes templates.
  19. Somewhere-on-the-sea.jpg


    Fun at the sea with Wolf. I blended the stunning seguls/ boats into teh scene
  20. AnnaColor Challenge I Know What Love is . . .

    AnnaColor Challenge I Know What Love is . . .

    Dora & Luke have two rescue dogs that mean the world to them.