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  1. Bonus Mama

    Bonus Mama

  2. Silly Girls

    Silly Girls

  3. Love of Reading

    Love of Reading

  4. ...which is all I want

    ...which is all I want

  5. 23-05_O_May-Challenge-#6---White-Space


    May Challenge #6 - White Space / Clean https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-challenge-6-white-space-clean.37519/
  6. Bonaire Flamingos

    Bonaire Flamingos

    Various elements were resized and duplicated, then tucked under and over the zippers.
  7. Rick


    Made with the amazing templates Zipper Templates 01 Templates and Mom's Mental Health Bundle both by Connection Keeping Photo's are mine
  8. I'm a Good Mom

    I'm a Good Mom

    I used the wonderful new Mom's Mental Health Bundle by Connection Keeping Photo from Unsplash
  9. Pool


    The left-hand side of my two-pager... Loving the zips!
  10. my star

    my star

    May Challenge #6 - White Space / Clean
  11. you


    April Challenge #1 - Sketch
  12. Sweet Dreams Boho  03.jpg

    Sweet Dreams Boho 03.jpg

    I couldn't decide which I liked better. The softer pallet of #3 or or the darker more dramatic of #4.
  13. The path I'm on right now

    The path I'm on right now

    JOURNALING (dutch) reads: It sometimes feels like I'm stuck on a certain path in life, mostly because somewhere I do realize that this path is not good for me. I am currently on a path that involves too much stress, worry and not enough self-care. And yes, I wonder how I get off this path and...
  14. I Will Soar

    I Will Soar

    March 2023 Color Play
  15. Free To Fly

    Free To Fly

    March 2023 Color Play
  16. focus on your dreams

    focus on your dreams

    the kit is part of the Sweet Dreams Full Collection
  17. this magical moment

    this magical moment

    the kit is part of the Sweet Dreams Full Collection
  18. Dreamy Meli

    Dreamy Meli

  19. 23-03_ck-sweet-dreams-galaxy


    New Fabulous Color Play ❤ products are released on the last Friday of the month. Save 50% on individual packs for 4 days. Save even more when you buy the bundles.
  20. Lost in a book

    Lost in a book

    "Library Love" Kit by Connection Keeping (I got this amazing Kit for free with purchase) Photo: Pixabay